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Terrie G

Looks like another FaBuLouS Craft Weekend!! Not sure which part I liked best!
Loved those nest necklaces...too cute!
And I got to see Angie again...she is so adorable!
Ask her about youth group & April Fool's Day!!
I'll never forget that morning! :)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

So, so wonderful. I am smiling ear to ear just remembering all the great moments.

beth davis

Funny ... our white van made it in your 'barn' pic! Crazzzzy!

What did you end up doing with the blue table you bought out at the barn? It looks like it was another great crafty weekend!


Oh - nice to meet you 'in person' btw. :)

Andrea @ Pug Life

What a small world! I have run into Kelly from Missouri while couponing at CVS and Walgreens. Her group helped me my first time out when I was confused. :)


How fun!!! Love all the bright, sunshine-y pictures!!!

Erin @ Studio 336

So fun! Wish I could have been there! Maybe one day..


Whatever Craft Weekend is my fave. - Mine too.

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode

That's my kind of fun!

Michelle From Australia

American letterboxes!!! I love, love, love those letterboxes lying outside at the Barn Shop. Wonder if they would miss just one????

Kelly Hollis

@ Beth Davis, how funny that you recognized me! So great that we could help you with your couponing. Since my youngest was born in Jan, I've really slacked. I HAVE GOT to get back to it soon! :-) Maybe I'll run into you soon again.

And yes, this was a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed it so much. I just kept randomly smiling all weekend. Felt kinda silly, but I just couldn't wipe it off my face! Meg and Kimberlee are def a class act Jin my book!


Meg and Kimberlee, every detail was perfect. Thank you for ALL the work you put into making each weekend the blessing it is to those in attendance. Angie and Jess are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing your time with us. Like Kelly, I caught myself relaxing and smiling at random times for no particular reason. It was the BEST!!

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer from Tennessee want to come to a craft weekend. ;) This looks fabulous!


Every time I look at Craft Weekend pictures, I just smile. This is gonna sound corny but they make me happy because it looks like everyone there is so happy. Everyone's cares are set aside for a few days while creativity, friendships and fun reign. God bless you, Meg!


Looks like a great time!

I noticed the Chore-Time sign in the background of a couple pics. What a riot! My husband works there! What made you buy the sign?


lOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your Craft Weekend posts...your house just looks so inviting and all the girl-time and crafting, dreamy!!


every time i read the craft weekend post i just can't believe how totally adorable everyone (and everything) is. you do such a great job bringing the women together and helping them let go for a weekend...this is totally God's will at work :)


Thanks for always sharing such fun pictures! I look forward to reading these posts and seeing all the glorious color! Looks like a fabulous time!

Patty Palmer

This looks like so much fun!!! What happy faces and boy oh boy, I sure love those aprons!

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