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I actually bought my mom and grandmother both things from the VP for christmas. Big hit! I love the africa necklace and would give it to my bestie who is going to africa this summer for mission work.


I love the Circle of Love and the Layered Mother of Pearl. I'd have a hard time choosing between the 2 if I were to win. Thanks for the chance.

Jenny Joy

I LOVE the vintage pearl! *swoon* I have to say that the vintage free bird necklace speaks to me. Flying... you know... feeling free and untethered. :)


I've always wanted one of these! I would get the dainty drops necklace.


I would go with the circle of love necklace. I have the circle and flower my husband got me this last Christmas. I love TVP. Great stuff!

Dana D@BoysMyJoys

I love the layered mother of pearl, but also the i love you to the moon and back!
Happy Tuesday!!!

jenn tefft

I love the vintage silver charm necklace and the chumky love necklace! Thanks for the great giveaway!


I would get the leather bracelet with the 'courage' tag...
I know it's for men but I love it and I don't care.
I think 'courage' is a great word to focus on in life. And also, if anybody watches Glee, it reminds me of Darren Criss's character Blaine... I'm a little bit in love with him ^.^


So many choices! I love the charm bracelet and the necklace!


I love the braclet with personalized names on it...i would put my kids names naturally!


Such beautiful pieces! I'd love the personalized aspect of them.


I would buy the "courage" leather band bracelet for my husband... he will be leaving for his third year long tour to the middle east in a couple of months. As courageous it is to enter a war zone, I believe it takes much more courage to say goodbye to your children in sacrifice for your country.

Jenny Logan

There are too many to choose from! I love the names on my heart one, but I also like the circle of love necklace, and the dainty drops one too. All of this jewelry is beautiful!!!


I love the simple sweet star with the pearl but I think I would want a heart :)

Sy, Shaunna & The Boys

what a beautiful website...i couldn't decide. it's a strong race between the "you are my sunshine" (hubby always sings me that song or emails it to me), "the family nest", "to the moon and back" with my babies names, "mama's nest", "vintage lovebirds", or just getting some additional charms for my personalized charm bracelet i had made years ago with the names of all my boys. thanks for the giveaway, meg!

Debbie Hargadon

I love the sports necklaces and the pearls in a pod. My daughter has always been in love with pearls! We'll be back! Thanks for the tip!


The Africa necklace with the heart over Ethiopia!


just one thing??? gosh. i love the {secret} love message cuff. but i also love the chunky message cuff. yikes. i can't pick just one!!!


the 'whatever' bracelet is pretty sweet!


Love love LOVE VP's stuff... "to the moon and back" is my current fave... thanks for the chance to win!


for my mother i would get the sign language 'i love you' necklace with her grandchildren's names on it. she has been a speech & hearing pathologist for over 35 years. she uses sign language almost daily.


I luh-huuuve the Chunky Message Cuff.


ooh- i love your whatever bracelet!


LOVE your bracelet!


All of her stuff is gorgeous!! I think I'd get my mom and MIL the hope for orphans necklace for mothers day. Thanks so much for the chance to win:)


I love her stuff. I have one of her necklaces already. I would choose the bitty blossoms necklace.

Jen N.

Love everything! But, I'd probably get the "Mother of Pearl" necklace.

[email protected]


OMG...how is one to decide. I'd have to get more than one. One with my 6 grandkids' names, maybe charms on a bracelet. Then an initial one...ahh. necklace please. And I'd want to get matching somethings for me and my 3 sisters, another necklace I think. :)


I loveeeeee dainty drops necklace...I want one!!


Meg what a great giveaway !1 I would definitely get the vintage scripture necklace !

Jeni Schroeder

I love, love, LOVE all her pieces, but I would probably choose the "to the moon and back" necklace. This is something my son and I say to each other all the time. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Anna Marie

Ever since I saw your "meg and craig" necklace I have been pining for an "anna and john" necklace. It helps that her example already says "anna" so I know exactly how cute it can be. lol! Someday I will have one!


I ADORE the lovebirds necklace. I'm getting married in June (after dating for nearly 9! oh my!) and I just can't wait to be a wife and for him to be my husband. We are lovebirds, for sure.


wow wow wow, Phil. 4:8 is just what i needed TODAY! LOVE THE BRACELET and all the others as well!

Ester Rodriquez
[email protected]


I love it all.....the dainty initial hearts is one of my favourites though!

mandy friend

i have wanted one of these FOREVER!!!! Please pick me:)
and I'd pick the layered mama's necklace;)

Tegan M.

SO hard to choose. That bracelet is amazing. I've always coveted her initial pendants though. Then again, the two birds is super cute too...

How do you choose???


Lovely, Megan! Thank you for hosting this giveaway. There are so many nice choices, but I keep coming back to square and circle layers. I love that many of these pieces are adaptable, so you can add children or other family members in time.


love you to the moon and back. super sweet. ok, all of them are super sweet.


i love the the phil 4:8 bracelet too. this is a life verse for me. with the struggles of life and even the blessings...this verse reminds me where to put my thoughts. (as a man thinks...so is he) as a mom of three (one being a brand new 8 week old) ...I rarely buy something for myself. Sooo....when i saw this bracelet...i thought...ohhhhhhh....me love it! what a beautiful reminder to wear everyday of where my thoughts need to be. and....i just love bling!!!!!!!!


I LOVE love love the chunky message cuff!! I would get Jer. 29:11 on it.


I LOVE the vintage pearl and have wanted one of their necklaces for a LONG time, I would get the rectangle necklace with my sons name on it :)

Allison Y.

So many beautiful choices, but I think I would choose the "Mother of Pearl" necklace.


Totally love the Layered Mother of Pearl!


i would get the africa charm with the heart over uganda!


I love your bracelet! My favorite is the to the moon & back necklace or the vintage lovebirds... so sweet


I like the circle of love necklace!


Okay...that was hard. Too many awesome things! For now I would go with the danty heart charms and a pearl. I'm thinking about my initial and my husbands. I already have a chain with charms with my girls names, but I could easily switch it out for well anything. Thanks for the chance to win!

Cass M

I like the idea of the flower and circle with mine and my hubby's name on it ... seeing as it's usual all about the kids ... but that hit me as just perfect.


I absolutely LOVE the vintage pearl! I would get the heart on my wrist bracelet with mine and my husbands name on it. I already have a bracelet from there with my son's name on it. Love it!!!

Or maybe I would get a necklace. Hmmmmm


What gorgeous things - it's so hard to decide! The bracelet in your post caught my eye first, but I do love the "you are my sunshine" necklace...Thanks!


i love vintage pearl and have ordered from her before, such a nice person and very talented!
i think for me i would like the sterling silver cuff bracelet with a favorite saying on it.


It's so hard to choose! I love the circle of love and the square initials.

Valerie Alexander

I LOVE it all!!! Beautiful, simple jewelry that goes with everything. Now that's my style!!

Robin Canter

oh my goodness, I would have to get a "John & Robin" necklace. Love my husband man so much I'd wear it ALL the time too.


so hard to choose, but i would pick the heart for africa necklace, and would get a couple of them for my kenya mission trip teammates. love those women!


I also love that verse! Even if I don't win I think I need to buy it so I can remember to think of "whatever" all the time :-)


I would get "Names on my heart". It is beautiful. I would get my husband and kids names on it and wear it with pride - all the time!

Thanks for a fantastic giveaway - I hope I win!!


Cassie Allen

I would get the Shutterbug necklace for sure! I lovely love love love it!


Love Phil 4:8, and would give the bracelet to my daughter, who is heading off to college in August. What better time to "think on these things"!


I would pick the square initials necklace. My husband and i have very recently gone through a very difficult time and are working through it with a lot of commitment and prayer. I'd love to have a necklace with our initials on it that I could wear close to my heart every day.

Jenifer Higgins

I Love the vintage love charm necklace


I love all of TVP's items, but I would choose "Our Family Nest" first. Great giveaway!!

Danielle H.

I would get the cup of love with my little girl's name on it! I would also get a necklace for my little girl - something dainty! I went to the store in Tulsa while I was there in the fall and love, love, love her jewelry. Her staff is SO nice too!


I absolutely love "Chunky Love Necklace"!!! It would be perfect with my 3 little girls names on it :)

Becca Rojo

I love the vintage silver charm necklace!


Either a photo charm necklace or the freebird necklace. I do love everything she makes though...hard to choose!


I would get the Vintage Lovebirds necklace. Too often I find myself focused on my kids whether it be my energy, projects, daily up-keep, etc. But this necklace would simply focus on my husband...something that is so crucial to keeping our marriage alive and healthy!!

amy wade

i love the vintage pearl! i just bought the pearl nest ring and it is fantastic! i really like the chunky love necklace and the "you are my sunshine" necklace. have fun with your besties this week. you are very lucky.


I have had my eye on the Africa charm for a very long time so that would definitely be where I would put the gift certificate towards!!!!


I would get the one you have only put michelle & jonathan. love these :)


I would snatch up the sign language "i love you" 2 charm necklace! Beautiful!!


I think I might just copy you! Love that verse, beautiful bracelet!


I would get the {secret} love message cuff!


I've always loved the square initials on a chain necklace. So simple but so lovely!

Dana Banana

I would love one with Jonathan and Dana....or the girls names. Everything is fabulous!


Hi Meg; What a wonderful giveaway. Ooooh so many choices but I love the messy nest necklace. So cute and adorable. Have a great day.


I would get the dainty layered hearts and have the initials of the two babies I've sent ahead of me to heaven on it so I could always have them close to my heart. The whole site is full of beautiful treasures!


I would get the "shutterbug necklace" for my daughter, who is heading off to university in the fall to study....photography! Or maybe I should get the "nest necklace", as she will be leaving the nest empty!! Great jewelry.


I would love to win the mother of pearl necklace.


I love The Vintage Pearl. Erin creates such beautiful stuff! I am in love the Circle of Love bracelet. Thanks for a chance to win!!


I would get a star initial with my grandfather's initial, he was my best friend and even though he's been gone for 19 years, he's still my star.

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Oh my goodness -- Meg, that bracelet is absolutely AMAZING!!! I've always loved the "our family nest" necklace . . . but the "chunky message cuff" with a scripture verse on it may have just snuck into my first place love!! Amazing!!

Keri ~ Forever Folding Laundry

Choose one?
That's tough.
I'd have to say Initial on a Chain:
mine and his. :)

Love your bracelet!


I want the scripture bracelet. I love them all though.

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

LOVE the layered Mother of Pearl necklace! but this chunky message bracelet is amazing too(with a personalized scripture or saying).


My sister and her family live in Africa. She is coming home next month (flying 36 hours with two preschoolers) to have her third baby. Wouldn't a VP necklace be the perfect gift? I would buy her the vintage scripture necklace and add dainty initials for her, her husband and two boys. When the new bundle of love comes along, I would order the next initial to add. Thanks for pointing VP out to me. I think can think of a number of people I want to buy for. It is so personal.


I love everything! But especially the rectangle names on a chain and the eclectic charm necklace. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Kristen Easton

Have loved the work from the artist & purchased one for my dear friend. (who moved from KS to OH) Love "all around my faith", which would actually fit with my 5 kiddos. But absolutely adore the scripture bracelet.

Laura R.

love, love, love the vintage pearl! I want a necklace like yours (meg & craig) that says laura & dan.

natalie (the sweets life)

I would buy my best friend something for her upcoming wedding shower! :)


totally the bird cage necklace...love it:)

Amy James

Oh My! I love it all!


Love the simple message ring...actually, i love it all ;)


I want a necklace with my girls names on it and their birthstones :) Madi & Lizzie!

ashley jensen

OMG Seriously!! On Sunday my family asked me what I want for my birthday (in April) and I told them that I found a necklace from TVP I want, plus a couple other things! And they are here in Tulsa! But I want the angel wing pendant with my daughters name and the simple sweet heart with my husbands name, only on the same necklace.


TVP jewelry is simply stunning! I'd choose the eclectic charm necklace and let each of my four kids choose their own shape.

Amy James

I was so excited I hit post without posting what I would order. I love the star and the pearl. I would have the letter a. A gift all for me.


Love the circle of love necklace...


I would def. have to go for the thin leather cuff!! I have had my eye on it for some time! I would have it say "edure"

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