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i love this post. i feel like deja vu! did i already see it? i think i did - but before i met you two ;) and NOW its just that much more fun (and before i met kate too).

sonic. crafts.

all of the little touches you guys put into making the craft house awesome?

sign. me. up. :)

love all of it.

you girls really know how to do it big!

Loree rowland

ummm I so want to be a part of this! I want in the club! =) Looks like a total blast!!

Toni {Smith Peas in a Pod}

WOW! This is so amazing! Happy to see two fellow Okies there :)
I want to be in the club!!! Looks like you ladies had the most fantastic time.


What a fun group of women- my friend and I do something like this in our area cali...but on a much smaller scale....you are an inspiration to us. (Ours is called Craft cabin weekend...our cabin is in Arnold) I have a blog that I use for family stuff...but I may need to start one to document our craft cabins weekends. =) We do it for our friends and their friends and our family.
Thanks for sharing

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