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Seriously Sassy Mama

Those canvases ROCK, and the totes. By far my favorite craft I have seen on the blog. How much fun you ladies have! Too bad i work weekends. I would love to get my craft on!


amazing! colorful! what a beautiful group of ladies!!
as always, wishing i was there.
can't wait to join the {club of whatever-craft weekenders}. :)
looks so fun!!

Laura Phelps

is it wrong that I was searching the photos for the wine??? :-)

You are a living example of the Word.
Look at the people you are reaching across the country.
Love it all.

now go to sleep :-)


Looks like so much fun! Beautiful art created from those scraps of fabric and blank canvases! Amazingly talented ladies. They might not have even known it before they walked through your door. So amazed at God's creativity in the midst of it all!


So much fun to see and read. Inspiring too.


that chicken fabric better remind you of me every time!
i was the original seamstress-of-the-poultry! :)

tiffany gardner

you. are. awesome.

Heather Mattos

ooh i really NEED that rainbow school house alphabet fabric! is that from your local store or online?


All these crafts and activities and women look so fun. I think (I hope) I'm still on the list b/c I wanna come next time!!


THose art canvases are amazing! I have got to get my crafting girls together for a night to make them. So much potential. Y'all truly outdid yourself on the fun crafts for these weekends. Crossing my fingers my name will get drawn one of these days!

stephany @ home is what you make it

I LOVE it all!
I'm still on the waiting list. ;)
While I wait for my turn, I may have to host my own craft weekend with some girlfriends at the Oregon Coast!
Thanks for the inspiration!


I think the canvas craft is my favorite! Anyone want to sell one to me? ;) May have to try something like that myself. I am not crafty AT ALL but I serioulsy love how those look! :)


looks like lots of fun time.
umm can i see a clearer pic of your shoes? they look sooo fun! :)


Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, Meg. It's refreshing and always inspiring to see women gather together like this and share in each other's talents and abilities. Too often I think we as women are too hard on each other -or- we are afraid to genuinely be ourselves around one another for fear of being judged. I'm sure this experience is such a blessing to all the women who are able to come to your craft weekends. A time to escape the hustle and bustle of their lives....come together and celebrate the beauty of womanhood and all the many gifts God has given them and share with one another. Many thanks for being the catalyst for such an experience and for sharing it with your readers!

Michelle Whitlow

oh how I NEED craft weekend!!! SO hoping my number gets picked soon :)


so much happiness!


Someday - SOMEDAY - I will be there. I hope. : )

Ellen Patton

J is for super jealous!


It is my dream to go to that barn Meg! I might have to make a trip to Kansas just for that! I saw a vintage globe wrapped in strips of bright colored fabric over the weekend and thought of you. I think it was in Flea Market style magazine. Maybe you saw it already, but you were the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. Craft weekend looks amazing as always!

Sarah Wolfe

Such fun seeing these pictures... makes me miss everyone! Sorry to have stolen your spools :)

Brady Wilhelm

Okay, that's it. You've convinced me to make the hour drive to get to the antique store and barn! I've been putting it off because I never want to make the drive, but I'm so going.....and soon! Every time you talk about what you find there, I drool over the goods!

Angie G.

Oh, Meg, I seriously and desperately want to go to one of your Craft Weekends....but I really live far away: the sunny and beachy Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. I´ll be praying for God to make this dream of mine a reality. God bless you and all the ladies that have had the amazing and delightful opportunity to meet you :)

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

Looks like another amazing(& successful) Craft Weekend. So glad to hear it went well(and green with jealousy, of course:))

Michelle From Australia

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. So, so jealous that I'm half a planet away :(

Jen G

Just feel so blessed to have been there - Thank you, Meg!!! It was way too much fun.:)


All I can say is WOW! So many great ideas. How fun!!

Darcie L.

Can I just come and be a helper? I don't even have to make crafts! I'll come help cook and clean, just to be around all the amazing ladies you meet! No, seriously... email me. I make a mean Dutch Baby Pancake and homemade lasagna. (not together, of course!)

Jen Allred

Ahhhh.... the ruffle-ly goodness just makes me smile all over again! This weekend was so incredible and I am humbled to have been a part of such a creative and inspiring group of women!


Looks like SO MUCH fun! It's great how all the ladies got on so well. Have all the women been similar in age? I'm 21 and would LOVE to come! I'm a 10hr plane ride away though so I don't think it's going to happen : ( lol

Gemma x


I love that canvas project!!

Jenny B.

Oh, it's all so beautiful! Makes me want to go so bad! Any plans for a giveaway spot? :)


So fun. So full. So friendly. So festive and frilly:) LOVED being part of it!


love all this so much!!! okay i have to know how to make the apron! is that a store bought base? and how wide are the strips?? also the bunting!!! the one for happy birthday - where those letters hand cut or computer cut? oh it's all so wonderful! don't even get me started on the canvases! i am living vicariously through this site and i feel my sewing machine is going to get a workout soon!!!
love it and keep it coming!
{okay enough shouting for one day.}


Oh stop already! Genius idea. Wow. Only thing is that I would never acmuculate such pretty things mine would be filled with Michael's 40% off coupons and wet naps and half empty bottles of hand lotion Cause I'm, glamorous like that.You go girl!

Jackie Hernandez

I would love to be picked for a craft weekend!

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