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We will definitely try this craft-- we were just trying to figure out a fun craft for our New Year's crowd. Perfect!

Our family tradition is making Christmas cookies with the kids. This year is was easy sugar cookies (pre-made because we have a new baby), but usually we make Chinese New Year cookies and other varieties for the neighbors and teachers. I'm all about having something in the freezer that tastes good-- quick and easy. Another great idea-- thanks!


Our family tradition is baking together!!!! Every year we make homemade gingerbread houses, our traditional cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, fudges, special k bars, and then we have to make gluten free versions for my brother-in-law -- no bakes, bars, cookies, breads... We also have our ornament tradition where every year we have to find a unique ornament for another member of the family that represents them.. Some of these are my favorite ornaments on the tree from Bronners where we all get ornaments with our names.. I love doing crafts with my many nieces and nephews and these range from making reindeer cookies-- which your kids would love as it involves food ;) ! homemade edible playdough and then they make ornaments, let them dry out on paper towel for a couple days and they are ready for the tree!! Thank for the new idea -- and Happy New Year!


Well, we used to do cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast, but my 3 year old has several food allergies (as does my now 4 month old) so we didn't do them this year :( Boo!

We've done gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies and a little of this and a little of that. Nothing seems to be a TRADITION.

I love the snowmen. I will do that with my 4 kiddos and everything but the chocolate bell is allergen free for us. I bet there's a gummy treat we can use instead. :)

Those snowmen would also be a great little activity to do with my class of first graders. I love that it's not Christmasy, so we could even do it when we go back to school in January!


I LOVE the snowmen! What a great idea. We like to bake cookies during the holidays. This year, my daughter took an active roll in cutting the cookies and decorating them. It was so much fun for us.

Amy James

When my kids were little, we did the usual gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies the week before Christmas. Our best memory is of me scolding them for eating the chocolate chip cookies as soon as they came out of the oven saying "if you kids keep eating those cookies, there wont be any left for the rest of us". They roared with laughter pointing at my face. As I went to the mirror to see what they were laughing at I couldnt help but laugh myself. I had warm melted chocolate all around my lips. I guess I was the one eating the warm cookies out of the oven. The kids still tell that story every single year and we still get hysterical with laughter.

Lynda@Me and My Pink Mixer

The snowman are so cute! Fruit by the Foot would be good for the scarf also. Baking cookies is our tradition in the kitchen and this year we tried cinnamon rolls too - yum!


We have so many traditions! We started a new one last year that we make waffles in the waffle iron with strawberries and whipped cream!


If you ask my children what holiday traditions our family has, the very first thing they will tell you about is our New Year's pizza party. Every new year since our oldest was 2 (he's 7 now), I place Captain Crunch cereal, Oreos, marshmallows, cheetos, a variety of candies, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, a variety of "normal" pizza toppings, and pizza sauce on the table. Each person gets a personal sized, pre-made, pizza round and then makes their pizza as they see fit! Some pizzas get cooked, others don't, as each child gets older they learn to make their pizza with more of the 'real' toppings and just eat the 'junk food' on the side, but it's always fun and is a great way to end the old year! And we play Rockband :)


At our house, we pick one new sweet every year to try making. (This year was peppermint bark.) Even if the kids don't like what we've made, they still get a second chance with Grandma. With her they make and decorate sugar cookies for Santa. Either way we are all hanging out together as we create in the kitchen.


Those are so cute, and look so tasty!! We don't have any traditions in the kitchen. I do want decorate cookies and gingerbread houses every year. I think my daughter will be able to get into it next year.

jodi @ back40life

so cute! we don't have any family kitchen traditions at the moment...probably mostly because the kids are 2 and 4, but definitely something we want to start. love this!


This year I did a craft FOR my girls - I bought blank notecards then stamped each set with a stamp that suited each girl - tied them up with a ribbon n put them in their stockings - so cute...would be a good teacher gift also...Happy New Year!


Every year, we make sausage balls, cheese wafers, orange balls and snack mix...We avoid actually "cooking" on Christmas day...we munch all day and relax! :0)

Getting married in 6 months...can't wait to start my own traditions...and I think these snowmen may be part of that tradition!


My girls and I always make crafts for their teacher gifts. This year we made snowmen with air dry clay, painted and glittered them. They turned out cute. Yours are too, love your blog!


those are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! weeeee....do advent? not super traditiony yet. yet.

Shelly foster

Yes! We always bake several types of cookies and package them up real cute to give away as gifts for friends, teachers and neighbors ! Thanks for the great snowman idea .... We will be sure to make these ! Adorable !

Tanya @ Life in 3D

Our tradition thus far is just to BE in the kitchen and experience as many fun and creative things that we can while the season obliges. This December it was really as if time stood still many afternoons with me and my two preschoolers. We thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas season.
IN LOVE with the snow~people cheesecake! AS IF...cutest ever :)


Every year the kids and I bake cookies. This year was tea-cakes that are simply sugar cookies decorated with pretty sanding sugars. My kids would love to make these snowmen!!


Yum! THose look cute! I think our biggest tradition is simply baking cookies together, then decorating them!


Decorating sugar cookies...simple, but so fun.


Cute! We don't do any baking, but every year we make graham cracker gingerbread houses similiar to yours.

kim york

Cute Cute..love all of you crafts(but do have a soft post for easy food treatd :)

We do gingerbread houses...

Amber B

We make a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas sometime during the day, this year my four year old was old enough to realize it was for him and comprenhend and asks me "Mom, how's he going to get the first piece?" I said hes not, he then tells me, "I'll eat the first one for him and just THINK about him" lol


Those are really CUTE....we decided after the blog world seemed to explode with TRADITIONS that our family tradition...is to have no regular ANYTHING...we're always changing up holidays and birthdays.

Meg B.

Our family traditions include making candies and sugar cookies with the kiddos and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. My grandmother was the cinnamon roll baker over the years and used many, many recipes, but they were always delicious. She always had with and without frosting and with and without raisins. She would bring them over in a 9X13 Tupperware container. We always served them warm with butter, sliced cheese and summer sausauge. I am now the cinnamon roll baker since she passed away in 2010, mine are good, but I'm still on the quest for a recipe "just like hers."

Anna Marie

Very cute! Our tradition is always in my Mom's kitchen (or Nana's kitchen). We always have at least one day every year around Christmas to make a TON of Christmas cookies. We go all out decorating them with a rainbow of icing colors and all kinds of different sprinkles. I always look forward to it!


My kids are still pretty little, but for the past two years they have liked making hot (warm) chocolate with me to take when we go to look at Christmas lights.


Love your snowmen and love Sara Lee products...they really are good store bought deserts.

I usually buy the ornament for each child that details something they did this year and since Lexi was in the Nutcracker I bought several of those ornaments. Went a little overboard but she will have all her ornaments for her tree when she gets married one day so it was ok.

We also do our gingerbread house on New Years Day since Christmas is so busy with traveling and just wanted to bring the New Year in right.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!


me and my mom have a cookie making party every year. it's fun now to be 25 and stilll doing it!

Christy B

Our family tradition is spending time together in the kitchen usually making gifts for others. It's the only time of year that we really all spend together baking and making things for other people which means that it is my favorite time of year since we are all together!

julie walters

When I was little my mom baked a ton of cookies and I remember begrudgingly decorating the sugar cookies! I definitely try to make it a lot more fun for my daughter when we decorate those cookies!


We have family dinners once a week, in which the kids get to plan the menu and prepare the food. Nothing too fancy, really, just a time for them to be together, and for us to enjoy a meal together. One of our favorites is "make your own pizza" night. And, of course, dessert is always included, usually something fun like cupcakes or brownie boats with ice cream!


We always make chocolate candy for Christmas, truffles, clusters, fudge, all very yummy!


Our family traditions include making Italian Pizzelle cookies (my husbands heritage) and Wiesbader Brot (my Germanic heritage). On the Sunday before Christmas, our family and the church youth group (I am the minister) deliver handmade gifts to the homebound of our church. It is wonderful for our elderly friends and an important learning time for the youth.


we always bake cookies. we did a gingerbread house one year and I thought that was going to become a yearly tradition but to keep my sanity I decided not to keep that one going, although since we never ate it, hot gluing it together may solve that problem because the decorating part was fun. I love this craft with the snowmen and Sara lee cheesecake..........another fun idea I will add to my craft/cookbook. Thanks!!!!


I don't have children, but my niece and nephew were over before Christmas and they helped me decorate sugar cookies that they could take home for Santa - I think they will need to come over every year to decorate cookies with me!


We always bake lots of goodies for our family and friends.....the recipes change year to year but the idea of giving is always the same....<3

Kirsten P

I make monkey bread every year for Christmas morning breakfast.
I used many recipes over the years until I found the perfect combination of ingredients. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Good.


What a cute idea! We like to make candies and cookies every holiday season to take out and share with friends and family. We started a new tradition of gingerbread house making now that my little guy is old enough to enjoy the process.


For the past few years our neighborhood kids get together to make gingerbread houses after the last day of school. It is a great messy time.

sara @ it's good to be queen

those snowmen are seriously cute! i would love to win! i do a lot of easy candy making with my young boys. they love it! they get to eat a little while we're baking so that's fun :)

Julie, momto7

We make at least 5 different types of cookies to deliver to the neighbors, and we also make gingerbread houses. Everyone loves food related crafts here too! :)


A few of our traditions is a family ornament/white elephant exchange on Christmas eve. it's always fun to see the different ones everyone brings!

colleen conner

We have lots of traditions! We have had a gingerbread party for my daughter and her friends every year since they were 3, they are now 10! Also, the week before Christmas each of my children has a friend over for what we call "pancakes and pjs". They come over early one morning for "fancy" pancakes, Christmas movies and lots of fun. We do lots of crafts throughout the season, bake lots of cookies and drink alot of eggnog! And most importantly celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday Jesus!


Making homemade ice cream...our favorite holiday flavor is candy cane!

We also make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake...with different layers to represent sin, forgiveness, our new life in Christ, etc.


Super cute!! I was not on the ball this year - but I have BIG plans for next year which include having the boys make the cookies they leave for Santa - and now I think we will make these super cute Snow Man Cheesecakes, too! The BEST crafts are the ones that can be eaten...and disappear, with no worries of where to "put" it :)


We have cinnamon buns every Christmas morning. Easy after kiddies have opened gifts an are starving! Thanks for the chance to win.

PS - the snowmen are too cute!



This is one of the crafts I have planned for my older YMCA YPlay kids in January (the snowmen) but wasn't sure what I was going to do for the hat. . .wonder if I can still find some of those bell candies?
My kids just love to be in the kitchen. . .yesterday it was an assembly line making pigs in a blanket. Some days I have patience for it, some days not. . .


it would take me an hour to type all the traditions we do as a family
but my favorite would be going to cut down the christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving with all 25 of us and then the great father in law hauls them all back in his truck and delivers each one to our homes and gets them all set up with his grandchildren...


Every Christmas I've been making (easy) cinnamon bread for family and neighbors. This year I was excited that both of my little girls could help! Your snowmen are really cute and the cheesecake looks yummy! Thanks for the chance to win.


baking cookies with mom and grandma!


My kids and I make gingerbread cookies every year together!

Lucylu ~

awwwwwwww... soooooo cute!

cassie o

i don't have kids yet, but i always feel like i should be printing all of this stuff from your blog to save for years from now when they're old enough to do this

promise you'll still be blogging in four-five years? :)

Shelly Primm

We make a birthday cake for Jesus and their uncle whose birthday is on the 24th. The girls get to decorate it anyway they want to so it has a lot of sprinkles! :)

Shelley Laming

super cute! One of our traditions is to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers + lots of candy. I am *so* stealing your hot glue gun idea next year! Next year I think we will also have to add some cute snow people to the houses. :)


My son and I started a new tradition this year. We made New Year's Eve cookies from a store bought roll of dough. Then we decorated them with they year or clocks with midnight using cake icing in a plastic baggie. He had fun and it was easy!


Our biggest tradition is to eat what our friends make! :) We prefer to use glitter and glue and pompoms in our crafting. . . but we do love to eat - this looks yummy!

Julianne Brimner

We always make cookies together....some years many varieties...some years our two standards...gingerbread cutouts and sugar cookies. This year we had fun including a young married couple from my husband's staff in on the sugar cookie baking and decorating. Great chance to share our sweets and get to know another family better.

Stacy H

We make TONS of cookies every year to sit out for Santa. So fun!
I love your crafts. We will have to try them!

Beth Ann

EATING. Lots and lots of unhealthy eating! And I am now suffering from it! (but it was oh so good while it lasted!)


We bake cookies on Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa. The kids have a blast, and I think we eat more dough than cookies get made! ;)

yelena leychik

Totally something I wana try... What I did was draw faces on the cake :-)
was a HIT!


My boys love to make salt dough ornaments and paint them. We also make cut out sugar cookies, and no bake cookies during Christmas time. I've learned how to make cooking with my kids fun and not just a big ol mess. We love Sara Lee cheese cake!!

Meghan B

Those are fun! And, you can't go wrong with cheesecake!
Each December my mom and I each choose a cookie recipe we want to try. We get together on a Sunday night and get to baking. When we're done we divvy up the batches and share them with our friends or coworkers. Its a fun way to be together and share something handmade for Christmas.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

OH, cute snowmen!

We bake cookies every year with Artsy Aunt Margaret and Great Grandma White. It's the rules. Sugar cookies. Icing. Red Hots. Hershey Kisses {for me}. Amen.


I've been trying to start family baking traditions, but with a 3 yrd old and a 7 month old this year was a little tricky. We made fudge and people chow, and my 3 yr old loved shaking it all up. She said it was like a giant snowglobe!

Lucylu ~

super cute!!!!!!!!!

our family tradition is getting our tree the day AFTER thanksgiving but we missed that this year and got it like a few days before Christmas (its not my fault!)...


My family tradition is baking too. Just doesn't taste like Christmas without some baking...my must have item, if only one thing can get made, is cranberry orange bread. My third grade teacher gave me the recipe and I've made it every year since (and that's a lot of years considering I'm now in my thirties!). Its awesome! :)

Carol S.

We don't do a ton of baking, but we love making green cornflake wreath cookies, and lots of chex mix too. That dessert looks like something everyone at my house would love!

Sandra DeTerra

Baking pecan pies and cooking a batch of fudge and a batch of New Orleans Pralines are traditional activities in my kitchen with my 3 kids...now young adults; we do this every Christmas. My mom taught me how to make pralines ages ago, and now my 3 are teaching their families how to carry on this tradition.


Our favorite Christmas tradition in the kitchen is baking gingerbread men cookies... we bake dozens of cookies up in the days before Christmas and everything is ready for cookie decorating on Christmas day!


We make sugar cookies and spend hours decorating them. I don't have kids yet, but my mom and sister in law still enjoy getting together for some baking.


Baking spritz and sugar cookies with my mom and decoating them...love it!Now I am happy to share the tradition with my son (and someday daughter,too when she gets a bit bigger!).

Rachael B

Every Christmas, my mom makes fudge and rocky road... Though us kids would LOVE to think we help, we really don't. But my mom never fails to call us all into the kitchen once she is done so we each can lick our own bowl clean and she usually takes the mixing spoon. It is the best tradition and we always end up laughing about who had more in their bowl :)


Cute, cute, cute. I definitely will make these sometime in January. Our favorite food tradition is a special "cookie day" when we all get together to bake and decorate cookies. Yummy!


We open presents and eat lots of finger foods on christmas eve.

Kara Tait

Family tradition that we have in the kitchen for the Holidays is making all different types of cookies.

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