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Hydration is definitely important.



Jen G

I think this is awesome! I, like, her, want to feel awesome the whole time.


I like the thoughts about being together as a family....certainly gives me a different perspective too!

Lynda@Me and My Pink Mixer

My daughter will be a senior in high school in the fall and I realize this will be some of the last times we will go together to her swim meets, football games & cheerleading competitions. I will miss them!!!!!!!!!!! I will enjoy every swim meet this summer. Thanks for the giveaway - love Dick's Sporting Goods!


I love Gatorade...and Dick's Sporting Goods! I always feel more motivated to work out if I have new cute workout clothes :)


Funny coincidence, just last night my son told me he went to the store w/his nana yesterday & bought a whole bunch of gatorade. His reasoning (he's 7) Because it is healthier for you than capri suns & he can load up on a bunch of gatorade & some home & play tackle footbal w/friends in our yard & he won't get dehydrated.


This is a great post...and so true. Thanks for sharing!

Jen N.

I need to buy stock in Gatorade in the summer. My hubby drinks it like crazy. Dick's Sporting Goods is an excellent store, and I just happen to know someone who needs new shoes...


We're Gatorade drinkers here in the summer when the kids are visiting :)


i thought that was a great point about the games being "family time." and here i keep thinking it just gets in the way of family time! good way to put it in perspective for me!

Kimberlee Jost

Gatorade...it's the ONE thing my 3 year old will drink besides milk and water. She hates pop and isn't a fan of fruit juice either. And I don't feel bad letting her drink it up. It's healthy, right?

Angie M

I want to feel awesome while I workout too! And I have never been a thankful soccer/baseball mom and I am sorry for it! Wish I had learned that earlier in life!

Michelle Etheridge

As a mom to 4 athletic girls we use Gatorade all the time to stay hydrated for cross country, track and at softball tournaments. I love Dicks Sporting Goods.

Melissa Hermon

Definately changes the way I look at it. Unfortunately, I am still in the baby stage as well so it's tough to enjoy the games but I love to watch my boys play because they have such passion!

Valerie Alexander

We go through a lot of Gatorade at our house, especially in the Summer. Love all the fun flavors!! (Love Dick's too!! :))

Amanda Jo

I've always been a big fan of Gatorade - we keep it around the house even when we're not participating in sports, we love the stuff!

Great giveaway!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

Calvin feels like he rules the world when he drinks Gatorade. It has always cracked me up. Viva la Gatorade!

Amanda Jo

Tweeted!! http://twitter.com/#!/TheAmandaJo


My boys and husband LOVE Gatorade!! They are always playing ball (any kind!) outside together and with friends. After the heat wave we have had the last few days, Gatorade has come back as a daily drink again.


We need a separate budget category for Gatorade at our house! What fun!! Thanks!

Raquel Barrios

great ideas!


great post! I am a tball mom also...and cheer and now color guard!

deb meyers

Been drinking Gatorade since I was a teen in the 70s!

deb meyers


We are about to start our 3 1/2 year old in dance and soccer, so Gatorade and sporting goods shopping will both be in my future. Currently my husband plays as well as refs soccer (high school, college, and mens' rec league), so we are well familiar with Gatorade and its benefits!
lauramlyons at gmail dot com


My kids love Gatorade and we all love Dick's Sporting Goods. Thanks for the giveaway!


I love every idea, post on this blog! So helpful too!

Karen H.

Wow! We love Mia Hamm!!! And Gatorade! And Dick's Sporting Goods!! And Meg!!! Three daughters in sports - girl power!


My son recently got introduced to Gatorade w/ his 1st soccer season... but it's SO cute b/c he calls it Alig'ade [like AliGATOR] :) He LOVES it!!
& boy does his Momma need a new pair of shoes from Dick's!


We are big Gatorade drinkers here! This was a great interview! Great job!

Amanda R.

I love Gatorade and Dick's Sporting Goods!


My oldest of 4 plays travel baseball. That means most weekends are baseball tournaments for 4 months (they play 3-5 games in a weekend). I have always felt very strongly that we are to go as a family. I personally love being at the ball park on the weekends with everyone and my family. Sweaty little kids running amuck and lots of snacks all day....wouldn't have it any other way. :)


Great post! I loved playing sports when I was a kid. I was pretty shy growing up, but sports helped me find the confidence I needed to be myself. =)

kellie s.

so true! my husband has been a dedicated gatorade drinker since he was a young 'un. i always loved it while playing sports and even when i was sick - i always reached for lemon-line gatorade. love the stuff!


i want to feel THAT good while excercising. looks like i will be checking out the gatorade site soon!


Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/candiceweathers/status/76358718530396160.

Kristin Y.

Love this post!!! Sports and nutrition are so important for everyone!!!


great prize-thanks


Great post! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

Sandi Price

Great prize! and great reminder about the importance of proper hydration.

Renee Cantwell

Wow-glad I heard this! I have a wee one, but will try to remember as she grows to value that time.


My kiddos are too little for sports but this is such good advice. It really is a great time to support each other and to view it as such is a gift. Too many time we forget and just think of it as a burden.


I'm not quite to this stage of life...but it's coming! I like the "family time" perspective...I'll remember that :)


We love spending time together outside in the summer. Staying hydrated in hot weather is definitely important!
Thanks for the giveaway!


I just loaded up my garage fridge w/Gatorade for all the ball games and outdoor play time that is summer around here!

I love what Mia's mom said about family time being at the ball park! I, too, have considered spending a day at the field a burden, but no longer will I look at it that way! Thanks for sharing her insight!

sara @ it's good to be queen

this was so good for me to read...very encouraging. with 2 boys in baseball right now, we spend a lot of time at the field. thanks for helping me see it in a better light. i am encouraged! :)


Great post...interesting facts about Gatorade. I always thought of it as expensive Kool Aid...a fun but not necessary expense. I think I will look into it more!


interesting...and motivating..as a mama to 4 boys - we love gatorade AND dick's sporting goods store...heaven on earth for my boys!!!

sara @ it's good to be queen

tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/saragood2bqueen


My step-son isn't into organized sports, but he loves riding his bike and swimming in the summertime. It's easy to forget that you can get dehydrated anytime, doing anything. We'll need to keep that in mind this summer.


I have 3 boys that LOVE their sports and LOVE shopping at Dick's... It has been so fun watching them learn and grow and become better athletes with each passing year.

Jennifer in VA

I have been trying for weeks to find the Natural version of Gatorade, I don't want the dyes or the High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Great post and this spring season we are wrapping up is the second one with all four kids playing something and the first where I could have the better attitude of THIS is family time too.



SO glad that they came out with a version of their product that doesn't have all the added junk. Yeah! I'll have to see if I can track it down.
Just dropped a chunk o' change at Dick's yesterday, so a gift card sure would come in handy for the next trip.


orange is my favorite.


Love gatorade! Thanks for the giveaway.


Love Mia Hamm!


I am excited to check out the actual facts behind the truth about hydration...I couldn't agree more after not fueling well for training runs, but then having great experiences during races after fueling well (including LOADS of Gatorade!).

Sandra K

Would love to win - thanks!


I used to feel bad that we made everyone (4 kids) go to all the games all the time, but this post has encouraged me to keep it up! In our house, the boys look forward to picking their favorite Gatorade flavor to drink at their game. Thanks for the giveaway and the new perspective!


Okay, you've peaked my interest. I've never been "into sports" -- but as a mom I am much more aware of the need to be active myself as an example to my own kids. I want my kids to have a healthy life style and I know that starts with me. So, I'm going to look into this hydration information on Gatorade's website a bit more. I'd love to be surprised with how good I can feel while exercising! Thanks for sharing!

T. Lex

So timely for me. We are in the process of tryouts and finishing this season. It seems like so much, but maybe I just need to change the way I view it.

jodi @ back40life

great perspective - thanks for sharing!

Katie H

I think it is so important for the whole family to be involved and attend siblings sporting events (when possible). Not only does it show love and support, it is a learning experience!


My son can't get enough Gatorade...and we love Dick's Sporting Goods! I always feel more motivated to work out if I have new cute workout clothes :)


My daughter is only 4...and we have only experienced Blast Ball (t-ball for 4 year olds) - but I'm excited for more sports experiences!! Yay fmaily time!


I am an athlete who drinks Gatorade and shops at Dick's Sporting Goods.. no kids but I spent a lot of time supporting siblings at sporting events for "family time!"

Michele Renee

I met my Hubs at Univ of Florida--home of where Gatorade was invented for the Florida Gators! So we love Gatorade and buy it often for our 3 active boys.

rachel beverlin

I'm not much of an athlete :)...but I do love gatorade! And I can definitely think of a few things to buy at Dicks! Thanks for all the info.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Wow. I am one of those people that doesn't get how it could possibly feel good to exercise. I don't like it. Uh huh. Not at all.

I also don't like to drink water. I know, I know.... but maybe that is the connection.

Gina in Louisville

We are a year round sports family and use a ton of gatorade.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



I love to exercise, but I have never said "i never knew i could feel this good while exercising". Wouldn't that be fantastic!

And what a blessing to realize it's not a burden, but family time :)


athletics can be the reason some kids come to school. I coached cross country for many years and I saw the benefits of sports in the lives of so many youngsters. Thanks for this offer.


Wow. I have always seen tournaments etc as kind of a pain. Never again. It is truly family time! Family time is being together!

Thanks Stephanie and Meg!


I would love a gift card to Dicks! New gear always makes me feel like exercising!


It is so hot here already in AR. I was just thinking I needed to get some Gatorade! We are major outdoor people & in this heat we gotta stay hydrated. ;)


We love Dick's Sporting Goods and Gatorade :)


Hydration and fun new workout gear are both definitely great motivators!


i like the perspective of being at games as family time - it puts a positive spin on something that could be a real bummer of a situation if you let it be! :)


gatorade is the best in the middle of the night, when you wake up so thristy from all the sweat you used up the day before!


I hope that when I'm a momma, my kids will enjoy sports just like their dad (My fiance) does! He played football since high school, and he's crazy for sports! His family is so close because of it. There's nothing like watching football with his family, loud and fun! I love it so much! Thanks for posting! :)

Linda B

This is a great reminder heading into summer!

Melissa H

I'm a runner & love gatorade, it's definitly been a big part of my training plans & to keep me going!

Tina I

Love Gatorade! Would love a Dick's gift card too! When I'm spending the weekend at a swim meet, I will try to remember that it's family time. Thanks Mrs. Hamm!


Over the years, we have pouted at times at the thought of yet another weekend long volleyball tournament, swim meet or sporting clay tournament. Each of our 3 children found something they love to do and each of them excelled at the time so we sucked it up, went, and were always so glad we did in the end. Isn't it funny how we can dread these things, then love them? I will admit there were times when I went with one daughter out of town for a volleyball tournament while my husband went out of town with another daughter for a swim meet and I always felt badly for our son who was dragged along to one place or another if we couldn't find a friend he could stay with instead of going to watch his two sisters in their sports. Since he's the youngest and the girls are out of high school and off at college, he has our undivided attention and we NEVER say a word and go happily along to watch his shooting tournaments and we know that when he is finished one day, it will probably only be a few years before we do the same thing for our grandchildren! Ha Ha! I'm not rushing that!! The Gatorade people would love us because over the years we sure have filled up a lot of coolers with it.


This is the first year my daughter has played a sport. She is 7 and started tball in May. I was concerned that because of her inexperience, on a team with experienced players, she would be left behind, left out or made fun of. I was completely wrong. Her coaches foster an environment of fun, nurturing and support. The kids are competitive but not at the expense of each other. She has learned so much, not just about actually playing but also about good sportsmanship, and team work. Her coaches said tonight after practive "Good hustle". And she does. Every practice. I am so proud.

Jess Mead

Our family LOVES Gatorade! Bring on Summer baby!!!! :)

Denice Cecil-Ho

Gatordade is a staple in our house,a must have for my soccer kids!!!

Sarah Rollins

Awesome!! My kids already love their Daddy's Gatorade and now they can have their own special bottle!! :)

Sugar Mama

Our family LOVES soccer tournament weekends! We make a fun family outing of it; pack lunches, load up the card games, etc. Some of our best memories are spent sitting at the soccer fields for the whole weekend watching the boys play and my husband coach. I will really miss those days!


Great post. My kids love Gatorade and Dick's Sporting Goods. We would put the gift card to good use. :-)


awesome. I have not tried the "new" gatorade, but I will find a coupon and go by some for my T-ball player and our daddy the "coach" :) I will be drinking mine from the cheering section.


Perfect timing considering we're all packing up to head to a lacrosse tournament in 97 degree weather. Gatorade is definitely on our "What to Bring" list.


Gatorade is one of my favorite summertime drinks! It reminds me of summer camp and band camp and soccer games.


I remember sneaking a sip of my brothers Gatorade that was in the fridge when he was in high school 40 years ago! I think they only had one flavor then.
And now I am sneaking sips from my kids!

Dawn Eshnaur

Our family LOVES Gatorade! I buy two eight packs every week! G2 is our favorite! Since I have three sons and a basketball coach husband, Dicks Sporting Goods would be a wonderful gift!!! Hope I win :)


Loved the remark from Mia's mom about family time. Thanks for sharing. I'm loving all your Gatorade goodness!!


Very cool. $100 would be awesome


i am so glad that gatorade now has the no-dye line of drinks. pretty please, pick me!

wendy, NJ

I, too, always felt like I was dragging to "just another game" and dreading taking my 3yo with me because she's "bored". Thanks Meg, because i will now think of you and the fact that we are spending quality time as a family! Thank you.

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