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I'm UK based and I so want to come! It would be so amazing!


Looks like a blast! I will be crossing my fingers that I get chosen! You guys are amazing :)


looks amazing! where is the antique store you love so much? I just went to 2 Attics in Park City, it had some great finds and was pretty easy to shop. I'd love to know where you went...

Sarah Wolfe

This makes me sooo excited! Can't believe how fast it's coming up!


Love the diversity in the group. I'm gonna be the first African American, one day, I'll get to be the first at something ;)


How fun....love all the pictures!

Jade Cook

i love amy's face in the funny group picture! hilarious! seriously - this craft weekend was amazing. thank you again for opening your home, making us feel so welcome and throwing one heck of a party! =)

michelle in Htown

I would love to do this with my college-age daughter. Is there a way to waitlist for two people? (She found your blog and emailed it to me with this comment: Craft weekend. I could die!)


I'm also from the UK and I would love to come.... or it would be fab to organise one over here!


Wow, so much fun. I am putting craft weekend on my bucket list....I want to meet waffle:)

Kristin S

Meg, why did I get all weepy halfway through reading this post? I think it is purely fellowship. We are created for fellowship.

What a super fun weekend! I really need to get on the list and get in on one of these. I'd much rather fly to Kansas than drive like I did in June. Whew.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Looks soooo fun......I want to see more!!!! and could you share Kimberly's corn salad recipe? Yum.......no waffle this post :(

Laura Phelps

If only the WHOLE WORLD could see Gods goodness!!! He shines for us daily, and you bring it out in so many ordinary women across the map..because He shines through you!

I am struck by the HAPPY of it all Meg
in the bright colors
beautiful patterns
and smiles

God speaks through you

now...only thing missing from CW is a little CAKE :-)


Looks absolutely amazing! What a wonderful gift you have and so glad that you share it!!!!


This craft weekend extravaganza is on my bucket list! Looks incredibly amazing!


Oh, Meg. While I love being part of the first ever CW alum, it makes me oh-so jealous of those ladies being in your home! To. Die. For!!!!! I'm praying thru my jealousy. ;) Or I will pray thru it...after all my drooling & cyber stalking. {wink wink} And I bet no one brought you a hostess gift as awesome as a Razorback nose, right?!? Right?!?!?


It was absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone... I feel lucky to have met all of you. I learned something from each and everyone. I am voting for a Craft Weekend Reunion next January!!

Christine Ishmael

How fun! And what a blessing everyone got along so well! Crafters have good hearts and are kindred spirits! Congrats on a successful weekend!


thanks again meg! i am so happy waffle got to be the chicken in the hen house for the weekend. ;) he is seriously SO well behaved. i may send mylie out for some doggie boot camp.

and thanks again for ruffling my apron right up. i seriously want one of those ruffler things. i could ruffle my little heart out! but that means i'd also have to use my sewing machine...which i actually feel a bit braver about now thanks to you! :)

such a fun weekend - so glad you were brave and welcomed us into your home - it was a fantastic weekend!!! :)

hope the next one is another great success!!

Seriously Sassy Mama

Looks like much fun was had!

Aneta Kudasik

So awesome! Wish we had something like this in Canada!


Love that God brought such a diverse group of ladies together for such a fun event and used you to make it happen!!

mandy friend

how much fun, i'm totally jealous, but glad we had 2 oregon girls representing! we're the best;)


How could anyone look at these pics and not immediately be put in a good mood? They are so bright and lovely and fun!

linzi kavanagh

please please meg help us girlies who are pining for a craft weekend in the uk!!!???

Lori Austin

Fun, fun, fun! So happy for all of you.


amazing. it looks like such a blast and that you give God all the glory is even more awesome. what can be better, crafting and praising God.


I'm on the wait list. I'm so glad to see ladies from all over. I thought I might be the only nut to fly in, but I see there's nothing nutty about it! Here's hoping I get picked! It looks like more fun than I can imagine.


I wonder how much it costs to fly to Kansas from the UK? :)) xx


Hmm, it's my 40th this year...Paris or Kansas?? I'm thinking Kansas sister! Do you think Australia to Kansas for one weekend is too much? Me either.

God bless you for your beautiful, generous spirit Meg. You are such a blessing. Even for those of us who can only look on. It's still real and life-affirming. God bless Craig also for supporting you so willingly and encouraging you in your dreams. What a great example the kids are seeing in you as you use the gifts and talents you have been blessed with. Meredith xo


Oh, forgot to say....your hair is looking FAB!


Fun! - Can you give us the recipe for the awesome frosting or the rolls?


Whoa - this looks like super fun. Is there any way I could get on the list? The email link isn't working for me.


WOW what beautiful pictures!! Looks like you all had the time of your life:) I wish I dare to go to one of these weekends:)

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

Everything looks amazing! How wonderful that there were women from so many different places. That makes it even more fun:)


I vote for a UK craft weekend too it looks amazing!
I'd be there in a flash but super scared of flying (hoping ill get over it one day!)
I've been reading your blog for years and every post brightens my day, thank you
Keep being Fab!


why do I cry when I read your craft weekend posts? it's really annoying. What a blessing. what a vision. God is awesome, it's true. Good work. When I stop having babies I'm coming so you better have more.

Michelle From Australia

I'm in Australia. I'm sure we could sell out a few craft weekends here????? God Bless you Meg for Ministering to so many by sharing yourself with us lucky enough to 'know' you.


After a bummer day the ruffles and the smiles and the colours and the treats made me S.M.I.L.E.
Thanx for that.

Karen May

what a priceless, memorable gift....thank you, Meg and Kimberlee!! Don't hesitate if any of you girls ever have the chance to go to Craft Weekend!


I love that someone I know came to your CW.


Oh those fabrics! Just gorgeous!


air greenwood

I'm still crossing my fingers that I get picked! I would love to come to Kansas & CW! & did I mention that Waffle is pretty much adorable & I PROMISE to bring him some of my treats I make?! Looks like an amazing weekend with AMAZING women! Cant wait to see the next one!


Reading this makes me so happy. You guys ROCK!

Megan H.

i, too, have a passion for that antique store…it's for sure the organization…everything is all neat and in order...i could spend hours looking there! plus, dennis is just too sweet :) i always ask him for the deals!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Praise God! Thank you, Meg for being a beautiful vessel of HIM!


wow wow wow,. it must be wonderful to be able to have so many people in your house. because you do need the space and the right car to make it a succes. and even then you have to be a pretty good organiser to arange this. respect!
flying in from holland seems a bit to expensive,..
but you are an inspiration to make cw an experience all over the world!

Karen K.


That was a perfect write-up -- no surprise! Thank you again for opening your home to us, and for teaching this novice to sew. It was a great weekend, and now I'm having fun reading about it on everyone's blog.

Jody B.

What a wonderful time you all had. Your home is amazing Meg as is your ability to share your gifts with such joy. And, your family are treasures..especially hubby taking the kids to a hotel for the weekend?! What a great guy!

lalalovely lindsay

This looks like so much fun! Also, I wanted to let you know (if you didn't already) that you can take a sharp knife and pierce the tulip stem right under the head of the flower...I don't know why it works, but it keeps your tulips perky longer. :o)

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