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After several years of following, I just added myself to the list....can't wait to come to craft weekend! The aprons, the field trip to the barn, the swag, Kimberlee's cooking, crafting with inspirational women, meeting Meg....will all be a dream come true! Jessica littleladychronicles.blogspot.com


How have I not seen or heard anything about this until today?! Love it! I am just wondering how frequent the weekends are and how long the wait is...my summer is pretty full already, but I would love to attend in the fall :)


I sent my email this morning! I am so excited!:-)

Candace Barbee

I am already on the waiting list (Candace Barbee) what is the usual waiting time? Thanks!


I SO wish I could put my name on the list. My sister went last year and had a great time. It always looks so fun and who wouldn't love a whole weekend of just doing crafts?!? Damn those food allergies!

Gina M.

I Reeeaaaallllly want to sign up to come to Craft Weekend but, I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat probably most of the yummy food that will be served. Would I bring my own food? I'd love to know your suggestions. :)


Dates for 2014? I hope I will be there-with crafty friends!

Almetrice Cottotn

I would like to be added to the waiting list for a Whatever Craft Weekend. It sounds like fun !



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Linda Diamond

I have a friend who is signed up for February 28, 2013. If you have room, I'd like to join her!

lynn brundrett

Do you have any dates for 2014 yet? This would be a Dream Weekend! What do you do if someone has a special diet they have to follow?

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