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I am slowly becoming a sports mom. My daughter is my oldest and she has only played a few seasons, but my son is now of age. He has played basketball and is now getting ready for baseball. I am slowly beginning to realize that I will be at a game pretty much every Saturday (once he starts football or soccer) for probably 12 more years! It is fun though! Would love to win the giftcard!


I'm finally going to be a "sports mom" & pretty excited about it. My son starts soccer next week!


I've been through t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer & volleyball with my two children. Now they are grown and I miss it. Love the Gatorade though.

Gina in Louisville

I am such a sports mom. When it gets overwhelming, I just think about how my boys will be gone form our home in a couple of years. I've been doing this for so long, I don't know what I will do when I'm not a sports mom anymore.

I love the changing sports season because then I get to hang out with different sports moms. We are full on into baseball and with 2 teenage boys, that means games every day and lots of laundry.

susan ponder

SOCCER! Oh, and BASKETBALL! They overlap some. My two kids' soccer practices and games overlap some. I spend a lot of time in the car, pulling up to curbs and getting balls, coolers, water bottles, chairs, blankets and sometimes umbrellas out of the back of the van. I wasn't so sure about all of it at first. But three years into it and I'm hooked!

Valerie Alexander

I am not a sports mom yet since my little guy is not yet 3 although he does love all kinds of sports. We play a lot at home! But I am a sports aunt and love spending time at the field or gym watching my nices and nephews play!! Can't wait til I can go watch my son play!


I was a sports mom for a couple seasons...then, like you mentioned, I started disliking it since I was dragging babies.
That's gonna change next season though! I can't wait to be at the field or gym watching my boys excel at what they love!!!!

Jen Brandt

I officially became a "sports mom" two weeks ago when my oldest daughter started soccer. She came running off the field at the end of her first practice and said, "That was AWESOME!" :)


I've been a sports mom for the last 13 years....basketball, volleyball, softball, and baseball are all sports my kids have played over the years. Now, only my two youngest boys (10 and 12) play baseball and I have to say it's my favorite sport to watch them play.


I'm totally NOT a sports mom, but not by choice... we're just more of a music family. BUT, my daughter just started tennis last week, and she loves it, and I love that she loves it. Plus, I'm a big exerciser and I'm in desperate need of new workout clothes. This card may come in handy!


With 9&10 year age differences between my oldest and two youngest, I too was a baby toting sports mom and now LOVE it that the little girls who are now 4&5 have started there own sports!! Soccer, field hockey and basketball sports mom here!!


When my kids were younger I was a sports mom and loved it! I was always sad when a season was over...the other families on the team had turned into friends. Now my son is a Tai Kwon Do fanatic and there isn't room for parents to stay and watch...I guess they figured studio space is more important and I agree!

Holly Stanfield

I am a sports wife and sister, too! We love blue Gatorade, especially during baseball season. :)


I see "sports mom" in my future, and not sure how I'm going to handle it! I think I'll probably get too involved in the game and get all worked up! I'll have to learn to control myself! :)

Laura A

I am a soccer mom and I LOVE every minute of it! =)

deb meyers

i will be a sports mom next fall! This is new for us.


deb meyers


With two boys it's almost inevitable. :) Since it's the way I grew up, I'm looking forward to it! This is the first Spring where both boys are playing baseball - pee wee t-ball for the 4 year old, and Coach pitch baseball for the 7 y/o. So fun!


we love sports! soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, irish dance,... we have one rule though, NO sports on sunday!


Not a sports mom yet! But I am one in trying I have the right van for it. But in all seriousness I am a sports Aunt I go to every game niece has, she involved in all sorts of sports. I am the mom bringing my screaming, restless bored kids to her games..lol


oops I can't spell I meant I am one in training..whew.


My boys mainly play soccer and shoot .22 rifles in shooting sports. They are also interested in basketball and track, but they don't have teams at their level.

Lisa Q

I'm a sports mom too...that's just what we do. Right now it's baseball and basketball. I feel so blessed to get to watch my kids...they are just amazing.

Nicole Q.

I'd say I'm a "sports mom" but i know this is only the beginning. So far it's baseball/ tball / and basketball but with three boys I'm sure the list will only grow. I love it and we do love gatorade! My kids even pack it for school lunches!


I have camped out for a few sports for my son...but lately it has been for basketball....its really nice to be inside when its cold and rainy outside!!! :)



I am a Sport's Mom and Wife! My husband coaches a high school soccer team and plays in an adult league. Both my children play spring and fall soccer. And now that my son is in middle school, and just made the 7th grade squad, we are adding that to our already busy schedule. Needless to say, we have plenty of Gatorade stocked at our house. The clear one (Rain?) is my favorite for obvious reasons, but my kids like the blue one!


I am a sports mom! Soccer is our life come fall and spring and this year we added a winter season. I love watching my kids play!


i have a couple more years before i'm a sports mom. I'm excited to be one!


I am a sports mom too! Have been for 5 years now. My son started playing soccer when he was 4. Played that for four seasons and has now moved to football. They have two seasons a year, January-April and August-November. My daughter has done soccer, dance and now gymnastics. I love it too, but I must admit, I don't enjoy taking my 2 year old!


We are enjoying basketball with our daughter and baseball with our son right now. Good times! And the boys on the baseball team love the blue Gatorade!


I am just now getting into sports mom territory and I have a baby and a four year old so its not the most fun yet but I can see the potential!


My oldest son doesn't like sports, but my second one loves them: soccer, tae kwon do, baseball, and basketball. My other two are too little for sports, but already showing interest in them!


I am just beginning to be a sports mom. My son is in soccer and my daughter will be able to play soccer in the fall. Also, my son will play T-ball for the first time this summmer. I am proud to be a sports mom. I love it and love that my kids enjoy the fun of the game and the attention from family and friends. It is great!

Jen N.

I'm not a sports mom as I don't have any kids yet, but I always keep my hubby stocked in Gatorade for his running (and he drinks it like crazy in the summer while doing yard work).


I am a just now a second year sports mom and I already love it. My little guy hasn't started yet, he really just wants to drive a firetruck. We LOVE gatorade at our house...and Dicks Sporting Goods.


My daughter (age 11) has started soccer for the first time this year and is loving it. She has finally gotten past some of the drama of her asthma and I am thankful she is active. My son (age 5) has started Karate/TaeKwanDo and is loving it enough to clean up his toys to be able to go! He cheeses the whole time, even in his guard stance.

Jessica B.

Definite sports mom here!! Great giveaway!

Jennifer Chappell Deckert

How are the winners picked? Do you have to draw randomly or does the computer pick? Anyway, here goes...but only because I am a sports mom too. (not to mention sports wife)


I have three boys that play football....1 in high school, 1 middle and 1 grade school. That is A LOT of football. And for the icing on the cake, my husband is a high school football coach at the RIVAL high school that my oldest goes to. Late summer and fall, I'm basically a single mother to my young daughter who is three. It's crazy but it's a way of life and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I have spent time in the gym during gymnastics practice, but that sport fell to the wayside once Christen discovered soccer. So I spend most of my free time at the soccer field. I am secretary of the school's soccer booster club, and this takes up the rest of my spare time. Christen LOVES soccer and has even competed in the World Youth Soccer Cup. She has taken up another sport, one I never knew existed: Air Pistol. Not as fun for a spectator. But she loves it!


I am a sports mom. getting ready for baseball season tomorrow. in the middle of track season and preparation for football in the fall. it would be lots of fun to win the dick's gift card. i am sure we would spend it on shoes!

Shelly foster

SOCCER !! ...and I love every single minute of it :)

Sara's art house

Cute pics:) we have done tee ball and soccer and ballet (is that a sport?) my oldest starts flag football soon. I an excited about that....and maybe I'll finally understand that sport?! My gave was tee ball when they were so little :)

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

You know . . . I guess I am a sports mom!! My kids have always gravitated towards the non-traditional things like Tae Kwon Do and Curling (yes, curling!!) but lately they've also gotten into football and cheerleading, too! So, yes, I guess I've spent plenty of time watching them in their athletic endeavors! :-) Definitely plenty of opportunity for those Proud Mama moments!

Shannon Kirtley

I am just about to become a sports Mom! My son is turning 4 on Monday and starts soccer on Tuesday! He is so excited and I have to admitt, I think I am just as excited for him!


my 5 year old just started Soccer last fall.......love to watch!


2 kids ages 12 and 7
12- year old plays Soccer, Basketball (Travel and Jr High), runs track and also voice lessons!

7 year old- Soccer, Baketball, Baseball (Allstars and Youth)

So I depend on Gatorade to keep them hydrated during the heat of summer. I think I have spent enough on Gatorade over the years to send them both to college!
I am looking forward to many more years of sports!


I'm a mom who plays sports, so for the past 5 years I've been dragging the stroller and babies to my softball games (and my husbands). My daughter was 2 weeks old at her first visit to the softball field. We are on the cusp of the now 5 year old joining her own teams, and I couldn't be more excited!

Cate O'Malley

I am a proud Gatorade-toting soccer mom. In fact, the Spring registration is due today, to avoid the late fee, and this year, I am determined to avoid the late fee!


tennis, ballet, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, skiing...just to name a few!!! they want to do it all!!!


I became a "Sports Mom" after being a "Sports Wife". I went from college football and power lifting to Moto Cross, Super Cross, Baseball, Martial Arts, Freestyle Wrestling, Football and Greco Roman Wrestling. And this is just one kid! And dad coaches in most of these sports! We have Gatorade lining the garage wall all year long and we LIVE at Dick's -- there is always something we "NEED". I wouldn't trade all of the bleacher butt that is a side effect of being a "Sports Mom" for all the money in the world!


i too, have been a sport mom for a looooonnnnnggggg time. i agree with your thoughts. what's difficult is when your kid try-out for baseball his sophomore year of high school and is cut. now what? meanwhile we will sit, and stand, and clap and cheer for our youngest at all his baseball games this season. 45 games. play ball. :)

Dana D@BoysMyJoys

Baseball Mom!
But next year, I have one child proclaiming that I can add Football Mom to my title!


My oldest is in basketball for the first time and baseball. The youngest does a fun little gym class. My favorite part is FINALLY being the mom who gets to just sit and watch! I always envied those moms!


Not a sports mom yet, but I'd love to win.


I'm not a sports mom, but my family was a sports family and I loved it so much! My dad coached our basketball teams, and we also did swimming, soccer, cheer leading, flag football, golf and lacrosse. Now I am a sports sister, camping out on Saturdays to watch my youngest bro beat it out in lacrosse. I hope that when I have a family we are a sports fam...I may have to force my children into it until they like it...kidding...not really.

Sugar Mama

Love being a sports mom too! My husband is the coach of my sons' club soccer team... so that means we travel and spend weekends in other small Nebraska towns. SO much fun! Oldest son plays basketball and soccer, middle son plays on 2 soccer teams, and daughter plays volleyball and basketball.

As the "coach's wife" I always need to be prepared. Also, I have a shutterfly blog that I keep the pictures on for the parents to view and order.

Sports Moms Unite! ;)

amy cornwell

I have a 2 and 5 year old so I'm not a sports mom yet, beyond watching my daughter in her swim lessons. I don't care what sport/activity they decide on, as long as they're passionate about something! Thanks for the opportunity!


We are just starting that phase of our family life. My daughter is 4 and has been in dance since the fall, so for now I am camped out in the lobby, not the bleachers.... and I'm the one sipping on a drink!!! haha
We are looking forward to the years to come with a flurry of sporting and athletic activities, especially since I have another little one on the way! :)


Just became a "sports mom" on Tuesday with my 5 year old starting gymnastics. :) Can't wait for many more years of watching...and praying. :)


I am a proud sports mom too! Between my three kids, I am either at a basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, or football game all year long. I totally can relate to enjoying it all more now that I don't have a baby or toddler to keep track of.

Julie Baldwin

We spend our time cheering on college sports...since our kids are only 2 and 2 months. However, I hope he will play baseball like his dad and she will play volleyball like her mom :)


I'm a sports Mom, going on 6 years. My daughter started out playing soccer, but has since "retired" because soccer isn't her thing. She has found that basketball is more her game. My son also plays basketball, but I think I might have to say that watching him play baseball is my favorite. I believe sports are such a benefit in teaching kids so many positive things. I wouldn't want to miss this season of my kid's lives for anything!


I just started being a sports mom. My daughter is training for a 5K and we love gatorade :)!

Sarah @ this farm familys life

I just started being a sports mom.
My daughter is in soccer and gymnastics. Sports are very important to me...i want my kids to be active!


I've been a sports mom for about 3 years I think. Maybe it's only 2? I don't know, he's almost 7 so i'm guessing three. Anyway, it started out as soccer and we quickly came to find out that he's really good at it. Teeball wasn't as "fun" for him and so left us with a not so good taste in our mouths too. But soccer, spring soccer, fall soccer, indoor soccer...he loves it and so do we. Our 3 year old has just started indoor soccer too. He doesn't love it. He cries on the court. Weird because when big bro was playing outside, it was all he wanted to do. I guess the grass is always greener huh? Would love to win this, need some new shoes for the exercise exploits I began with my husband this week!! :) Thanks Meg!

Jennifer in VA

Proud sports mom for going on 6+ years.

13yo dtr plays soccer only now but has also played basketball - now she runs in between soccer seasons and has done a few 5Ks!

11yo son started with tball in kindergarten then flag football and has now done tackle fball for two seasons. He has wrestled for 3 seasons - LOVES wrestling. But boy is that an eye opening experience for the wrestlers and the parents b/c while he is on a team - it is not a team sport - at least at this age. Because... when he loses a match, it's just him, HE lost not his team - no one to share the loss with. He also played soccer one full year before being big enough for tackle football and loved that too!

9yo dtr has only played soccer - she loves it. We've tried to encourage her to try something else but she's not really interested in sports for competition but for the fun - which is FINE! Great even. I just wish she would at least try something else. But it's ok.

6yo son has played one season of flag football and is starting his 2nd. He did not want to try tball and that's ok - it is rather boring :)

Anyway, I completely agree that it is easier to love the lifestyle of a kid-sports family when you are not toting babies around. But 4 kids and their schedules and their games and their gear! Wheeeeww - it's hard sometimes to manage it all.

But I wouldn't trade it for A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!

Amy G

My mom never let me be involved in high school activities. I wanted to try out for plays and run track. I always kind of felt that I had missed out on some camaraderie by not being able to do any of those activities. I am not a sports mom yet. My children are only 2 1/2 and 9 months. However, my daughter is so athletic already. She can kick the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball, etc so well already that her coordination makes her look older than she is. So... I am pretty sure that someday I will be a sports mom, and I'm looking forward to it.


My kids are 2 and 4 and I can't wait to be a sports mom! I feel that athletics teach kids so much and I also can't wait to watch them!

Keli B.

My 2 kids are still both a little young for sports, but I can honestly say that I look forward to being a sports mom! After all, I learned from the best, most intense sports mom ever - my mom!

Jen G

We love gatorade and Dick's sporting goods!!!


Wow, Dick's sporting goods has the best sports gear! Hope I win :) My boys are into lacrosse. I love being a sports mom.


Tonight is my only daughter's very first soccer practice. My husband and I both love sports, but I don't know if I'm ready to be a "sports mom" yet. Looking forward to many athletic adventures and hopefully very few injuries!:)


Mom to three busy little girls. The older two just finished their swimming season with my little one by my side through it all. It's so wonderful to watch them progress and how exciting to see their faces when they succeed.


I am a sports mom, it is a new thing for me, just the last two years. While I enjoy watching my girlies swim, play soccer and basketball, I still have a little one and another on the way so it will be a while before I get to enjoy the games and meets fully.


I'm just a sports aunt for now, but cant wait to cheer my own kiddos on! Dave and i were both athletes and loved those experiences and lessons, ive missed the bleachers and gyms, cant wait for that season of life. For now we'll keep enjoying out little tykes wiffle ball and little bball goal.


We aren't your typical "sport" family---sure, we do the soccer-baseball-basketball deal...but our boys LoVe their skate parks, water skis and trail bikes! We've always got the truck loaded and headed somewhere...2 things are always in tow: suped up 1st aide kit ;) and the cooler of gatorade!

GB Jost

Our family sport was always swimming. All three of my kids literally lived in a pool and went through hair conditioner like water!

It began with my daughter, Claire, who was invited to a swim practice by a friend. She LOVED it and that was 18 years ago. So her brothers followed us to practice, swim meets, and more practice and more meets.

When her oldest brother, Aaron, turned 5, he told me, "Okay, I am bored, put me in swimming, but I want to wear a speedo!" Then he was hooked. He swam on the High School State team all 4 years of High School and went to college on a swim scholorship. His life goal was to swim at a NCAA championship meet, and he did! He was thrilled beyond belief! And we were to thrilled for him.

When Andrew turned 5, he informed us he wanted to swim. So he spent his first practice at the side of the pool hanging on for dear life! But his confidence grew and he became a great swimmer that loved it. He swam on our High School State team all 4 years of High School. When swim season was over, his senior year, he was ready to move on.

So many memories, I would relive all of them!

Crystal Swoverland

Oh yes, I love being a sports mom, have sat through basketball, soccer, football and TONs of volleyball games! It is the best was to spend a morning, or afternoon! Gotta say the all day tournaments can wear me down though...thank goodness for Gatorade!

Karen Lehmann

I am a SWIM sports mom. My 12 year old swims 6-7 days a week which puts me and two little ones at a pool 6 or 7 times a week watching (which I love) Her meets take us out of town on many weekends. My little kids have been very good about tagging along.
When I am not helping Olivia get to where she needs to be, you can usually find me at another pool coaching our local high school swim team and now a beginners Masters team. I also volunteer as the Secretary for our tri-county summer swim league. I guess you could say we are a little water-logged! LOL


I attempted being a sports mom. Signed my son up for soccer when he was four and he wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe he'll like something else. Or maybe I'll be a piano mom.


I'm not a sports mom yet. My 5 year old boy (my oldest) is just starting to take interest in playing. I predict some Saturdays this summer we'll be at the soccer field. :)


What a SWEET giveaway-this would awesome to win!


Soccer season JUST started here in AZ and we are coaching 3 teams (we only have 2 sons, mind you) this season. I LOVE this time of year!


I cant claim to be a sports mom but I do watch a lot of sports. I also run, work out, play tennis, and stay pretty active. currently I have gatorade in my fridge... and pantry! :) Maybe one day I will be a sports mom...

Debbie Smallie

I'm the ultimate "soccer mom". Four kids, soccer, swim team, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Our monthly practice/game schedule is ridiculous! However, my kids love it all and so I'm just along for the ride! My husband is also a highschool baseball coach, which adds to the chaos..bigtime! Gatorade is definitely a staple in our fridge!!!


soccer and basketball mainly with a season of baseball and football in there somewhere...also am "aunt" to my friend's kids so we have had more soccer, baseball and softball in there, too...love it


Spring soccer just began this week - three kids, all different age groups, three nights a week, all day on Saturday -- I LOVE IT! And we get all of our gear at Dick's, so I would love this gift card!

Erin T

I am just beginning the sport phase of my mommy days, because my kids are only almost three and 6 months, but I can't wait for the days of full Gatorade coolers! I played every sport you could imagine growing up and my parents were very involved with my sports and it was a lot of fun.

Mandy Forney

I'm not a 'sports mom' yet as my kids are still too little, and not quite interested. But, I am a 'sports wife'! We spend a whole lot of time once the sun comes out camped out in folding chairs cheering daddy on as he plays softball all summer long... and then there are always the bleachers when he's playing basketball in the fall and winter! I used to not 'LOVE' it either, (probably because I had babies, and strollers, bottles, and crying) but anymore I really look forward to it. We love to cheer our guy on, and I love that all three of his girls are his biggest cheer leaders!


I am a TOTAL sports mom and LOVE it!! In fact, I go through withdrawals between seasons - lol!! :)
My son is 11 and daughter 8 and we have done Baseball with him since he was 5, football for him, Fall baseball for him, Basketball for both, swim team for both, Fall and Spring soccer for her, track for both, and I'm sure I'm missing something!! :)
It's a crazy schedule but I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh and these are all choices of my children, the only sport we insisted they pick up was swimming and that's because it's a life skill. THen they decided they liked to compete in it! :)
This Dick's card would be awesome because I have my eye on this http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11048718 for all the games we go to!! :) And goodness knows they have a TON of things my kids could use!! :)
Thanks so much for the chance!! :)

Sara W

When my boys were really little they used to call gatorade Daddy juice because that is what my husband would drink when he would play ball. My favorite sport to watch is basketball.

Amanda Jo

I am a baseball mom!! Down in Texas the Rangers are HOT right about now and my son plays for the Rangers in little league! Their team's name changed from the A's to Rangers over the winter break - you want to talk about some excited boys! The best news is - I already have all the shirts/hats I need to cheer him on!!

I tweeted this! http://twitter.com/#!/TheAmandaJo


Soccer! This Spring I will have 4 kids playing soccer for the first time! (My kids age range is 14-4) My oldest will be on 2 teams. We will be at 6-7 games a week plus practices. There will be GATORADE...lots of GATORADE and water, bananas and Quaker Chewie bars and Starbucks. Stocking the mini-van for soccer season is serious business!


I have been a sports mom for 10 years also. I have had the privilege of watching my older two play baketball, football, soccer, swimming, volleyball, softball and baseball. Now my third who is quite a bit longer is starting blast ball this summer. I abolutely love watching them...always have and always will.


Not quite yet, my boys are 2 and 6 months old. But soon enough I'm sure!I'm hoping they will love soccer and basketball...we'll see. :)


I am a new sports mom-- soccer and baseball. My 5 year old scored his first goal last week and it was awesome! I spent my childhood playing volleyball or basketball in the gym, softball on the diamond or in the stands watching my siblings. I hope to impart the same love of sport and physical activity on my kids. I'll check out the Gatorade mom site for sure. Thanks!


I am not a sports mom. I am a sport supporter of middle schoolers. Gotta love being a youth group sponsor.

Kellie S.

My husband is a college soccer coach - so we see and consume a LOT of gatorade. I miss all the high school sports and can't wait to have some little sport-sters of my own!


Three of our four kids are involved with sports. It's a lot of running, especially since they all play multiple sports at the same time. Between practices and games, we're constantly on the go. My youngest is 2...so I totally hear you on the not so fun to watch when you are trying to corral a little one.

We love Gatorade...when they're playing an organized sport or just when they're running around at home.

On a side note, my 9-year-old just started a knitting class her school is offering. I don't know who's more excited, she or I. :)

Wendy C

My daughter is an Irish Dancer - which is a whole sport in itself, although many people don't think of it as a traditional "sport". Still, it comes with lots of practice, dedication, athletic ability, competition...and, of couse, Gatorade!

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