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I would spend it on my son's birthday!!!


I would buy myself an I-pod shuffle to run with because I have wanted one for about 6 months and haven't had the extra money to spend on "me". The rest I would use towards my son's birthday present in January.


If I won a $100 mastercard gift card, I would buy a really pretty pair of boots, and with the rest, I'd buy my boyfriend a new wallet because he is in desperate need of a new one!


I would buy myself some new clothes. I just had my second baby and my old wardrobe doesn't fit (or if it does fit it doesn't look so hot). :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Anna Marie

I would use it towards a baby crib for our little one that will be here in May.

Cynthia Leal

i will spend this $$ om my self, I need to treat my self after thinking of others before my self. This will be my Christmas gift.

Kim Bernhardt

I would buy my hubby a new pair of sunglasses to surprise him.


My birthday is Jan 5, I will be 29, the last of the twenties! Yikes! So I would definately spend it on myself, maybe a trendy shirt or a piece of funky jewerly, to remind myself that I am still young!


If I won a $100 gift card I would buy myself some new boots!


mmmm....probably clothing..maybe books...or electronics.


It sure would help purchase a Wii!

Melissa V.

I would buy some new clothes. I have been losing weight and I need some new ones.


I'd use it for.... a wii for me and my darling daughter. Or a house warming gift for my parents who had to move due to unfortunate circumstances :( or photography accessories for my Nikon... or a great dinner with friends -- SUSHI!!!


I would take my boyfriend out and we would spend it on a nice night out together. Maybe buy ourselves something since we had said no gifts this year :)


I would buy some new clothes!


if I win I don't know what I would buy...I would just be so excited to win

Marcie C.

I would use it to decorate my house!


I would put it toward Disney passes for the family!


my wonderful family got me a gift certificate for a photography session and we're having it done after the first of the year, so i'd definitely use it toward something cute to wear for that!


A new lens.......or at least *part* of one ;)

Natalie Soares

If I won $100 I would put it toward a new TV! I am still using my big box TV from 1995..LOL!

Happy Holidays! :)


If my name is picked I will immediately fork over the $100 to my cleaning lady, who is the second-dearest person in the world, second only to her hubby. They could SO use this!

April Brown

I would spend it on myself! I know, that sounds horrible. But seriously, I'm a single mom whose only presents under the tree were bought by ME (hello dollar bin at WalMart). I would love to buy something cool for myself without guilt. Oh, I'll still feel kinda guilty, but I'd tamp that down if I won. :)

Alice Nakles

I would buy a pocket sized carmera. I have a big carmera and love it but I hate dragging it places. So I would to have a small one.


I am a new 1st grade teacher (in a very inner city school), so I would buy things for my classroom...maybe a rocking chair or some awesome pillows for my library!


I would use it for a carseat/stroller for our baby girl who will be here in May!

Thank you for offering giveaways like these. I don't mind the ads at all!

Meredith Salmon

Not sure what I would buy, but it would be FOR ME, FROM ME (or Mastercard). It is not very often that I do that. Toiletries from the supermarket do not count.

Maria Quackenbush

oh my gosh. We are moving into our first house after years of apartments. There are a million things that we need! This would be so helpful!


i would spend it on a few things from my etsy favorites. so much cute in one place! Happy Christmas!

Angie M

I would buy my husband something for his birthday!

Valerie Alexander

Hmmm...So many things I could buy with $100.00. New shoes, clothes, etc. Most likely it would be new boots!! Love Boots!!:)


A baby gate...we are in the process of fostering/adopting some kiddos and have lots of stairs in our house!

amy jupin

this cranky pants wants a mastercard! :)
i would buy something from pb or maybe a new bench for the end of my bed. something NICE!


I would give it to Edie from LifeinGrace to maybe help a little bit after their house fire this week.

Amanda Larkins

I would love to splurge at Victoria's Secret if I won! :)

Diane Pierce

I would totally go on shopping spree for clothes! I'm still wearing stuff from 3 years ago. What a shame. :-(

Thank you for this awesome giveaway. We LOVE your blog. And we LOVE you ad blog too! :-)

Merry Christmas!!


Is it selfish to say I would buy something for ME? All our money goes towards bills, groceries, the boys, etc. For once I would like something just for ME! :)

Tess S

i'd put it towards camera gear.


How I Met Your Mother DVD's...just discovered this show and we LOVE it...hope I remember to get online before the 72 hours are up with traveling for the holidays....I'm sure I'll win. :o) We love to laugh at this house and some movies or TV dvd's would definitely be first on my list.


New Shoes!!! I am in need of some boots and maybe some red ballet shoes as well.


pretty clothes!


I'd use it for a new baby gift for my new granddaughter who is due to be born Jan 6~


I would use it toward an iPad -- something I want for my daughter to help her communicate as she is non-verbal.


I'd use it to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary at the end of the month!

Jen N.

I would spend it on my hubby who desperately needs some new clothes!


I need the card! :) I would buy lots and lots of Starbucks coffee...sad, but true!


good shampoo and conditioner for me (which is something that i never buy) and something for the rest of my family :)


I would buy new shoes for the new job I'm starting in January. Woo hoo!


At this moment, $100 would just help us survive until the next paycheck comes. Nothing exciting- just a trip to the grocery store!


I would save it for a rainy day when i just had to go to target cause i was bored and end up spending $100 on nothing in particular!


I would buy something really exciting like groceries. Or maybe camera stuff or clothes.


A mid winter supply of mittens, hats and scarves for the kids since they have lost most of them already!


I would put it towards a kitchen island/cart I've been eyeing at World Market.

Mindy Wise

clothes for my daughter. she's growing like a weed!!!!

Laura Mann

I would get some much wanted etsy goodness at Studio Mela! :-)

Allison Y.

New Running shoes for the new year!

Beth Ann

Baby clothes - we have kiddo #3 coming (SURPRISE!) and I have gotten rid of all of my baby clothes from the other 2. SO we have none. I know it isn't for myself, but it was ease some of my stress!


I would love to win because I think I would buy something for my husband or take us on a date.


I would purchase a stamping kit (the kind you stamp metal w/ to make jewelry w/). I've always wanted to try, but I'm so frugal, I can't make myself part w/ the $$.


I would put the 100 bucks straight into our date fund. For 2 years buying diapers have taken priority. We desperately need a few nice nights out!


I would buy myself the beautiful camera bag that I saw on Joy's Hope blog, in aqua of course!


I'm thinking a new comforter..or a kindle, if I don't get one for Xmas!

Jennifer O'Steen

i would take my best friend out for a spa day to relax after all of the holiday madness!

Elizabeth Highsmith

$100 yipee! these boots were made for walking....... as in shoes, shoes, shoes!

Kristin Joy

i'd get my nasty old kid-infested car detailed. crusty. sticky. embarassing. it needs a hundred dollar detail work :)


I would use the money for a new video camera that I have been wanting forever but am too cheap to buy :)


i would put it toward a new canon 50mm 1.4 lens!

Melissa Hermon

I would use it to buy baby bedding for our expected new addition!


i'd buy gas.


I too, would probably treat myself for once. It's been a tough year, and I just had my first baby, so I also could use new fitting clothes! Or some new house accessories.

LOVE your blog, Meg!!!

Emily Zucker

If I won, I would use it for dinner and (gasp!) movie out with the hubby. This would be a total splurge for us! :-)


I'd use $100 to buy books for next semester! I know, I live on the edge! ;)


I would buy curtains for my living room!


Well, my wish would not be too exciting. My husband has been out of work and has recently just went back. had a rough time money wise lately and I would probably just use it to buy groceries and things for the house like laundry detergent, toilet paper and things like that! See told you it was boring! anymore i'm just thankful if i have the basics!


I would love to spend it on a night out with my husband...or something we WANT vs. need...or pay the MD bills for trying to get pregnant!

Lorilee Peterson

I would probably buy something for my house. It seems like that kind of stuff always gets put on the backburner.

Tegan M.

I would go on a shopping spree at Amazon.com. And Etsy. Big trouble...

Jenny B.

I would buy a lens for my camera. A generous parent at school gave me a cash Christmas gift, so if I won the MasterCard, I would have the full amount I need to buy the one I want! I just read the comment before mine, though, and I think she should win it instead of me! I'm a 1st grade teacher, too, and I know it takes a LOT of your own money to get a classroom set up.

Jamie J

i would buy a new pair of jeans.


I would buy some new stuff for my house!! or donate it to my local church!


I would buy some tops from Target. I am in desperate need of cute mom tops :)


I would buy some maternity clothes, ahh, the clothes part isn't fun, but the new baby sure will be! :)


i'd probably be selfish and put it towards a kindle...i just want one so badly!


I would buy an outfit from J.Crew for New Years!

Hoosier at Heart

I would use the card to put towards a new washer and dryer at Sears. Mine are getting "scary" noisy.


Well, I would love to buy myself some new clothes, but I would probably end up being boring and practical and getting something we need...Ick to adulthood.


I would use it towards a camera..hoping for some good after Christmas sales!
Merry Christmas!


I would use it to pay on my insurance deductible from a rear end accident where the person who rear ended me had no insurance


Maternity Clothes!


I'd probably spend it on my 15 y/o daughter who would be thrilled to have $100 to spend on new clothes.


I would buy a new camera, mine broke, and I have 3 little girls, and I hate not having a camera to capture those precious moments!


Oh goodness!!! Soooo many things....but probably, I'd just give it to my Dad...because he could use it more than I could ;) Thanks Megan!!!!


Awesome! I'd buy an ipod shuffle and give my daughter my nano! Her's just stopped working and I would rather have a shuffle anyway for my running!


$100...free money?!? A washing machine! No, not a brand new one, just parts to fix ours that is 20 years old. Would be so nice not to have to worry about water leaking and cleaning it up every time I do our laundry. :)


Ummm...I would buy cool souvenirs when I take my daughter to Tallahassee to march in the Governor's Inauguration Parade!!!!

Heather K

A new light fixture for our Living Room!

ana hogan

If I had an extra $100, I would put it towards a sewing machine for myself. :)

Sugar Mama

I would probably buy groceries. Isn't that fun and exciting?!

tobi d

I would buy something for myself....maybe a massage?

Kristi Barrett

I'd probably buy myself and/or my hubby some new clothes and/or shoes. Our 3 girls tend to get all the clothes/shoes!

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