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The French Vanilla flavor sounds good!




I like my coffee with sugar and milk.


La Creme is not available in my area


Yum, yum, yum and YUM! :) Hazelnut sounds marvelous!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

I take my coffee in a cup. Ha! Just kidding! I like it with about 1/4 cup of whatever creamer my dearest bought and put in the refrigerator door!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



Where do I find this yummy item? I have never seen it locally in the store

Nicole K

French Vanilla sounds nummy!!!


People think I'm crazy but I don't drink coffee ever. I actually do not like it. I don't even like coffee ice cream! I kinda wish I did cause it looks so good! :)


sounds great!

Erica Anderson

Add a little bit of cream and then some brown sugar! YUMMMM. Not regular sugar, has to be brown sugar!! =) That cream sounds amazing!!

Amy Bounds

I would like to try the original flavor and the cinnamon one.

Beth P

Yummy! I usually like my coffee black but I'd love to give this creamer a try.


I love coffee the same way. I set my coffee pot the night before, and at 5:30 a.m., I hear the grinder go off, and I can smell the coffee brewing, and I can't wait to get into the kitchen for that first cup!! No sugar, just cream! Ahhhh. I have not tried that creamer yet.


light cream (half n half is not enough cream) so I would probably be a fan of these creamers.
And I do like some sugar!


we share the same coffee addiction Meg! Lots of creme, and dreams about sipping it in the a.m. Life is good!


I love my coffee black but my husband uses tons of creamer. We will try the french vanilla. Thanks! Love our coffee!


I am a cream only girl. My mother adores McDonald's coffee but I think it taste like cardboard. Coffee is VERY personal : )

Mrs. 5C

I like my coffee even lighter than yours! :)


I love lots of creamer in my coffee, plus a bit of sugar. The cinnamon vanilla flavor sounds really yummy!


I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar, my coffee cup looks light like yours. I haven't tried these, French vanilla would be my choice.


Yum, I am a creamer addict myself, but it is hard to find a new product that I like. These look like they are worth a shot.


I like my coffee with french vanilla creamer. Bottoms up!


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Sheryl Savoie

Just how I like my coffee, a lovely taupe color!


Most of the time I drink my flavored coffee black. Sometimes I splurge and have flavored creamer. One reason I don't use creamers often is because of what is in them. I haven't seen this kind of creamer, but I'm going to look for it soon! And you are not alone in thinking such thoughts at bedtime!

Andrea T

I gave up the flavored creamers when i read the label! but if i can find this stuff....im baaaaack ;)


I'm a tea girl, but hubby loves some cream filled coffee!


Wow, creamer without high fructose corn syrup. Sounds good to me. I also take coffee at home with no sugar, but lots of creamer. My husband jokes, "Would you like some coffee to go with that creamer?" Very funny. You and me are the same, Meg. My morning coffee routine is VERY important to me too.


I love white coffee, but like mine (artificially) sweet, too. I will definitely give this creamer a try! thanks for the giveaway!

Robin Smith

I love me some coffee... Pressed is best...Today I was out of creamer... decided on a little skim and a drop of vanilla... not good...actually quite tragic...I would love to try this creamer...today... and put this crappy cup of coffee I am trying not to waste out of it's misery...and mine.


I just started drinking coffee in the morning (literally yesterday) and put honey in it and skim milk - mostly because that is all I have on hand right now. I might try these creamers - I'll have to look at the calorie count though which can be very high on some creamers.


It's a full on addiction....for real.
I use creamer only...
we try to stay mostly organic....and at the very least we stay away from high fructose corn syrup, transfats so I'm trying their product!

I'm going now to put your give away on my sidebar...
you can see it at www.tarahlowry.blogspot.com

Angela Miller

I've never seen this here on the East Coast...must do something about that. I live for coffee. For real.


Yummy! Is this carried in your regular grocery store? I hate the creamers with the oils but would love to try this one. And I'll buy at least one with my Visa card, I promise.

missy king

love.love.love. my coffee too. a recent acquired taste, but mine is also full of vanilla caramel creamer. probably mostly creamer. ;) will have to check out this new creamer you love. thanks. missy.

Angie Donaldson

I don't have it in my area either:( But I take my coffee the SAME way, and also wake up in the morning because I smell the coffee!!!!!


Coffee is what gets me up in the morning! When I go to bed at night I get excited thinking about getting up to coffee. I use LOTS of creamer and get mocked by my family, but it doesn't deter me one bit. I like chocolate caramel creamer. I have seen these but haven't tried them yet. I think I'd like the hazelnut!


on the rare occasion that i have coffee (it gives me the jitters), i take it like you, meg....creamy, no sugar. yuuuum. i'd definitely try the hazlenut one---perhaps w/decaf? ;)


Definitely will give this a try! I usually drink my coffee naked ...umm that sounded bad - I usually drink my coffee without anything in it, but this sounds yummy!!


I'm having a cup right NOW! Yum!

Kerry Wiebe

Oh I do love my coffee in the mornings also it just doesn't seem like a good start to my day with out it!!


This looks so yummy! Unfortunately it is not available in my area. Boo.


I know its weird...but I can't stand coffee. Love the smell... Maybe this cream could help me start to drink it! :)


I'm drinking my coffee right now. I usually just use a little sugar and milk, but I do love when I have fancy creamers to spice things up!

Dixie Deaton

Yum!! French vanilla for me!


Yeah a product with ingredients you can pronounce!


I currently take my coffee with French Vanilla Creamer, but I'll admit that La Creme's commercials have me rethinking that...


looks and sounds yummy!


I have been a coffee-aholic for years. I have tried very hard to give it up this year as my New Year's Resolution. I am down to about 1 cup a week. (Very proud of myself). I just love it too. But mine is usually black, no sugar.......

Jennifer Weathers

I currently use a different brand of creamer but would love to try something that is more natural and possibly better nutritionally.


Jenny Logan

Mmmmm....Cinnamon Vanilla. That sounds yummy. I have to have a ton of creamer in mine too, but I usually have one sweetner also.


I like coffee, but I also use creamer in my chai tea.

Carol S

Gotta have my coffee with cream and splenda/equal every morning! Thanks for offer.

Misty D.

I feel the same about my morning coffee as you do- sometimes I think about it as I'm going to bed. I like it plain and strong in the morning, but I love a cup in the afternoon, right before kids get home from school, as a pick me up. In that cup, I'd love a delicious, creamy cinnamon vanilla!

misty c

i've tried the cinn and it is so delish!! yumm-o stuff!


There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning. I love mine with one splenda and cream. Like you, I would choose the original. I am not a big fan of flavored coffee.

Thanks for the chance! :)


French vanilla ...:)

Julie Baldwin

I have the cinnamon vanilla. It is delicious!!


It's looks yummy!!


Those sound good! I like my coffee like I like my men: sweet and creamy. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Deb A.

The Hazelnut would be my choice!!


Sounds delicious! A morning boost!!

Tabathia B

I like my coffee with cream and lots of sugar
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


YOUR coffee looks YUMMY!!!!!


Oh, this sounds dreamy! I'd love to win!

Kimberlee J.

I cut out the cream in my coffee last year, but this just might be the thing that makes me fall off the wagon. :)


I love yummy coffee - decaf, with lots of cream and sugar. Love flavors too! I am not a regular coffee drinker, but it definitely is a special treat every other week at Bible Study! :)

Megan tyler

Yum.... I have never heard of this company before! I am a vanilla girl myself so I would love to try both vanilla flavors! Yum, what would life be without coffee! :)

Tabathia B

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Toni :O)

LOVE these types of creamers in my hot cocoa as I'm not a hot coffee drinker. Thanks for the chance to win...that could buy me a few groceries! [email protected]

Dianne Rabon

Morning coffee: black, no sugar. Evening decaf: whatever suits my fancy - creamer, milk, sugar - its my after dinner treat!


I take coffee with my cream. It is VERY light. French Vanilla is my stand by, but at Christmas I love the peppermint flavored cream.

Sarah B

sounds good to me, now I will have to see if they sell it in my area!

Anna Marie

I don't currently drink coffee (I am pregnant) but when I do I am just like you. No sugar, just a nice little helping of creamer. I really like that this has no high fructose corn syrup. I didn't know that there was any out there like that. Awesome!

Amy Harris

It sounds like I need to try this...maybe the french vanilla one. Yum!!

Amy Kate

I drink coffee so I can have creamer...these look delish!

Andrea Smith

Oh my goodness! I think about my coffee too! I look forward to my morning coffee and then I can't wait until my 3 o'clock 2 cup wake me up! Just creamer and sweet n' low.

Heather R.

I like my creamer with a touch of coffee for color. :)


I buy creamer when my mom comes to town, but I don't buy it otherwise.

jayne Barbour

my hubs LOVES coffee and I'm going to pick this cream up for him to try! Me, I'm a Diet Coke gal:)


I normally like my coffee black, but every once in awhile I put cream in it. Yah for not high fructose corn syrup!

Anne-Marie P.

I like my coffee the same way as you...lots of cream!

sarah c

I think i would drink the cinnamon vanilla straight out of the bottle! YUM!


I like cream no sugar in my coffee too. Right now I am pregnant and have switched to decaf. I just can't give up my coffee.

Peggy in TN

I, too, prefer black coffee, but sometimes I like to make a "dessert" coffee and add a flavor. I would pick the French Vanilla.

Beth Ann

Black coffee and lots of cream make up my coffee. OR a foo-foo coffee from a fancy coffee shop, but that is a once-in-awhile treat for me.


I like my coffee with just a tiny bit of sugar and lots of cream... it's my absolute favorite thing about morning :)


Never heard of it but I'm going to Walmart today to find the cinnamon vanilla!!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Amy Kate

Just wrote a post about it... http://amykategypsymomma.blogspot.com/2011/03/indulge-giveaway.html


I take my coffee like you.....no sugar, lots of creamer. I haven't tried this creamer yet, I would like to though.

Monica Williams

No coffee for me, but I add cream to my hot tea, which I enjoy morning noon and night! The cinnamon Vanilla sounds delightful, can't wait to try it!


Thank you! I'm a dietitian & it kills me to buy the other creamer...now I can enjoy my daily cup of coffee with the flavor I love! Think my first try will be cinnamon vanilla...YUM!


Sugar & Cream...
I've never noticed this creamer before! Will have to look for it!


I like a lot of French Vanilla. Who wants their coffee to taste like coffee anyway?!?


I like my coffee just like you no sugar and lots of creamer NOT milk - there is such a difference. Coffee is the best way to start the day.


I usually use skim milk and splenda, but the cinnamon vanilla sounds so good that I may have to try that!


Me too! No sugar... all cream and super light! I wake up in the morning and go straight for the coffee... oh I LOVE the first drink! Coffee lover for life and these creamers look soooo good. I am a french vanilla girl. I like sugar free though b/c I use so much!


I've never heard of La Creme before...it's cool that it's 100% dairy! French vanilla would be right up my alley!

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