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Oh my gosh Meg! I still can't believe I actually got to be part of this amazing weekend and that I got to meet the best bunch of women! It was truly the best weekend. Thank you, and Kimberlee, and Nicole for everything!

Seriously Sassy Mama

I really want those rooster salt and pepper shakers.

Kristy Call {DavesWife}

Some Way Some HOW, I am coming to one of your Craft Weekends! I am dying over all the DARLING Colorful projects you did! What a fun group of ladies!


these girls look like they had a blast.
my favorite is the porch pictures, for sure. :)

and what awesome crafts they made! love the headband craft! :)
SO CUTE! :) <3 from california


Awwww Laura's sign, melt my heart. Craft weekend, love these posts. Thanks for sharing.

tiffany gardner

awesome! i love your craft weekend posts. thanks so much for sharing. one day... i hope i can come to a craft weekend too.


oh meg oh meg oh meg!!!!!!!!!!

The door handle looks like it has a face!
I love the rainbow legged table!
The sign at the end made me cry!
I cant wait until my picture is at the end that reads... Kerry from England!

yeeehaa! Looks like you had a beautiful weekend xx


Do you know what I live even more than reading your Craft Weekend recaps? I **love it** when bloggers come and there are so many links to their CW posts, too! It's like a super happy, ruffly, polka dot linky party! So glad you all had a great weekend, Meg!


I love love LOVE that you have a craft weekend AND that you dedicated your old beloved home to it. I hope that one day I can meet up for this fun weekend! Until then, I have to ask... What is up with the suction-cup mounted handles on the acrylic rulers?


It looks like you had another fabulous weekend! I am digging all of the loot from the antiqueing trip. I REALLY want to go back there!!!!!!!!!! Awesome stuff!


I'm waiting for my email. Just curious....how many ladies are on the wait list?


Love it all!
Crossing my fingers for next time!


Oh Meg can you make me a ruffle apron??? Whata wonderful post!! Love the tresures to!!


i just found your site - via Laura! i automatically knew which tea towel was hers. and your group photo is precious with her sign.

i follow her blog and now yours. i love all the creativeness. it makes me what to raid the fabric store!

craft weekend is a great idea!!

ko. s

Oh Meg! What a sunshiny post! You are truly His hands and feet and what you do is SO BIG! One of these days I'll be a weekender, but for now, yay yay yay! Loved it all :) Saw some Sis boom fabric in there! Oh so yummy :)


Seriously, every time I see one of these posts I want to go to Craft Weekend - but am too timid to sign up!

Btw, I LOVE the diy pink and yellow lamp! It turned out great!!


amy cornwell

The weekends always look so fun! I love all of the bright colored crafts...so pretty!

beth davis

I almost went to Marion on Saturday to Bearly Makin' It and then remembered.....you all would be there and how weird would have that been to CRASH not one, but TWO field trips!! I refrained. It looks like another BLASTEROONIE weekend!!

Beth :)


I just love seeing your craft weekend post... I am pretty sure I am on the waiting list (if,not please add) So hoping one day my lucky day comes when I get the email to come play....


Looks like fun! Thanks for the link :)


Oh wow, these girls WERE creative! I know all the projects are always similar but I love the fabrics these ladies used and those tea towels are adorable!
Im desperate to find one of the suction handles for my sewing needs. Nowhere around me has them. Can you post a source...pretty please?:)


Looks like you gals had a great time and oh my goodness...that last picture with Laura holding up her sign--my heart swelled when I saw that. As a waiting adoptive momma myself...that brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how emotional that must have been for her (and all of you). :-)

Account Deleted

Thank you again for such an amazing weekend Meg! As always your photos are just lovely! Can't wait to come back soon... I miss you girls already! :)

emily hope

so fun! and your field trip stores are amazing. so non-existent out in California-land. craft weekend would be worth it for the shopping alone ;)

Carolyn mcdevitt

I was blessed beyond measure to enjoy a Craft Weekend in February. Thanks Meg! I'm happy that you are enjoying them, too.

Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

Wowsa, looks like soooo much fun! I always enjoy reading these craft weekend posts, and living vicariously through you girls! Meg, I've been following Whatever for nearly a couple of years now I think; I just can't get enough of your photography. Your photos are like candy for the soul...they just beam happiness! ~ Kerri, A Pop of Pretty, apopofpretty.com


Love the picture of you and kimberlee, best yet!,, where did you get that turquoise necklace? I love kimberlee's too! so fun! I'm coming in September , can't wait!


Hi Meg. I just bought a door very similar to the one you bought. May I ask, what are you planning on doing with it? I have a couple of ideas, but haven't really decided.

Michelle From Australia

I've said it before and I will say it again....I'm jealous. So, so, so jealous.

Living on the other side of the planet does not have its advantages when talking about Craft Weekends :(


It looks like such a great group of girls! The new crafts (esp the tea towels) killing me. And the photo at the end. Beautiful. Wish I was there...

Kristin S

I love these wrap up posts every single time.

Also drool every time you show that kitchen! I want to be in there with Kimberlee cooking away.


Is there an age limit? I don't see anyone over 29... I'm 55 and would love to join in (I'm here in Newton, do I get a discount for that... haha!). I would feel so old next to the rest of you girls, but it looks like soooooooo much fun. And I sure could use some fun after my difficult start to this year. Always LOVE the variety of aprons your girls make, such fun colors. ♥


What a small world! Nicole Quiring used to live a few houses away from me here in Lehi. How do you know Nicole?


This post hurt my heart just a teenie bit, because I was chosen for this Craft Weekend, but could not attend. *sob* I hope I can make a future one - it looks like the MOST fun!


I am so jealous of your antique stores. That yardstick came from a Mennonite Central Committee sale! They still sell them at the Kansas relief sale but I don't know if they still say "Helping others in the name of Christ" on them... MCC's slogan now is "Relief, development, and peace in the name of Christ." (I'm Mennonite, gotta represent!)

Mindy Harris

you look stunning, megan...so pretty and happy.
i think that is God's glory shining through you as you are living out the desires of your heart.
and that makes my soul so happy to see!


Um, yeah, the sign at the end. Bawling here now.
One day I want to do craft weekend. One day maybe I will figure out how.


Looks like so much fun!!! I LOVE the aprons!!!!

Phyllis Dew

This looks like so much awesome fun, colorful, laughing, bonding, being creative, and being blessed, all the things we women need. You look great ladies! Do you ladies have a tutorial for the aprons you made? Love them. Thanks so much. Keep creating.

amy @ www.brooksboutique.com

Hi Meg,

If you are ever looking for more sponsors, let me know. I would love to send you some goodies!


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