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Ann R.

Avid fan.....wanted to attend this weeken, however was not able to, but already gave my husband a heads up on what it is (he understands - as i used to do scrapbook weekends) and am in for one of the next ones, please send information on the dates! Glad it was a good and content exhaustion....i can imagine and am happy for you and the girls who came....i am sure your cups are full to the brim!

Ann R.

Wow....was I actually first in line to comment - that made my day! I know you are on a natural high from a weekend like this, hope it helps you sail through your week Meg!

Carla G.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be added to the waiting list for next time!! It looks like an amazing opportunity to spend with some wonderful artsy "friends."

jill Funkhouser

I would love to be added to the waiting list and also would love to learn how to make the things you just made! My email is funk50@charter.net and our blog is www.campfunk.blogspot.com


I'd love to be added to the waiting list! Looks like a great time. eringustafson@live.com


I would like to be added to the waiting list also! :D


Please add me to the waiting list!


Please add me to the waiting list as well, I would have LOVED to come to this one but it wasn't in the budget and then it sold out SO fast - no big surprise really! It all looks SO awesome though!

Amy James

Please add me to the waiting list. I am ready to step out of my box! Craft weekend looks to be the best place to start. You ladies have inspired me so much just through pictures. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to actually be there.

Megan Jewett

I want to come!!! How far of a drive is it from Ohio?? :)

Erin Burns

Yes please! Add me to the list. That weekend looked AMAZING - so beautiful, creative, fun and filled with fabulous women. Who wouldn't want to attend? I'd be blessed to have a chance to experience, learn and share!

Kristin Hayne

ADd me too!! I would love to be able to come out if it all works out. :)


I would die to be there! I need to start saving my pennies. I think I would have bursted into tears as I walked through your door, seeing all of that crafty awesome goodness - and to know that other women "get it" too :)


I would LOVE to be added to the wait list for the next craft weekend! :) I can't wait to have fun with a bunch of creative women!

~ Ali

Darcie L.

Sign me up! Whenever, wherever, I would make it work. Was thinking about you ladies this weekend, and all the hard work you put into it (hours, days, weeks). It looks like a ton of fun, and like such a refreshing weekend for all of you - maybe not in the sleep category, but in the recharging of a mommy-mind! Can't wait to hear about the next one. Told hubby it could be his gift to me for the year. :-)


I want to attend with my bestie. We want to be added to waiting list.


I NEED this! I want to sign up for the waiting list! Looks like great fun, congrats!


i would love to be put on the waiting list! would you ever consider being the guest host if i put on a craft weekend in my home town? just a fun thought!


Hi! Superfun! Please add me to the waiting list too!! Along with my sister-in-law! THANKS

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

Id love to be informed of the next big date. And I cannot wait to meet you in person in a week and a half in California! Coming all the way from New York:)


I want to be on the waiting list!! Will be praying that the timing is just right for the next one!!


Oh Meg... I think I need to do whatever I can to make it to one of these. My heart needs to dive into color and be creative with my hands again... *sigh*


i would LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE to be added to the waiting list!!!!! Please, oh PLEASE!!

Kim Inge

Hi! This looks like so much fun! I think I'm going to plan a weekend for my friends. Nothing fancy like swag, but just a fun crafting weekend. Any chance you could share your basic itinerary? Not sure how to fit it all in, especially the shopping! :)

x♥x♥, gina

i would love some info on this!!

would you ever consider bring your crafty weekends on the road?

we should talk!

Janie Fox

my niece and I are wanting to come to the next one. Sign u s up..Janie and Ellen.

Tracy O

Please add me to the waiting list! So sad I couldn't make the first one...I had hubby on board, money in hand, but it was a work weekend for him and no one to watch the kiddos. Would love to be able to make the next one.

Jade Cook

Yes Please! I would love to be added to the waiting list! I want to come to one sooooooo bad!!! =)


Hi Meg! Please add me to the waiting list. :) My best friend lives in the town where you went antiquing in. Can't believe I've never been there. Thanks!


cindy b.

Please, please, please add me to the waiting list. What a great way to spend a weekend and the aprons are to die for !!!!!!!
Cindy B.

Marissa Tompkins

Add me to the waiting list too please!! I would LOVE to hang out and get crafty with you and some girls!! I'm in love with the ruffly aprons! TOTAL CUTENESS!!!


kara hebert

meg-is there even any room for me ON the waiting list? ;) is this how it works? do you add us to a waiting list? when will you let us know more? i want to be there!!! :)
kara in FL


Did you all make the aprons? ADORABLE!!!

Shandi Alegre

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this ! Like a dream come true! I have no idea how to sign up or be on the waiting list or whatever but this looks like so much fun!

xo Shandi in Los Angeles

Kim Starrett

I would love to be put on the "list" for a craft weekend!!!
It sounds just wonderful!!!

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