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I absolutely *love* Craft Weekend posts!! What a fun time!


LOVE these posts

Tina I

Is it CRAZY that I don't craft, at all, but think that looks like such fun!?!


I can't believe how far Kansas is from Pennsylvania. Boooooo. Distance stinks. So kind of you to share these weekends it brightens my day! One day I'll make it, one day...I have to get to that Barn! And Bearly Making It, of course. ok, I have to scroll up and read it one more time, and drool...:)


Fun times! I know it took a small *forever* to upload all the pics... so thank you for such a great, detailed, LONG cw post :) I looked at each photo about 4 times. I'm excited for you - that you get to do this. That you get to do something that you love this much. Yay. And I just want to say that I love your hair this color. This is perfect. I liked the blonde-ish, too, but I think the dark brown is much younger on you. And great cut.

Thanks again!

amanda d

This looks so much fun! Everytime I see these posts I tell myself I'm going to jump on a plane w/ a friend and come. May have to do it soon ;)

Heather S.

I luuurve these posts!

What I wouldn't give to have a ruffly apron EXACTLY like Kimberlee's! I'm not good at crafting and almost failed sewing class in school, but I know something A-DORABLE when I see it!


It's fun to see the crafts y'all did besides the aprons. I was wondering what all went on at craft weekends. Fun as always to read the post. So glad you're getting to do this! Kelly

Karen Gerstenberger

This looks wonderful. Congratulations on another great weekend of fun, creativity and fellowship. God is good!


I had more than a "litel" bit of FUN with you all! Such a special weekend and a WONDERFUL group to spend it with!


I read your blog but never comment! But this post just makes me happy and so I had to congratulate you and all these women on making good things happen... bringing color to the world... adding joy and friendship. Goodness.


pigs @ sonic..totally an Indiana thing too..haha!

amazing weekend,i hope i can come one day!


Wow, what fun! And they all got to meet Jess too... Super cool! LOVE those buntings so much.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

I can't even imagine how much fun you girls have!!


Meg, I'm saving up to come over for one on my 30th Birthday... That's 14 months to save. That would be THEE cooolest present :)

Looks like you all had such a great time again, LOVE those sweet nest necklaces!

Melksham Mum

Right, I want to move to the States and come to your craft weekend....or possibly move in with you! I adore the aprons and love the use of hessian in the bunting.
Any chance of a tutorial for the ruffle apron? I'm a novice sewer and need guidance.
Love your blog x


always inspired when i read this and have decided that once easter is over i am putting my fabric to good use!!! one question...do you wash your fabric before using it? i'm always on the fence about this! okay going to make one of those headbands for easter now!!! i sure do wish kansas was closer to montreal!


It looks like you girls had such a wonderful weekend. I miss doing things like this with girl friends. :-) It is so important to make the time to get together with other woman and talk and be creative. I am going to e-mail to be added to the wait list. I will say a little prayer I get picked one day. Love, Love, Love everything you girls made. So much fun!!! :-)


I so look forward to seeing these. You all look like you havce the most amazing time. I hope that I will get to come if my name is drawn. What's so cool is you all look and sound like me! Could that be possible?!


If there were more Sonics in Iowa than in the cities, I guarantee you there'd be lots of trucks with livestock pulling in.
One of these times, I hope I make the cut to attend! :)

Rachel J

The pig thing at Sonic, yes, happens here in Arkansas too. I've even seen chickens and goats. Not in the same pen of course. Can you imagine?! Ha!
Looks like a great time!
Can't wait for my name to be picked to come to Craft weekend :) Love these posts! Thanks Meg! Have a great day!
Ps. I sent you an email.

Katie Mathieson

I HAVE THAT BARBIE GAME!! Oh, the memories. I can't believe it is in an ANTIQUE show now.

Looks like Craft Weekend was awesome!


So glad someone went home with that green glider from the barn. I swooned over it a couple of weeks ago! You're keeping Oggie and Dennis busy...stocking that barn for lots of awesome crafty shoppers. Looks like the weekend was a big success!

Sheila P.

Pigs at Sonic? Not that unusual...I personally have been the driver of a truck with pigs in the back, parked at Dairy Queen here in Minnesota. I have a story about the drive-thru window at McDonalds and a back seat full of kids and baby lambs that would have you rolling on the floor!


I would love,love,love to be part of your next craftweekend,because I just love everything you do...I've been following your blog for at least 2 years from Montreal,Canada!!
so that's why I won't be able to come and meet you in person...snif,snif but you still make me dream in your different projects,big thanks.


Oh. I ache. SO much loving all that... and missingssses the you... Just sweet lovliness all up in there! You ladies! SO devine!!!


Love the pictures! Wish this is something I could do it looks like a blast!

Kirsten J

Oh I am so gloriously jealous!!!

Question: where do you get your white aprons?


Just a side note on the Michelangelo...that is one of my favorites because it is showing how desperatly God is reaching out to touch us, to know us and be with us. If you look at the entire painting you will see that every muscle is stretched tight and the angles are latched on to God to keep him from falling because he is trying so hard to be near. Unfortunatly Adam (us as humans) are barely putting forth effort to touch our beloved God. I think it is a great reminder for you and your family. Take a closer look and tell them to be zealous in their pursuit of Christ.


Every time I read these I want to hurry and be put on the list but then I'm afraid I'll be picked for when I can't come :/

I LOVE those block frames. I'm so doing that!!

Laura Phelps

I always carry a couple of pigs in my car.

and I do not think I will ever stop shaking my head in total disbelief at Craft Weekend....how you turned such a simple idea, women crafting and laughing and eating and shopping, into a most amazing success. It is awesome to see a dream become a reality.

now..tell me more about that whimsical garland with playing cards...


absolutely love seeing pics from craft weekend! very inspiring!! was curious if any of the crafters have blogs, always enjoy checking those out too.

tiffany gardner

one day I hope to come to all the crafty fun! thanks for sharing all the pics!! I look forward to seeing them EVERYTIME! xoxo...

cheryl @ a pretty cool life.

Ok, I should be commenting on craftiness, but...where's your stripey sweater from?? I love it.


In Mississippi you never know what you will see at Sonic!

I think I say this every time you have a craft weekend. JEALOUS!

So wish this was in my budget and schedule! It looks like so much fun and just the quick getaway a mother needs!

Can't wait to see what happens at the next one!

Sara Torbett

Pigs in truck at Sonic-not uncommon for this Arkansas girl!
My hubby and I have been to Italy..so I adore the painting on your ceiling. :)
Looks like another successful Craft Weekend!
What a neat thing you're doing Meg!

jacqui anderson

yay! can't wait for my name to be picked!! is gonna be fun fun fun!!


i live in nebraska and i'm pretty sure our sonics would have pick up trucks with pigs in the back... or maybe cattle :)

Kristin S

Someday I hope I hope I hope!

Looks like so much fun as always.

I love that your big ol family moved out of that amazing house and you STILL have enough furniture to fill it for craft weekends. Dreamy.

You are a generous hostess, Meg (and Kimberlee!)


I think you should give a craft weekend getaway away to one of your readers. And, since it was my idea, I should be the winner. Just sayin'. :0)


in the year i worked at sonic in high school, i never saw pigs in the back of a truck but we did have a man who came up with his little pony in the back of his truck, along with lawnmowers.. poor pony. lol.. // anyways, craft weekend looks like so much fun..




I used to teach and my first teaching job was in a small town in the Missouri Ozarks where the first day of turkey season and trout season were excused absences from school...no kidding! Anyway, I was at Sonic one time and someone in a white SUV pulled in with a DEAD DEER STRAPPED TO THE ROOF. It was field dressed, but I had a hard time eating seeing a small trickle of blood coming from it.

I hope my name is drawn for Craft Weekend someday!!!!


Would love to know where you found that awesome bird print/painting on your wall!
I love it!


Not going to pretend I am not sad to have missed it. I am. It looks like this was a really fun group of women and oh how I miss Kimberlee's cheesecake. She said she'd bring me one in OK this summer, I'm going to hold her to it. You will have to come with her :)

Block frames...great CW idea!


I love your posts of Craft Weekend, they look sooo fun! Your house looked so pretty all ready for the ladies. What fun!!


so fun!! i signed up after the first one and im crossing my fingers for an email this year!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

Lordy, this looks like so much fun. Except I don't sew and I don't care what you say -- I'd be too intimidated.

Do you offer discounted rates for girls who just want to come and eat cinnamon rolls and pasta and shop? I'm a good story teller. I could be unpaid entertainment for the seamstresses???

Cara L

can we see a picture of melissa's bunting all finished?? it looks so cute!

Eva Scott

Please don't stop doing these!!! My kiddos are too young for me to leave for the weekend. Give me a couple of years, okay? :-)

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