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Craft Weekend was AWESOME! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
If you ever get the chance, go! You will not regret it. Promise!

Rags to Stitches

I emailed Kimberlee and you!! I think I'm on the list!!


I have sent my e-mail and hope that I will be picked for one of the weekends. I do have a question, what days would it be? If we are flying in will it start Friday night and end Sunday night. Just wondering on flights since I am in Florida.

Lindsey Rowland

I would LOVE to get on a waiting list!! How do I do that?


I was wondering. . .can we ask for two slots. . .thinking that it would be fun to come with a friend. . .I know we make new friends too. . .but. . .???


Oh, sorry, must have missed that part in the line-up. . .ugh. Too much fun reading. . .not enough absorbing the information :)

Heather G.

Sounds amazing!


oh..........if only i wasn't a BILLION miles away!! have fun ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love that Sonic is on the list. I hope you go when it's happy hour.


Do you have to have a blog to attend? Or should I say be a blogger :)


When will you be send out emails letting us know who made it in?


Waaah, I would love to come to something like this...but $475 PLUS airfare for just a weekend?! I work 3 days/week outside the home and it still wouldn't/couldn't happen. :-(

Tracy Fisher

I can't wait to be part of CRAFT WEEKEND in 2012...somehow...someway!!! It's what my inner crafter needs right now actually :).
Tracy Fisher

Penny Smith

Is this more expensive than the last craft weekend, when you stayed at a bed and breakfast (is that what you did??)?? I SOOOO want to come, but I swear it was lower last time! Don't price me out! AHHHH! :)
When are the emails going out? Will there be time to make payments?


I sent my email a while ago. Not sure if you got it, so here it is again.

[email protected]



Please add me to the waiting list!


Add me to your waiting list! can't wait!!!

Southern Gal

It sounds and looks like so much fun!!


Add me to waiting list! So excited! Thanks!

jacqui anderson

hoping i'm still on the waiting list ...... i'm sure you would love a little girl from new zealand (living in canada) to come to your craft weekend!!! you could laugh at my accent!!!


I'm coming to craft weekend in early June... I sure hope we are making ruffle aprons. I love every.single.one in all the craft weekend pics. I am so excited I just can't wait!!

Gina // C is for Cupcakes Baking Co.

i love that sonic is on the to do list, we don't have one in Massachusetts and I see awesome picks on everyone's blogs. It is a little nerve wracking for me - a mom of 4 - to let go and just get on a waiting list, not knowing WHAT weekend I would be picked to go. Trying to get the nerve to throw caution and planning to the wind...

Michele Zakeri

Could you send me information regarding sponsoring craft weekend? Thanks!


Just wondering when the payment needs to be made? I would love to be put on the list but coming up with $475 is not really realistic for our small budget. Do you have any type of payment plan?


I signed up a long time ago (end of 2011)and was wondering how long the waiting list was and do you get contacted 2-3 months in advance of the date?


I can't wait to come! Just saving up some money now, while the baby gets a bit bigger so I feel more comfortable leaving Daddy alone with the kids for an entire weekend! But I really, really can't wait to go!!!


- I have been following your blog since your aaneprapce on Go 4 Pros blog and find you super inspiring! I have wanted to open my natural light studio for so long, and photogs like you have finally pushed me to do it! Since I'm starting my blog very soon, I know how important feedback is and just wanted to pop in and say I love your style!

melissa erin

i think it's safe to sign up. i never win anything. :) but this would totally rock. thanks for the opportunity. :)


This sounds and looks so great! I think that crafty side of me deserves some love...although, I am not so sure that crafty side of me is all that crafty. This would be a great opportunity to find out! Just looking at the photos is so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your gift.


This sounds amazing. Tell me how you started?

I'm just about to start crafting and being creative with some ladies from church and this is inspiring!!

Shelly Clark

I would so love to be put on the waiting list! I'm all excited just thinking about it.


Just sent you an email. This sounds incredibly amazing! :D

Megan J

Would you be willing to TRY a CRAFT WEEKEND DAY for the locals??

meg duerksen

Megan J.... look for that in 2013. :)


Yes Kansas craft weekend!!! EEEE!! Pick me!!!

Angie M

What if I am picked but am unavailable that weekend? Does your name go back on the list?

Denise Wright and Lauren Sunderland

Is there a way to double check that our names are still entered? We signed up originally and I realize that the list is long - just wanted to double check. Thank you.


Sounds like a fabulous time. Just found this... Add me to your list!


I had a dream two nights ago that I was at your CRAFTWEEKEND teaching a class and it was a hoot! Isn't that hilarious?

Merry Christmas!

Deb Andreen

I soooo need this!!Please sign me up for a date in 2013!

Kathi Ward

Please add me! I am interested! :)


FINALLY sent an email to add my name!! See you girls soon!!! ;-)

Deana Boucher

I'm hoping I'm still on the list for dates in 2013


How much time do you have once you've been selected to put together airfare?


Oh this sounds so very fun.. my work cannot schedule around yours... I look forward to see more about your weekend getaways..

Alecia Loeffelholz

Please add me! It would be so much fun!!


Do you post lists of possible dates you could be chosen for? How do you get to be a helper? Hoping so much that I get to come some day! :) Lovely idea, inspiring and oh so needed in our crazy hectic days! Great job.


Do you happen to have an idea of how far out you are "booking"? The spontaneous side of me wants to e-mail you now, but the type-a part of me wants some idea of how long the wait is expected to be. :)


I am on the list! But I want to put my mom on the list... my ultimate dream is getting picked for June. She bought a carousel horse at an online auction in Joplin, Missouri (the poor family had almost everything destroyed in the tornado-including the horses- which is is paying to have restored) and she has to go pick it up in late June. I volunteered to go, hoping it is falls on a weekend around then- Craft weekend is like winning the lottery!

Amy Tinnin

WOW!! This sounds so Amazing!! I want to go! I sent an email to be added to the waiting list. Such a neat idea!! :)

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