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Account Deleted

Looks like you girls had a blast! Love all of the new crafts too! Oh how I wish I wasn't so overwhelmed with excitement when I was there, I would have loaded up on way more goodies from your shop! I spy several prints and pillowcases that need to, scratch that, are going to come and live with me when your shop opens! I always love seeing all of the bright, happy colours and smiling faces in your CW posts, and of course the pictures of the craft house. It truly is a 'Labyrinth of Awesomeness.' (I sure hope you remember that line from CW in May. Otherwise all my carefully planned comedic timing just went straight out the window.) Well, it looks like it was another great weekend, your post definitely made my day! Happy Monday! : )


Omg Lisa Leonard ...... Bummer, I wish I was there. So completely and utterly jealous :(


Looks like another amazing weekend. I long to go and enjoy this weekend. Such creativity and fun!!

Lori Austin

Ahhh - always love reading about it all.
Lisa L - woohoo!
Meg, you are blessing SO many lives with your blog, CW, etc.

Megan J

Do you think you would ever have CW DAY like 8am-8pm for the locals??

Viv @MelkshamMum

Again, I adore the look of your craft weekends. I have plans to come to the US to celebrate my 40th and would LOVE to do a craft weekend with you. A bit early to apply for the summer of 2016??!!
Love the jewellery and love Lisa's hair - am aiming for that!
Great pics, and great crafting, as always.
Viv @MelkshamMum

Michelle From Australia

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. So jealous.


Oh my word such fun pictures!! I love that you take many pictures to share with us! I LOVE the yellow cabinet if I was there I would have bought it:) I still so want a ruffle apron. Have you ever thought about doing a craft weekend for moms and their daughter????


All the crafts are so sweet! Are those magnetic boards that you painted the chalkboard paint on? I love their shape and color!

Donna R

What an amazing weekend...I just love these posts. You and Kimberlee are the greatest for hosting these amazing weekends and what fun to have the fabulous Lisa join the group. Love the felt pillow project...so sweet.

I can just feel the warm fuzzies from the weekend coming right through your pics!


Please, please share a tour of the craft house! You know everyone would love it!! :)

Amy A

Want to come to CW! On the list! So sad to miss Lisa leonard! What a treat! Also- want a rainbow jacket. Been waiting for them on etsy. Need size 4t or 5! Please?!!?


What a blessing to be able to be there! Looking at all those pictures make me feel happy all over again! THANK YOU for putting it all together, Meg and Kimberlee! If anyone is on the fence, do it...send in that email. You won't regret it!


Where did you get the Rise and Shine and give God the glory sign in one of your rooms? I love it!!!!


Love Lisa Leonards red top with orange detailing. Where did you get it!!!! So cute!!!!


Don't you sing those words everytime you walk by that Rise and Shine poster? You can't just SAY the words, you have to SING them! Ri-ise, and Shi-ine, and give God the glory, glory! Ri-ise, and Shi-ine, and give God the glory, glory! Rise! and Shine! and Give God! the glory, glory, children of the world! No better way to wake up in the morning!


oh my!!!!! what fun!!!!!!!!

sara @ it's good to be queen

oh looks dreamy as always!! God is so good.

Flower Patch Farmgirl

There's that cheesecake again.... Especially lethal on PMS days like today.


I can't wait for my turn. My daughter will come with and it will be fun


I am so excited to come in September :) I love watching all of these fun ladies get to craft all weekend. While looking through this, I thought..."wow, they all look so pretty with their hair and makeup done". :) With two kids under two...that doesn't happen too often. So is it weird to say that I am thrilled that I will get to dry my hair for a WHOLE WEEKEND?! :)

Kathy Nuckols

I loved watching your weekend through the pictures you posted. I, too, along with another 'sister in Christ', have weekends like this throughout the off-season (September through April) at Corolla, NC. We rent a large beach house and usually have from 12 to 20 ladies attend. We have a few crafts, but normally we also have a lot of quiet time, for the ladies to wind down, rest and relax. We say that, but most of the time the ladies are walking the beach, shopping the local shops, playing games or just pairing up and chit-chatting. We have devotional time twice during the weekend, and the bonding that goes on is unbelievable! We have formed friendships that are incredible!! As you also pointed out, God arranges the whole weekend... and uses me as His team manager... and whomever attends is His choice... and at times we wonder why certain people are teamed up... but by the time the weekend is over... we have found out why. He is so amazing!!! Looking through your entries, I have found many new ideas to use. Thank you so much for sharing your weekends. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with at your next gathering!!


I am coming in Oct and I hope we make all the same stuff. :-) haha! I know it's going to be awesome!


Sometimes I just come here to look at all the pretty,colorful inspiration, when I need a little "pick-me-up". Then I wish I could just crawl right into the screen :)

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