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Jennifer O'Steen

I seriously miss making those little mailboxes at school and then passing out valentines to all of my classmates

Sheridan Eketone

My most favourite valentines pressie was a gorgeous hand picked rose from my boyfriend (now hubbie) along with a gorgeous handwritten note. The rose.. I think he picked from someones garden & the note... heh.. just pen & paper. So simple, but so thoughtful & funnily enough.. the most memorable!


This lady is crazy talented! LOVE her creations! My favorite valentine's gift was a Coach purse from my husband. NOT because it was a Coach purse because I had never really wished for one but because of what he told me. He said that I deserved it. All I could think was that I could get 20 purses at TJ MAxx with the money he had spent on that one purse! SO, the best gift really was the words- "You deserve it." I am truly blessed.:) Lori


my dad used to make a card for me at work with highlighters {i thought they were so cool -- the neon colors} and he would always bring it home and make a big production out of me being his valentine. very cute.


Stuffed brown monkey about 6 years old kept him until his tail fell off and his felt face was no more :(


I still wear the dough hearts my kids made-love them!


I LOVE Lisa's jewelry and still don't have any! My favorite Valentine's gift was my engagement ring from my precious husband 25 years ago. He gave me a gift bag of goodies with the velvet box at the bottom. When he got down on one knee, I thought I would faint. I was so surprised and thrilled! ♥


When my husband and I were dating in college we decided to make our Valentine's gifts instead of buying them. He made me a homemade box of chocolates complete with lopsided heart box. It was perfect!


My husband and I were going to go for a matinee movie on Valentine's Day right after my 35-week ob-gyn appointment...we instead were sent to the hospital, and my first daughter was born shortly thereafter. Best. Gift. Ever.

Lori Danelle

Love her jewelry!! I could own every piece & be completely satisfied. :)

I remember one year my mom got my brother & I these crazy giant helium balloons. They were giant red blob things with super big eyes. Mostly, they were eyes. Giant blobs with eyes. :)

I'm sure they said something cheesy like "I only have eyes for you" but I thought that balloon was the coolest!


Feb. 14th, 1982 was my first Valentine with my future hubby. We had been dating a week. He brought me a small acrylic heart sitting at an angle with an opening for flowers. It had 3 small yellow roses. He didn't even know that I hated all roses except yellow ones. We got engaged 3 weeks after that Valentines day. In 2007 he found it in the basement...I used to always have it out and then it became "lost". Well he found it and with the help of his "work wife", a good family friend, went into a Hobby Lobby and found new flowers for it. It sits in my kitchen now. Hmmmm, not sure which year was my best...25 years apart. We normally don't do Valentines Day stuff....but those two days are melted together in my mind as far as I'm concerned.


I have only had one Valentine's Day Gift so it obviously wins!! My host family gave me a big heart shaped box filled with chocolate. I was so homesick that it was a really lovely gesture!


the jewelry is beautiful & being able to personalize it makes it so special. i was engaged on valentine's day in 2003, just before my husband was set to deploy. best ever valentine's day for me.

Jenni Carlisle

In 2006, my hubby and I went to India for a Mission Trip with our best friends. The only time that worked was the week of Valentine's Day, my hubby's bday, & my best friend Chic's bday. The boys surprised us on Vday with a pedicure, manicure, & massage. It was the perfect gift to spend the time together in a country that has captivated our hearts so much and with our very best friends.


All throughout middle and high school, the cheerleaders sold carnations for valentine's day. I always got so excited whenever they would come into class and call my name. The best ones came from my 8th grade boyfriend, Zack (even though I broke up with him the very next day:)


My favourite valentines was a sweet necklace from my neighbour Paul (when we were 8) of a boy and girl kissing and they both have their hands behind their backs and the girl has her foot in the air. I loved it and remember it soooo vividly, the best present ever!!!


A couple of years ago I received my first 'Mommy' valentine card from my newborn son via my husband. It was the first holiday card I'd received as a new parent and although the card and the verse were simple, the meaning behind it was so extraordinary. I still can't believe I am a mom to someone!


oh i would love love love to get something for my BFF who just had a baby girl! my favourite valentine's day was in thailand where they go super over the top with all the cheesy stuff. this year i am baking heart cookies for all the grinches in my office who WILL cheer up!!

Mary Beth

Last year, my hubby bought me a tiny little piece of software.....and said it would be my FAVORITE present of all time. Turns out, it was! That software made it so I could access the internet EVEN IN THE CAR!!!! I LOVE using my computer in the car when we go on trips. It WAS my favorite gift!!!


My best Valentine's gift, hands down, was from a guy friend in college named Chris. He and another guy and I were basically inseparable freshman year (we all lived in the same dorm). They were my best friends. Our dorm had made big plans for Valentine's Day night, with the guys hall inviting the girls hall out to dinner in the big city an hour away. Chris and I could go, but the other guy friend couldn't, and I was strangely bummed about it. I wound up going anyway, but didn't have much fun that evening.

From that night on, Chris knew something was different. A few days later, he confronted me- did I like our friend? I was terrified to answer, so scared of wrecking this central friendship in my life. That hesitation told him everything he needed to know. He then went and confronted our friend, who basically gave him the same response. Thanks to this little back-and-forth, our friend (who was very cute, but very shy) eventually worked up the courage to ask me out.

I said yes.

It was February 21, exactly a week after Valentine's Day, almost 10 years ago. Needless to say, we fell in love, and the rest is history. By forcing me and my now-husband to confront our feelings for each other and override the fear of losing our friendship, Chris gave us both the best Valentine's Day gift EVER! We were honored to have him be a groomsman at our wedding 4 years later. :)


The best gift i recieved was probably the handmade card my boyfriend did for me, it was really sweet that he went to the trouble of making it for me.

Tracey Garcia

I think my fave has to be from my oldest son when he was about 6. He had gone to one of those "parent night out" events that church groups, etc host and he came home with this red doily that he had glued ric rac and beads and other treasures to--in the middle he had written "I love you so much mom" I still have it tucked away in a drawer! :)

Lisa B

Our first year dating my husband ordered a giant basket with a huge hot air balloon attached to it. Inside was a card, chocolates, and the cutest bear wearing a red sweater with white heart that I still have. That is my favorite present I've ever received.


Hi Meg!

On your first Valentines day, my OH suprised me by turning his bedroom into a beautiful love nest. We didn't have enough money to do something fancy shmanzy so....He cut out about 100 hearts out of red paper and stuck them all over the walls and ceiling. He got out some xmas lights and managed to create an 'i love you' out of fairy lights on his wall. He played the most romantic songs. He put rose petals on his bed AND he hid lots of chocolates,a teddy and other pressies all over the room. I literally burst into tears as I was so overwhelmed...such a sweetie!

Gemma x

[email protected]


I love the My Heart is Full necklace. So true. My husband and i have 4 kids and every day we feel so blessed. We always do little prizes for each other, regardless of whether or not it is a holiday! For e kids too!


I think my favorite Valentine's gift ever must be the pink PJs my kids and hubby got me a few years ago. So comfy!

Holly Bodner

My favorite Valentine's gift ever was the $50 Starbuck's card my son bought me with his own hard~earned money from his first job @ 16. More importantly, it was the card he MADE me that brought tears to my eyes. The Starbuck's card was sweet and thoughtful and wayyy too much money, but it spoke volumes about how much he thought of me...the handmade card spoke volumes about how much he LOVES me, and is one of those things I cherish, and will keep taped to my wall, forever!!! I look at that card and smile, every day!!! :)


I remember every year when I was little my dad would order me flowers for me on valentines day and I always kinda thought it was silly but then when I was 12 they got divorced and I stopped getting them and then I realized how much it really did mean to me..


We don't tend to do the big valentines thing here in Aus.
Probably just the words, so beautifully written in a card from my gorgeous hubby and 4 kids.
I LOVE Lisa's jewellery though and have been wanting a piece for ages, so I would love to win this.




My husband (future husband at that time) wrote a letter for me. It was very warm and full of very preasures whishes for us both. The letter went through the mail :) And all his writings got real for now and are running around the house :)))))


I would LOVE one of her pieces!!
My fav v day was last year. My husband gave me the entire day off - from sunrise to sunset. It was awesome!! My kids kept calling me through the day while I was out shopping to say they missed me. That was cool. :)

Lisa O

i had a boy liked me in like 3rd grade and he bought me a small ceramic bear and gave it to me on V-day! and the best part? we talked over facebook the other month and we BOTH remembered :)


Honestly, it would be whatever my young kids make for me! The look of excitement on their proud little faces...I love that! And winning would definately warm me up-hehe

Kathy A

My youngest son was born on Valentine's day. The perfect gift!!


My favorite valentine's day gift has to be my engagement ring!! I was engaged on V-day in 2004. It was always a sweet day, but now it is extra special because we got engaged that day. :)

I love Lisa Leonard's designs too. I think I'd get my husband's name and mine.


One of my favorites was getting my cat Tucker : )


a proposal. to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.
i said yes!
(he proposed with a ring that he had fashioned from a ...... paperclip. how could i say no?)

thanks for the chance to win x

Nancy Peterson

I think that my favorite was roses that I received during college. It was from a friend and for some reason it just made me giddy that he would give me flowers for Valentines.


Love Lisa's stuff! As I sir here trying to think about the best gift, not a whole lot comes to mind. It is usually a low key kind of holiday for us. We usually go to dinner and I am a sucker for a card with a love note inside :)


My favorite gift was a necklace that my husband and son picked out together for me. Normally, I pick out my own jewelry and then tell my husband, "This would be a nice gift for...", but this time they picked it out on their own. Very sweet! :)


My sisters and I always got a pair of flip flops for V-day as kids. It always reminded me that spring was coming!


My 8 year anniversary was yesterday--we always celebrate our anniversary and Valentine's day together. Last year, I had to be out of town on our anniversary, but, when I got home, he had flowers and a giant cookie cake waiting for me--my 2 favorites. Nothing big, just the though he put into it.


My favorite valentine's day was when my husband tried his hand at chocolate molten cakes to surprise me when I got home from work. I was floored that he tried that and amazed at the disaster he created in the kitchen! He never bakes anything ever so this was a big, funny surprise!

Amanda Angert

Hmmm, I think my favorite was a beautiful Tiffany bracelet from my husband. I had admired my friend's bracelet and he remembered :)


my husband would write me beautiful letters in his valentine cards..

Southern Gal

I remember the first Valentine's Day my future husband and I spent together. He brought me a sweet card, a pink rose and some candy. I don't know why that sticks out in my mind so much, but it does. We were only 14 and 16 at the time...

Love Lisa's jewelry. Thanks for the chance!


In our house we don't do much for Valentines day since our anniversary is the following week, but a few years ago my husband suprised me by sending me flowers on Valentines Day because he knew I would never be expecting it. I think the suprise was my favorite part!


when i was in 5th grade my very first boyfriend gave me a Brach's heart-shaped box of candy. it was my very first heartshaped b0x of candy...i was so proud of it, so nervous to bring it home as I knew EVERYONE in my family would tease me (i am the youngest of 5 kids). i think the boy and i "broke up" a few days later....the stress of a boyfriend in 5th grade was just too much for me!!

i still remember the day I got it though!


My husband gives me a book of poetry every year for Valentine's Day. I love all of them!
Great giveaway!


When we were dating my husband gave me a copy of the movie Babe, which I love to this day. He also gave me a copy of the Star Wars soundtrack which I have teased him for mercilessly since. Perhaps the least romantic gift ever!

Jenn baker

My unromantic husband who hates valentines day, planned a secret catered dinner by the lake one feb 14 a couple of years ago! It was the lake where we fed the ducks for a first date and he also proposed to me there!

I have been wanting that tree stump necklace for months...


My husband (then fiancé) was deployed and although it's cliche, the flowers he sent were the most beautiful I'd ever seen. :)


Back in elementary school a BF gave me Exlamation perfume...I always remember that one! It was such a big deal to a 10 year old!


Feb 14, 1984 - favorite Valentine's Day present ever...our first child was born...our son Jeremy!


my parents' anniversary is on valentine's day and we are a blended family. they told us it was ALL of our anniversaries and used to give us those huge hershey kisses and a card. always the first thing i'd see when i'd come down for breakfast in the morning. loved it.


I don't really remember a V-day gift that sticks with me but I LOVE putting a special V-day treat in my kids' lunches every year and hope someday THEY remember that!


My best valentine, besides the HUGE Hershey kiss my mom gave me every year (and that I give to my own kids now) is the Valentine my husband gave me the week after my first baby was born. I was TIRED, hormonal, and generally overwhelmed and he bought a dinner for two from the caterer I worked for and we ate it on the coffee table while watching tv. It was bliss. I don't even remember what we had (although there WAS chocolate and creme brulee) but I do remember how taken care of I felt.


I guess because I am kind of young I haven't really had a gift that sticks, I'm sure I will in the near future though ;).


A scavenger hunt from my husband with various gifts at each find. It was one of the most thoughtful presents I have received.


My husband surprised me with a gift from Tiffany's :) He's a keeper!

Tracey @7294cottageway.blogspot

Welll this is not MY fav. gift but it is a fav. V-Day memory. Every year since I can remember my mom has made my dad a heart shaped meatloaf (his favorite dinner) and then she covers it in ketchup...almost 50 years later ans she is still making it...so sweet...and now guess what I make...yup. Hope I win!


My best Valentine gift was an ENGAGEMENT RING!


certificate for my first spa pedi from my honey


I will never forget the year my husband sent a barbershop quartet to sing to me at the preschool where I teach! It was such a surprise, and the kids loved it too!


My alltime favorite Vday present was when my hubby took one of my favorite quotes (Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away) Framed it in a big frame with lots of little frames around the edge and filled them with favorite photos of our then 2 girls. He even stamped there handprints and footprints in the frames too with pink and purple:) when our 3rd daughter arrived
. He added to the frame with two seperate frames to hang next to it with her pics and hand/foot prints...I get teary just thinking about how much thought he put into it!

Angie M

I remember a t-shirt in the 70's...You know the iron on shiny transfer kind.....3/4 red sleeves with Pink Panther on the front and my name on the back.....SO COOL!

Jennifer B

When I was in Junior High, the school had Val-o-grams. I always loved getting one from a secret admirer (even though I knew it was probably from friends). Now I love the cards & gifts my daughter makes for me each year!!


My favorite gift was a night out to eat and then to see a play by my then boyfriend, but soon-to-be husband.


Is it bad that I can't remember Valentine's Day with my fiance? I know we usually do something special, but our anniversary is very close to Valentine's Day, so I'll just explain the gift he got me for our first anniversary: a glass rose that sits on a mirror. He explained in great detail how our love for one another and our relationship is like the rose and the mirror. It was so creative and sweet! I'll never forget it!

Amy Lynne

My favorite valentine's day gift was coming out to my car at school and seeing that my husband had decorated it and left me a bouquet of flowers on my seat. It was awesome and I was so surprised because he had pretended to go to work when he had actually taken the day off! He had been planning it for a while :)


No gifts stuck with me...but I do enjoy doing fun things around the house for the kiddos! One year I made homemade English muffin pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni. My 8 year old still remembers that.

I would so love to have the tree or the my heart is full....love her stuff!!!!!


My memorable valentine came when i was in 6th grade. My mom gave me little teddy bear earrings for my newly pierced ears. They were so cute and so unexpected I always remember that Valentine's Day.

cassie o

in college, my husband gave me these mini boyds bears holding hands. so precious. their joints make their limbs floppy and they're just too cute!


Three years ago I was going through chemotherapy and a group of friends sent me an "Edible Bouquet" for Valentines day. After dinner that evening my 2 children and husband sat it in the middle of the table and enjoyed every last chocolate covered strawberry, grape, pineapple and talked of how grateful we were for the family and friends that supported us through a difficult time.

anna cordes

i got the barbie parrot when i was like 9. you could change out the wings for different colors and there was even a silk drape for its cage. :)

Robin Allen

19 years ago on Feb 15th Mr. A...said I do, I will, til death, to honor, to cherish, when sick or well, with money or without, laugh with, cry with, dance and hold, love her....he Loves me....:)


The hubster and I don't really celebrate V-Day (I'm actually cool with not celebrating it). So, for my fav gift I have to think way back. I was teaching preschool at a daycare after high school and my dad surprised me with a dozen red roses. It was sweet. My dad rocks.


My favorite Valentines gift from my now hubby was on our first Valentines as a couple he bought me TWO dozen Martha Stewart pink roses!! Prettiest roses ever...of course! He knew how much I loved all things Martha! :)


Really good chocolate - it's always chocolate!


Love Lisa's designs!!! I remember getting a card from my mom and dad that stood up and had some fuzzy hearts on it. I still have it :)


One of my favorite valentine memory is when I was about 7 years old and my mom gave me a manicure set!! I LOVED it!!!

Kim K.

My favorite gift from Valentine's Day was a bouquet of roses from my then boyfriend, now husband. They were the first roses I had ever received (in pink, my favorite color).


my favorite gift were flowers from my dad.

Gina in Louisville

My mom sent me tulips when I was a freshman at Auburn University. I still have the vase. Best, ever.


My Mother used to give us "fun" gifts.....I got a big bottle of pink bubble bath....and a Chunky candy bar....does anyone remember those?

Nancy from the Chicago 'burbs

My then boyfriend, now husband, gave me a beautiful Swavorski bracelet the first year we were dating.

Kirsten P

One year my husband personally delivered a vase of red roses to my place of work.


In college, even though neither of us had $$, my husband (then fiance) bought me a dozen yellow roses (my fave's) and a Led Zepplin CD. It was so special because I knew he had sacrificed for it to get me 2 things I would truly love.

Karla Schaitberger

I met my husband a couple days after Valentine's Day! I think that was a great gift.


Tomatoes. It sounds crazy, but the year we got married I said in a casual conversation with my husband to be (over BLTs for dinner) "I LOVE tomatoes more than ANYTHING in the world". So for Valentines day I got BASKETS of tomatoes.... red, green, yellow, heirloom and even a tomato plant. It was so thoughtful, and unique and I knew then that I was marrying "Mr. Right".

Mary Beth

My favorite gift has to be the first Valentine's Day my husband and I were together. He gave me a yo-yo! Not real romantic, but I do still have that yo-yo!


Best Valentine's Day gift was my fondue pot from my husband. On Valentine's Day we have Family Fun Fondue each year. I love the tradition and my kids always look forward to it!


Oooh...easy! Handmade cards from my kids.
I just adore them!
The beginning writing and drawing stages where they confess their love...it just melts my heart!


My husband makes me a card each year that I find so heartwarming--plus, they usually make me laugh. awesome!

thanks :)


My mom also gave me my best Valentine's day gift ever. My sophomore year of college, she gave me a great care package filled with magazines, giftcards, candy, and prepaid phone cards to call my friend who had just transferred schools. SO thoughtful!


My mother recently gave me my baby book. She had faithfully written all my first milestones in it. For my first Valentines day, she tells me my daddy gave me a lion that had a fuzzy tail. There is a picture of me playing with it. I have on a little dress and a diaper cover with ruffles on my bottom. It is a very sweet picture of me and my daddy, my first valentine.

Kimberlee J.

A dinner he made on Valentines Day...after the kids went to bed. Heaven.


My son made a bookmark in Boy Scouts that has a picture on it that we can't figure out what it is! (sorry, bad sentance structure there). But I use it all the time and love it. :)

Adrienne S

My husband took me to dinner and ice-skating at an outdoor rink in our town. The rink is in the center of downtown. It was a great night. The best gift! He took care of getting a babysitter and making reservations. That to me is the best "gift"!

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