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Same thing just happened at our house! Cooper has never had a pair of jeans because his brother wore through them all before they got passed down to him. So I just ordered him a pair and he LOVES them. He asks to wear them nearly everyday! Too bad I only ordered one pair.


Love the ones you picked! they were my favorites too!


I think she looks adorable in every shot! I love how you can wear all sorts of bright colors and patterns with denim, and it keeps it from being too much (speaking as a lover of colors and patterns myself!). I always love the individual way Annie dresses in your posts and this one is no exception, but here the jeans make her look SO grown up! I hope she had lots of fun and enjoyed the new clothes. :)

And MAN was that jacket cute!! I wonder if they make it for grown-ups...


Great photos! I hope you got the jacket too. I wish I liked half as good as Annie in my jeans.

mandy friend

My fav were the winners! What can I say I have good taste ;). I think it'ss my turn to win one of these giveaways!!!!

Daniele Valois

That was the cutest freaking little photo shoot ever! And I would love a gift card!:D




how awesome! now I want to do the same for my 5 year old little girl! :)

Jenni Carlisle

They need to hook you up with a modeling contract too! Could she be any more adorable??? Love it!


omg she is just sooooo cute..


The Cutest Fashion Show Ever!


Super cute! I loved the denim skirt too.


she is so grown up and sooo cute. darling in all the jeans!


She's gotta be in their next ad. Fall into the Gap. Too cute!


So cute! I love the outfit with the denim jacket. I want that whole outfit in MY size! :)


She is adorable. Love the fashion show.


Wooo! Those are all so adorable! :D


dear jeans....i can't live without you! and GAP makes life so much cuter :) annie~you are adorable!

Tina Cobb

Super cute choice!!!As a second grade teacher I know jeans are the best choice to survive the rigors of the elementary school playground!

Niki Rimmasch

So cute I liked them all:)
Good choice she looks adorable!

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life.

Super cute!


Jeans are a must in any girls wardrobe! Me myself own way too many pairs...!!! My oldest daughter has been against jeans until just this year (2nd grade, fashions much more important to her now:) So, when we were school shopping this year we did the same thing, tried on lots and lots of jeans until we found her perfect pair! Now, they are her favorites! Hope Annie has fun wearing her sassy new jeans!


Super cute fashion show!


I can't live without my Gap jeans. love love love them. Darling Annie, as usual. ;]


You look like you had a blast. I need to add a girl to my all boy household so that I, too, can have a fashion show in the dressing room.


Way cute! I have some very "vintage" Gap jeans and love them all. I haven't bought new jeans since the skinny epedimic, but I'm thinking about trying it out so I can get some smokin' boots!


so cute! the jacket is to die for!!


Great choice! And Annie is a great model of her new jeans. My Hannah Jo can totally relate to your Annie ~ she's #5 and she's always wearing hand-me-downs. :-)


how fun! i loved the first choice on her, she looks so cute & sassy in them ;) annie is a doll!

Kate Cupps

Who is that girl's stylist? :) So cute in every picture. I was just thinking that my girls need some Gap jeans. And me too! The holiday line at the Gap is really cute with the navy & red stuff too.


so cute !! What a darling fashion show !! I hope we win !! I have thee little girls who need some new jeans :)

jenie starks

I love love love gap jeans for my daughter and the adjustable waist is the best. She rocked all those jeans! So stinkin cute!


Annie is the cutest thing EVER!! I like what you picked. She looks like such a fashionista in all her pictures!

Mary Beth

Those pictures made me gasp. Beautiful.

Lori Danelle

I'm about to head to the website just to see if the jacket might come in a size that fits me. . . LOVE IT! (there are benefits to being only 5' 2" — kids clothes become a whole other shopping option!)

Also, in our house, I too love my jeans. AND I found the cutest grey skinny jeans for Big Sister. But Big claims she hates jeans. She only wants to wear pants (ie, leggings). My goal for the winter is to get her into those jeans!!

Julie Weaver

She is adorable, and the ones you picked are perfect!


Love the jean jacket!! Thanks for the fashion show Annie ;)

Amy D.

My girl is in a growth spurt! I just weeded out her closet (again) and am going to have to do a jeans run. Such cute styles at Gap this season!


She is so adorable! Love the jeans.


So cute...loved the final choice the best!! Gap has the BEST jeans!!


So cute! She should be a model for GAP Kids! Loved the striped socks with the denim skirt too.


she is so beautiful and the girl knows how to strike a pose! mom must have taught her well ;)

marta codina

L loved GAP but in SPAIN there are no shops and are necessary to buy Internet route and work out very expensive

Katy Stone

haha. she's too cute. i'm sure yall had fun shopping and taking these pictures together! :)


I'm pregnant with my first girl. I can't wait for fashion shows!


Cute pictures! Gap jeans are my favorite!

Elizabeth Flowers

Yeah for Annie's jeans. She still looks like a sweet little girl in the but obviously feeling a bit grown up!


Crying baby up at 2:30 am...what shall I do? Hop online and find this adorable fashion show. We are also rather picky with jeans-typically get ours at the Gap because they last the longest. What a fun contest!!


Love the ones she chose--cute! Gap brand jeans are the very best!


It's official---she's the cutest thing ever!

Seriously, I think the best feature to come about in kids jeans is the adjustable waist. Makes it much, much easier for jeans to fit well on those skinny 5-10 year old waists & hips.

Thanks for the fasion show!


Your little model is adorable!

kate hensley

Wow! I would love to win. Got my fingers crossed! BTW, Your daughter is the cutest!


charlotte and I just did this last week! Annie is super duper cute!


Love the pictures showing each outfit.. Man what I would do to have a fashion show like that.. to be young again! -- I have never owned Gap Jeans.. never had the money to spend for them, so yeah Annie!!


these pictures couldn't be any cuter, that Annie, she's a natural!


Gap should give Annie a contract! Jeans are a must have in our house.

Becky Pummill

Very cute little girl and great pics!

becky @ oursweetpeas

She could be a gap model. She is so adorable. THanks for "sharing the love", the gap love that is! :)


Love the pics!! She's so, so cute...knows how to work the camera! Gap jeans are great...lots of size options and the adjustability factor is a bonus.


Looks great - You gotta get the jacket tho - that was cuuute!


your annie is too cute! you must tell where that #5 shirt came from. [my daughter would love it!]


Love them all ~ especially the ones you picked out (and I loved that jacket and those boots!). Looked like a lovely time!


Every pair of jeans I own is from Gap! As a teacher, I long for casual Fridays so I can wear 'em!


She is soo cute! She looks like such a big girl now!

elma riedstra

Oh she is super cute!!!Love the gap!!


Loved your fashion show! She was so cute in everything, especially the skirt with the stripey socks! :)


Cute fashion show. I actually took my two daughters to the gap outlet and we had our own fashion show as well. Fun!

Maureen Troop

Loved the fashion show....your are so lucky to have someone who enjoys trying on clothing! This does not happen in my house of all boys! Too cute!


so cute!!

i've heard great things about gap kids jeans but we've not been fortunate enough to buy any. major struggles to find jeans for my youngest right now - short in height but chubby in waist - she would be in heaven if we could find a pair of jeans for her.

Amanda Angert

LOVE all the jeans and it looks like Annie had fun trying them all on! She looks cute in everything and I'm glad you found the right pair :)


A girl just can't live without jeans. Now, she must have pearls! I love pearls with jeans.


I love the photo shoot! She looks so sassy!


Jeans are big in our home too! I love the versatility, they are definitely one of my wardrobe staples!

Katie P

Love love love all of them on her! She is too cute. Gap jeans are my favorite and the only jeans that fit my oldest daughter just right. You know how hard it is to find the right fit!


Love love the jeans y'all picked! The denim jackets was sooo cute!!


Awww - love all of her posing:)


Oh the Gap. Love it. I spent my clothes budget this month on new running shoes...a gift card would be a TREAT! Your daughter is adorable.

Angela B.

She is looking sassy! And too grown up in those jeans. I had a pair of GAP jeans for almost ten years that I wore to pieces. I think I need another.

Karen Lehmann

It doesnt matter which ones she wears or picks, she's always going to be darling. the cute just oozes right out of that kid! feeling like a Gap fashion show myself :)


Can't you keep the jacket anyway? I love the first four outfits SOOOO much!


Makes me want to have a baby... so that they can grow up and wear cute jeans! ;)

betsy bevis

YAY for Annie! Jeans have GOT to be favorite clothing too! I only own 1 other pair of pants that aren't jeans! :)


Annie needs to be in the next Gap ad! Sooooooo cute! Would love the Gap gift card for my four kiddos! Could definitely spend it quickly!

Amy Lynne

I love her poses! She is just too cute! I am a jeans lover too! I wish I could wear them to work everyday!


What a fashion queen! Love it!


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The boot cut would be my choice too, but she is adorable in all of them!

Kristi Swint

Yay for Annie's first pair of jeans! She looks adorable in them and the jacket too!


she's such the little model! so, so cute!

Jen CD

very, very cute...the missionaries in Colombia need some new jeans too!


She is just too adorable!!


Do you know I almost commented on yesterday's post that Annie suddenly looked so grown-up. I couldn't put my finger on it, but looking at it again I now realize it is because she is wearing her new jeans!


always need jeans for my kids!
and me.
and my husband.

would love to win!~

hannah j

I am SO gonna need new jeans in 2 months. Having a baby in 6 weeks, and as much as I love my maternity jeans, I'm ready for real pants!

Michelle Burke

She's looks adorable in everything, but great choice with the jeans! I love your blog....and off subject, but I am making that delish looking cheesecake, with the REAL whipped topping....cannot wait to see my family's face tonight! Thanks for sharing a peek into your life!


makes me wanna go shopping. great job modeling and a great job accessorizing.


What a cutie and I love the jeans! My kids and I live in jeans as soon as the weather gets even remotely cool. My biggest problem is finding some to fit my skinny 4 year old but we've managed to round up a few pairs of 4 slims so far this year.


Precious pictures. Annie is quite the model. My son is the second child and could only wear his sister's hand me downs when he was very little and the jeans were more unisex.


just adorable!


They are all too cute. Love, love, love the jacket...hope you kept that too.


I wish I had a little girl now! My boys really don't care that much for their clothes right now. But if I had a little girl, man, I'd have to take a second job for dressing her up! Loved the fashion show! Annie is a cutie!

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