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I bet you said something very close to that! Way to share God's loving plan!


WOW! THAT is awesome!! I just got a little teary-eyed!! I think you just described what we ALL want our vision to be! Thank you for sharing!

Keri ~ forever folding laundry

Lovely, meaningful, and honest.
You really put into words perfectly what it means to be a stay-at-home mom.
This was timely for me...thank you.


Amazing. That was timely for me too. I recently told someone I wish I knew what my "calling" was. She is planning to go back to work and asked if that was my plan. Now I know the answer to that! I LOVE being home for my family. Thank you!!!

Jenni Carlisle

love, love, love that you shared this. loved that your earnest desire is to be obedient and pleasing to the Father...it is SO apparent. your wisdom and heart a gift.


That is amazing, Meg. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for helping me shift my focus back to where it should be x


This is why I LOVE your blog. :) You inspire me!


Very inspiring!!

I'm not a mum yet but I hope this post helps all the stay at home mums. I know it can be hard!

Gemma x


Awesome! LOVE your vision board!


So inspiring! Thank you so much!


Meg, today I was feeling like "well I am just a stay at home Mum." I felt like I wasn't contributing anything other than being a Mum.
Your post really spoke to me and reminded me to value what I do, because this job of ours is THE most important one there is.
Thanks Meg.
I feel all teary and grateful and proud of you and your vision board.
You are so creative, insightful and brave.You need to value yourself more.
Thanks for being all of those things and for inspiring many of us Mums!


You are ace! We share the same vision with our at-home-Mum/Mom-Wife mission and that is why I read your blog every day (even though it is currently making our computer crash every time I go to it...what is THAT about?) and am encouraged by you to work as for the Lord at all my repetitive, mundane, noticed-by-no-one jobs. I also love that you have an eye for good stuff, an appreciation for beauty and a wicked sense of humour. American christians have a really poor image in Europe and you are a good example of someone who is "christianly normal" - thank you! I am so glad that you take the trouble to upload your great pictures, share your ideas and live your life. You are a great blessing to me!

Mary Beth

I was getting MAD as I read the first few lines.....but then you got to it. Creating a home for your family IS so important. Nobody thanks you....but they benefit from it every day. I CHEERED as I finished reading :)


Yeah Meg. You are special and being a stay at home mom is a hard job! I know, I have been doing it for 16 years. I have loved every minute of it.


Beautifully written, and a timely reminder for all of us who are in the trenches with you.

I just wrote about this the other day---the feeling that pops up that I need to know where I'm going---only really, I don't. It's all about living in that state of God constantly calling us to do His work, in His way, in His time. All we have to do is show up with a willing heart. You captured that perfectly!

Thanks for sharing about Coca Cola. Happy that you got your own room for two days. :)

Katy Stone

i love it. every word of that is so true. thanks for sharing your heart. :)


Thank you....I needed to hear that. Just the other day I was telling someone that I feel I don't "DO" anything other than be a mom...and now I remember....THAT IS IMPORTANT! When someone compliments my children..how kind, generous, loving they are...I did that...and THAT is important. I LOVE your blog..because you are real...and us mothers out there need to hear that!
ps. i wish i would have known you were in atlanta...so am i..and i would have LOVED to meet you! :)

Janie Fox

Crying! You spoke my heart! My girls are grown and married but it is still the greatest job ever to be a mom and I am still mothering every day! So glad you had a great time. Love your poster!!


You look beautiful and poised sharing God's Vision! I would buy a print of your vision board. hint hint.

Heather Richter

Love the ART!!! We share visions. :) I'm glad you got spoiled.

Janelle White

Thanks Meg. I actually have written on my to do list "life plan." My four kids will all be in school soon and I have felt like I need to have some direction...what I am I going to do with my life. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to "just" be a mom. Your plan is perfect.

elizabeth highsmith

that might just be my favorite thing you've ever shared. i just love seeing your home through your lens. He does shine through! and for the record I think I've always wanted to be "just a mom" here's hoping one day that will come true! your vision board is fantastic!

Kimberlee J.

Right on. I am so proud of you. And now I need a diet coke...


Tears...in...my...eyes. Beautiful... All of it. Your vision, your words, your reminder. Thank you for sharing. This momma really needed that on a Monday morning:)

Liz @ Perfect Chaos

I HAVE to walk away and get my children up and ready for school, but I couldn't do so before commenting. THANK YOU! I too am a stay at home mom who sometimes struggles to understand how I fit into HIS perfect plan. You have made it very clear,... or perhaps HE has used you and this post to make it very clear to me. THANK YOU! It was nice to hear about the fact that not having a good day or getting frustrated doesn't make me a bad mom. And mostly THANK YOU for sharing this with me (and all your readers, of course). It has been a while since I read something that touched me quite like this has. Thank you!!!


AMAZING! What a beautiful reminder that it's okay to "just be a mom". I just love how you brought glory to God. My eyes are still filled with tears.

p.s. - Loved your jewlery in that photo and your make-up looked fab!


Yayyyy Meg! Lucky lady and you've worked hard for that luck. I'm sure there are many days you'd rather do something else than blog "for us" and even "for Him", but you're sticking to it. All of us are seriously better for having the slice of your life in ours. I love how you've kept your blog "non-commercial" and despite having lots of corporate interest, you're not pushing products or other websites. And most of all, you're love of God is contagious. EXTRA, EXTRA, we'll keep reading all about it. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful post, I really needed to read this today! Thank you so much for sharing.


i love it. i love that God was there. in what would otherwise be a board room-esque event. i love that you stepped out in faith when it was scary. i hate that you live far away and we aren't irl friends. boo.


love this post...and your board.


Your vision board rocks and my favorite is the spreading of cheer!!! That message comes through in your blog! A lot of people do not "get" stay at home moms and today's post sums it up perfectly! Awesome!


Meg, I stayed home with my little ones until the baby was in first grade. I then began to work for the school and was home when my girls were home. Best of both worlds. I loved the years I was "just" home. Those were some wonderful times. My baby is now a junior in high school. My days are numbered. Soon she will be away at college and on her own. The empty nest thing is bittersweet! You are an amazing mom.


Thanks for the reminder Megan. Trusting God with His plan for my life seems to be a repeating theme for me. The road He has planned for my life is so different than the road I would have planned or chosen. But because we serve a loving and trustworthy God, we can trust that His plan is so much better...even when we don't understand! Your post reminded me of this verse:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

I'm proud of you for sharing...I'm sure whatever you said was perfect. And even if it was jumbled, remember that God can use even our jumbled words for His glory!


Oh how I would have stood up and clapped for you in that room, loud and long clapping. Can you hear it? Kelly


Thank you so, so much. I'm not a mom yet, but I know the power of a good and gracious mother because I have one. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see the role of mother diminished when it has the power to be one of the most influential, challenging, and rewarding duties this life has to offer. This past week, in one of my graduate courses, I listened as the role of the "housewife" was blasted by my classmates. My heart hurt. This, what you wrote about, is what I wish I had had the guts to stand up and say. Thank you for sharing. Your words are just perfect.


I love that you are so real! and I love that we all are WEAK but our strength is in Him.

Robyn Farmer

I needed to hear everything you said this morning. It Blessed me. Thank you!


Amen, Sister! What a great reminder and focus for the day and for life! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for that word this morning! It is so easy to forget and I often do. My daughter turns 2 today (my only)and I still feel uncomfortable in my stay-at-home mom skin. How much more glorious it is to see my role through His eyes instead of the world!


WOW! I love your vision...the speech was beautiful. I cried. Seriously. All of these feelings are feelings I have myself, but have never been able to put into words.
I sometimes get caught up in feeling "less than" other women who seem to have a "thing". I keep thinking "what's MY thing?" I am always reminded, by Him, that I am living His plan. I AM doing my thing. What a blessing!


heidi @ wonder woman wannabe

LOVE it! I have the same mission that I try to reflect on my bloggy space as well - thanks for the encouragment to keep at it.

Your board is just awesome and I'm sure it also inspired some of the other mama's there with their big 'plans'.


Sometimes I feel sad that full-time mamas say they are "just moms." I agree that God has given me the opportunity to stay home, so I am trying to raise my children to love and honor Him! It's a hard, hard job, but He is equipping me for this task. We just moved from our home of 17 years back to my hometown. I literally feel as if I've been amputated from the life I loved, but the move has enabled me to stay home indefinitely. I was on my way back to work next year and now I can stay home.


Well said. You are an inspiation to all us Moms!! Your blog encourages us all. You have a wonderful, creative, happy home. Thanks for all that you share with us each day!


Amen! Just what I needed to read this morning. You are right...what a gift, privilege and HIGH CALLING you have (and I do too). I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Molly Pearce

Love it!! All too many times am I reminded of His plan and not mine!!! Love it love it love it love it love it!!!! Love His plan for you Meg!!! Love Him!!! Love you!!!!
~Molly P


I think Coca Cola will be surprised in a good way Megan.
I loved your board.
You have talent oozing out of your pores.
God has a great spokesperson here.
I'm always happy I visit.


Kristin S

Meg, your "do over" is EXACTLY what you convey in your blog every single day. Thank you.


wow! i was wanting to hear your story all week. when you suceed i feel kinda like i do because since i've been reading your blog i have been rooting for you. i always forget that it's about His plan and not mine too. such a simple truth, but my default is set to me me me. i love that you have laundry detergent on your poster! and it's cheer, since you really hate laundry :0) and wolf blitzer? all i can picture is that snl skit, and it's funny.
<3 you!


Beautiful post and beautiful collage!


Thanks for sharing your vision, Meg. I would say that you do have a plan, God's plan, and it comes through loud and clear in this blog!

Tanya H

Yep. THIS is why I love your blog.


Beautiful plan! I LOVE it and your vision board. Thanks for inspiring again and again!!


You are beautiful...inside & out! Loved this post!

Jessica Manier

Thank you for allowing God to use you that week and in this post. The timing of this was perfect for me, and surely not just a coincidence.

We lost our house, short sale, and although we see it as part of the plan to get us debt free and stronger as a family, now and for the future, it really has beaten me down this past year. Not just the physical loss but the grip Satan had on my heart as a mom, nuturer, wife and homemaker. I was really beginning to believe that my identity and responsibility as a stay at home mom was more of a burden than a blessing. I wasn't what I really "wanted" to be, it wasn't great and glamorous. I wasn't putting on a polished suit, sipping a latte on my way to work and making the big bucks.

But what God has shown me in the past 2 weeks, broken before Him, is that who I am is priceless in His eyes. I had replaced His plan with my own, yet again. How could I expect to be so far away from Him and not feel miserable?

Thank you again for your honesty and realiness. This is my treasure for the day!


You are awesome..thanks for the reminders!!


You look so pretty in the photo of you holding up your board. I too am "just a mom". My oldest son would have been 19 this past July, and I have 15 yr.old and 11 yr. old boys. I think losing my son made me appreciate being just a mom and I have never wanted to be anything else. This time in our lives is so short and I appreciate your blog because you are so great at stopping and appreciating your job and your family and your kids, and you share the good the bad and the ugly, and you are doing it for God. Which is awesome. Please forgive all the ands :) Keep on doing what you are doing because you are encouraging women and touching lives in ways you can't even imagine. It takes courage to speak out the way you do even though you might not see it that way, especially in this day and age when everyone wants to have it all. Okay, enough of that. Have a great day Meg and a Happy Thanksgiving!!


I am SO GLAD this is what you came away with! Others might have felt pressured... like you "had" to come up with some "take over the world" scheme.

But I like you're plans better.


Meg, you are an incredibly talented and gifted woman. I admire the things you accomplish, and the honesty and reality of you blog/life. I'm so glad you and Craig ended up in Newton - at Grace - so I would have the opportunity to find your blog. Too bad our paths don't cross more often. You are a blessing to many many people!!


Do you ever wonder if his plan is to have us make our homes as our "forever" home will feel? And that we are the only "moms" with the ability and gifts he gave us to do these things. You illustrated everything I need tatooed to remember every day.

Thank you for your insight and love! And blog!


thanks for that reminder! you are totally right!!!


Meg, I love your blog. I've never commented before, but I just wanted to say "thank you". I'm a stay at home mom and I really needed to read this today. Thanks for the reminder that what we do is important to God and that it is normal to not be perfect at this job. I so enjoy reading your blog that I've been toying with the idea of starting one. Thanks for being inspiring!

Kristy Ledford

Nine years as a stay at home mom and I still on occasion question my identity and if I'm setting the right example for my 9 yr. old daughter (I also have a 5 yr. old son). I wish I didn't dread the question, "what do you do for work?". It's the judgement that can come after that I despise. This post really hit home for me. Thanks for speaking so honestly for all of us and reminding me why I've chosen to stay home. I wouldn't trade the day to day mundane, crazy, thankless days for anything. I'm grateful for the reminders I get every day when my children accomplish something new, say something priceless or just look at me a certain way, these precious reminders that I would miss all of it had I'd made a different choice. It has truly been a gift. My curious nine year old lay next to me as I read this and asked, "does she believe in GOD?"....YES!..."does she believe in Santa?"...YES!..and, "your booby is comfortable". Good stuff! Baking and skeleton craft on our agenda today :) Love ya Meg!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Meg, this is beautiful.
Thank you. Thank you.

Amy Harris

Feeling a little blue today and then I read your post. Thanks for being real and honest. Thanks for sharing your life and your struggles. You are amazing!


You look confident and beautiful in your picture. Thank you for this, I am also "just a stay at home Mom". I used to be offended by the title "home maker", after all, I am a college educated woman, right? I have been humbled after being blessed with the ability to stay at home for 10 years, and having the time to vounteer at my childrens' school. Thank you Meg. At this point, I can't imagine my place in the world being anywhere else.


I'm not a stay at home mom, but I wish I was!! I often feel sad and discouraged about that. I see that a lot of SAHMs were uplifted by your speech and I wanted to let you know that God spoke to me through it, as well. Clearly it is HIS plan for me to be a working mom. I'm a teacher (a mom away from home to many) and I LOVE my job there, too. I know that if I could stay home I would, but for now I'm going to find the joy in teaching again.

As a side note, I will be returning to work after 6 months of maternity leave. I feel blessed to have had that time with my new daughter and 3 sons. Being a SAHM is HARD work. Being a working mom is HARD work. It often feels like people are always trying to label one as being harder than the other. I don't think that's true. There are bad days and good days in all that we do--whatever GOD's plan for us may be. And whether we work or stay home isn't indicative of the kind of mom we are.

Keisha Egbert

That is just what I needed to hear today! I've been stalking your blog for a while--you are so inspiring and by far my FAVORITE blog to read! Thank you!


thank you. i bet there are a lot of us SAHMs who needed that. you are a beautiful person, inside and out and God is using you for sure. blessings to you....


Thank you for sharing this!! i needed to hear those words on being a homemaker so much right now, particularly the part about how normal it is to have struggles...cause Lord knows i do. i want to let go and let God use my life for His purposes and it feels so good to read your words. have a happy day.
p.s. that pink house ad (?) is super cute!


Love you Meg! Such an inspiration!!!


It's nice to come here and take a deep breath. I'm so grateful that you use this platform to lift up our God. So, from one mom, with a small audience, to another mom with a huge audience, THANKS! You are making a difference... You are being a witness that most of us can't!


Thank you for posting this. It helps so much to be reminded, in the tired, frustrated, confused moments, just exactly why we're here. And that "our vision" is in God's hands--which means that it's a beautiful, exciting adventure!


Oh my. Ditto. I am constantly feeling like, really? God? You gave me these talents just to be a Mom? I am constantly searching for a next step. A blog? Don't have time to keep it up. A business? Homeschooling a 9 yr old & 6 yr old with a 2 yr old in tow, I barely have time to pee!
For now, I have time to be a Mom & create exactly the type of home you refer to - happy & wonderful with good memories. I have time for my husband who is brilliant & needs me to hold down the fort so he can be used mightily for God. I have time for my kids, who are growing up to be such awesome little people & are seeking God, JUST like I promised Him I'd raise them if He'd entrust them in my care. For now, the rest of the world will have to wait. THIS is what I've waited my whole life for & I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a SAHM.


WOW! You are such a great example of strength and humility. I love your blog and I love that you are who you are, no excuses. That's how I feel! Thank you for sharing.


Amen, Sister.

Lindsey@ PiecefullyHome

this was beautifully written...so many times I, too, forget that it's not about ME that it's all about HIM and what he wants to do in my family THROUGH me.

Kim Barlow

You ROCK! Thanks for giving me THAT awesome reminder!!!

rachael umstead

thanks for sharing that. made me cry. your faithfulness to your call inspires others.


So Excellent. Thank you.


Amen sister!


Meg, I smiled through your entire post. The ENTIRE post. Amen, amen, and amen! :)

p.s. If it's encouraging at all, reading your posts for the past year or so already told me all this stuff implicitly, but I think it's awesome that you said it all explicitly, too.

~Jacci in Ohio


That is a great moment, a great reminder. That all I do, all that I have is for him. I think your blog is a wonderful reflection of that. Sometimes we get caught up in greatness and what others think it is. When we should stop and think of how God views greatness. Being HIS! Oh, I'm going to get teary now.

Keep up His plan.
and now I want an icy Coke.

sara's art house

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a MOM is the greatest priviledge.... thanks for the reminder!


I would have been shaking too if I was put on the spot like that. Public speaking is my biggest fear!


From a child that was raised by a stay-at-home Mom, I can attest that having her attention and care and friendship made me the woman I am today!! Like you, all she ever wanted was to be a Mom...and through that, she knew she was doing His work. I'm 26 and married now, and my prayer is that God helps me be the same kind of mother to our future little ones that she was/is for me. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all that we're here to glorify Him!!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains

So wonderful, Meg. I hope you know that your love for the Lord shines through your blog every day, whether you're writing about Craft Thursday/Monday/Saturday, what shoes you're wearing, what your laundry room looks like or the new fabric you bought. He shines through you. Whether you knew it or not, you are already living your vision.

Flower Patch Farmgirl

You are such an artist and you look so pretty telling about your poster. ANd... I love and relate so much to what you shared. Rock on.


This is absolutely beautiful....I want so much to create the loving, careing home for my family. I need to put more into God's hands. Thanks for reminding me.


wow!!! you say it beautifully and your idea board is so reflective of you... nice. thanks from this mom!

Julie K

Amazing Megan! Holy Cow! Watching your journey. How did it get to this place?! And you're totaly using it for God's glory. Thank you for your example and your authentic and real desire to make it all about HIM. Thank you for being real. :)

Trina McNeilly

Thanks, Meg. I needed to read that. You're being a stay at home mom of 5 has reached so many people. And I think that is what really inspires and encourages others, at least me. I want to be the best stay at home mom and yet I want to have a really great blog and sometimes I find it really conflicting and I just shut down my blog and forget about it. But I know I'd regret it and I know somehow there is some purpose in it all, and I guess I'm not sure what that is yet. But I guess as for today I don't really need to know what that is. Just go about doing my everyday the best that I can. Anyhow, as always love you're blog and you're words. Big XO.


You're amazing.

My mom got me one of these...

If I could, I'd get you one. But I can't, so, I'll just have to write "Thank you".


very cool! i would love a few days to unwind and reflect...maybe when hubs gets home from afghanistan...


I love that vision!

Griswold Fun

Loved this! So inspiring to me!


I've been so curious to hear what you thought about your experience - would you love it and decide to delve more deeply into that kind of thing? Because you know, you are extraordinarily gifted and could succeed at all sorts of things professionally. But how marvelous that you're so grounded in who you are and you know exactly what you want/are meant to do. Thanks for sharing!!

Christine Ishmael

Thanks for the reminder Meg...I feel the same way...what's my plan? What is it, what is it...and then I remember...oh yeah...it's not about me...here is to serving the Lord in the best way we know how and to being home with our kidlins...I now am feeling very blessed and thankful...Happy Thanksgiving!


You make me want to be a better mom. But the great thing is, you make me sigh with relief that I AM a good mom and that we all mess up. I adore art and LOVE doing art projects with my boys, but you seem to be so organized about it. I aspire to have your energy and pass on my creativity to my boys (even though they are usually to hyper to sit and MAKE anything). xo Allison


great post Meg!

tara pollard pakosta

this was beautiful!
I feel you could speak for probably every mom in
the universe, well almost, with those words!

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