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Kelly Burger

She's adorable!


I love the Waffle ones! She looks adorable with her fluffy friend!
I too need some new jeans!

Cate O'Malley

Love the fashion show, especially the eye roll picture - too cute!


she is so cute! it is true those jeans make them super sassy!

Jennifer B

She is adorable in all the fun! Glad she had her own pair of jeans now - they are super cute!!


Gap is my FAVORITE for cute kids clothes! My 3 year old cries when I put her in jeans because she only wants things that twirl!


Ha! I just got that skirt for my girls too (I mean the dotty one) and thought about putting it with that red sweater too!) Great poses and pictures! As always, your blog makes me smile.


Oh la la she looks like a little French dolly in the jacket.
Gotta love a dark wash though
Cutie patootie!!!

Janelle White

My girls are total jean girls...for some reason they never wear leggings or other little girl pants...they think they are like pajamas :) Very cute dressing room fashion show!


Adorable! I thought the skinny jeans looked so cute, too! I love the GAP!!!


So did she ever manage to choose??


Looks like you had fun! Great choice in jeans. They are adorable on her!


Love the rocker jeans and that jacket. I guess I'll been hitting the Gap soon for Molly.


Love the Gap for Girls...bright colors, and great patterns...So much fun! Annie looks Great in anything!!


I brought home a truckload of jeans last week for my 13 year old... she still hates shopping to I must bring them to her! All but 1 went back!


she is adorble!!
gotta love her sense of style!!
she rocked her fashion photo shoot!!
you Go Annie!


Oh yah, love me some Gap jeans! Adorable, that was my pick too. Enjoy Annie!


jeans look so cute. LOVE the boots in the one photo shoot....can you give me the 411 on those. i have two daughters (we live in Maine) and those would be perfect!!

kris bridges

she's a cutie patootie!! :)

barb c

how cute is she?? How cute would i be with my 100 gift card!?!?!?

Tess S.

what a great idea for a mini fashion shoot. i bet it made her day.
AND a great idea to buy them in all sorts of styles to see what she like best. awesome!


I'm seriously lovin' those rock n' roll embroidered jeans! I think my twelve year old might need a little stitching on hers! =D

Kim K.

Ahhhh...Gap Jeans - they are the BEST - no matter what the age!!
What a cutie Annie is!!

Leslie ashlock

Love gap!!


She is a great GAP model. Love all the pics and great choice...wish they made adjustable waist for adults :)

Kristi rediske

Love all the photos-especially love the pic with your dog. What a cute little model you have. She should be in a gap ad. Well I could sure use the $100- but excited for whoever wins.

Liz @ Perfect Chaos

Seriously, she is too cute and she was totally WORKING this photo shoot!!!
We too love jeans, so this giveaway is right up our denim wearing alley!


So cute!


She is absolutely adorable and I loved all of them on here...especially the jacket with her oh so cute outfit!!!


She's adorable! Love the skirt and the one in the boots and jacket - she looks all grown up there! :)

elizabeth highsmith

Oh happy day! I still remember a pair of jeans from the little girl days acid wash with zippers and bows at the ankles! she's a doll!


Annie is so beautiful. I started reading your blog a few years ago and cannot believe how much she has grown up over the summer! My own daughter's want a fashion now and I cannot wait as the older is too tall for everything and needs new trousers and jeans for autumn/winter.

Sara Torbett

What a fun fashion show! I looove a good pair of jeans! I teach, farm, dress up/down in them!

Claire Wood

I love Gap jeans. for me, for my hubs, for our son, for our two daughters. NERD ALERT :: I worked at Gap in high school and still do the "gap fold" for all of our jeans.


Oh my, she is so stinkin' cute. Love the sparkly red shoes.


Jeans are a most definitely a staple in everyones wardrobe... I'm happy Annie got her hands on a really sweet pair :). And that jacket.. I would wear it now. So adorable!


Super great photo shoot and Annie is just too cute!


We just bought jeans this weekend too. She looks too cute!


Same thing with my #4 girl. Stretch pants she owns maybe 20 pairs. Easy to get off and on while at school.


All great choices, and Gap kids' clothes are great!


Annie is so adorable and I wish I could raid her fun,colorful and now complete with a pair of jeans. I want that jean jacket!


My daughter has never owned a pair of jeans either! This is the year, the year of the jeans!


What a fabulous little model!!! * I * think GAP needs to sign her :D


pretty much the cutest jean photo shoot ever. you should enter her into the gap open casting call that's happening now!

Kim walker

I love jeans as do my 2 boys! Gap jeans are the best!


So cute! Our family loves jeans! Annie is growing into a beautiful young lady! And I love her red shoes!!!


Very cute! Fashion shows are so much fun! We love Gap Kids at our house. I buy the jeans for my older girl and they are still in great shape to hand down to my younger. Not so for some other brands!


Wow! In the photo with her back the the camera Annie looks 5 years older! Love the jeans too!


We go through jeans like water in this house. I have 4 boys whose mission in life is to see how fast they can put holes in their jeans. I'd love to be able to replace a few pair!

Emily Dostie

I bought my 4 month old her first pair of GAP jeans. She is so cute in them! I loved the fashion show :)


I wear my jeans even during summer! Annie is adorable! I love that denim jacket. My almost 3 year old would look so cute in it!


That girl is a natural! Loved the style show.

Jennifer A

the mini fashion show is my favorite part! LOVE the jeans from Gap!


gap jeans are the best...never thought i could wear skinny jeans, but the 'always skinny' jeans are radical! love annie's choice!


Oh my gosh I LIVE in jeans. :) Annie looked soo cute in all the clothes. I love the jacket, and the jeans you guys choose. I am also lovin all the color in her shirts and shoes. :)


She's so cute! Love all the outfits!

Amy Coose

She looks cute in anything she wears, LOL! I love the jeans you picked, and love that jean jacket, too!

Jennifer Rivers

Such cute pictures!! My 3rd child wears all the hand me downs and never has new jeans either! Gap jeans are great.


cute, cute, cute!!!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

She's like a super model that little Annie. Loved all the looks on her. Really you can't go wrong with any of them. Oh and that long sweater dress...too cute!

Megan Jernovics

My girls wear a uniform to school this year. I feel cheated in the "cute jean" department. They get to wear them to school today for "Spirit Day". You have never seen two more excited 7 year olds. :)


Adorable! I love Gap jeans.

Melissa Dubbs

such a cute fashion show thanks for sharing.


Such a sweet Annie girl in jeans! I also LOVE jeans in the fall.
And the GAP is the only place I can find "momma" jeans that fit me perfectly. Thank you for a great giveaway!!


So obvious that Annie had a ball being a model for the photo shoot!! I love all her little poses and facial expressions. She is simply adorable!


Bootcut are my favorite Gap jeans to wear myself, although it's been years (and years) since I bought new ones that I can't be sure they even make them for big people anymore!


My daughter (2yo) just outgrew her jeans. I am having such a hard time finding some thta will fit her skinny body. This GC would come in so handy!


All of them look cute, but I agree the last ones were the cutest!


AWESOME giveaway! BTW... love your choice of jeans for her. I only have one super-skinny-jeans-type-of-girl in my house. And it AIN'T me!! :)


She is SO adorable! The fashion show looked like tons of fun. I would love to win a gift card to my favorite store.


LOVED the fashion show!! She looked soo cute!! My favorite was by far the boot-cut jeans and the cutie jean skirt. I hink you are gonna make a lot of people run to Gap and buy some jeans. Yall are so cute:)


oh my. she is truly adorable - inside and out! we live on hand-me-downs as well - tho' annie does a much better job of looking fantastic in hers than do my fashion-unaware boys!!


Gap jeans are my favorite! Annie looks adorable in hers.


What a great model! And I love those jeans! Yeah Gap!!

Adrienne S

Gap are the only jeans my kids can fit into to. I don't know what it is about them...I can walk in get their size and walk out. PERFECT!

Beth Miller

Love the ones you picked. Looks like she was having fun trying them on too! We love the Gap!

Tracy Lee

Boot cut are the winner in our house, too!

Leadia Jarvis

I thank the inventor of skinny jeans - not for myself - but for 3 of my 5 children who are built like pieces of uncooked spaghetti!
I love the Gap because their stuff lasts well enough to get handed down at least 4 times! Loved the photo shoot!


What a cutie! She definitely has some modeling in her background ;) I love the jeans you picked and am so happy for
Annie with her new jeans! Go girl!


I could use some new jeans too! I'm right there with you Annie (I was the third girl and I never got new jeans either)!!


What a cute fashion show!

Karen H.

My daughter is the same age and size as Annie and you just saved me A LOT of time!!! AND I realized my "baby" has never owned sneakers!!! What??? She always wears sparkley girly girl shoes. So she has her first pair now (of course they sparkle too)! And I adore Annie's wardrobe. My little one dresses the same way. I guess I need to work on my "style" when kindergarten kids dress better!!! Thanks for sharing. You (and your blog) are always an inspiration and breath of fresh air!

Jessica Crowe

She is adorable in those jeans! She should model for gap!


I love that they make skinny jeans for little girls! So stinking cute with the big boots and layers. Loved all the jeans pictures too. Makes me want to go jean shopping, now!


Oh, my! She is such a cutie and a natural model! Too cute!

I just said to my husband this morning as he was putting on jeans for work, I sure do wish I could wear my jeans to work. Envy. However, the minute I get home - jeans are my "uniform".

Thanks for the chance at the gift card!


she's adorable! she's make a great gap model!


So much fun! I love jeans too!


That jacket is soooo cute! I would love one in an adult size! Great choice btw!! :)


what a cutie!!! I love the second picture of her in the denim jacket!!


Ohh..and Waffle looks adorable as well!


She looked super cute in all the options!


what a fun post!! she is precious! i love the ones you selected--my fave also!


Tooo cute!!! Congrats on your new jeans Annie, the are lovely.
Thanks for the pics Meg!

Laura Phelps

ALL OF MY KIDS got their first pair of jeans this year!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT KIDDING. Luke still has no jeans.
And I hate jeans, because I can NEVER find a pair that fits me.
Maybe it is my ass I hate, not the jeans.

I loved this Meg...Annie is a great model and wears the jeans well!
fun pictures!


GAP jeans are the best! Love them - lookin' good Annie!

Kristin Joy

yes please!


She is so them!
You make me want to take my daughter shopping for NEW jeans!!!


AHHHHHH Gap....our 20 something girls LOVE Gap for jeans. Everybody is built so differently and they have a style for everyone. LOVED the little jacket on her. Fun post....and I felt good cause I picked the same jean that you all picked. Some times I don't have so much style...that's why it's good to have stylish daughters to take care of me.


Your girlie looks amazing...very modelish! What a fun mom you are to do all that for a pair of jeans!!!!! My 4 year old has Target jeans from a garage sale...maybe we need to upgrade!


Loved all of your denim picks and Annie is super photogenic! The jacket was my favorite :-)
Btw, I think you should get that mini-Annie statue at Stone Creek like you said you've thought about, its not everyday you find something that is almost an exact look alike of one of your kids! Happy Tuesday!

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