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i am drooling over that washing machine! that is awesome!

Secret Mom Thoughts

That washer machine sounds awesome! 28 towels in one load is amazing!


Yes, please!

Jeremie Shaffer

28 TOWELS?!?!?! That's is insane! I want one NOW! ;-)


My dream machine, a house-dusting, floor-cleaning, toilet-scrubbing, toy-picking-up robot. Does Best Buy have those?

Account Deleted

wow. I would love this!


this machine sounds amazing!!! I will save my pennies:)


OMG it's not only an amazing idea, it looks nice as well! We have 6 kids at our house..ranging from the ages of 10-6...we are a blended family..2 Ten year olds, 2 eight your olds, 1 six year old, and 1 5 year old..now you know I understand LAUNDRY!!!


Oh a new washing machine would be soooo nice! :)

Lynda@Me and My Pink Mixer

My dream appliance would be a machine that cleans my kitchen floors really well instead of me getting down on my hands and knees with a bucket and rag :)


To keep with the Jetson's theme, I'd like an appliance that made dinner. I could program all our favorites into it, make sure the food was in it. And kinda like your wish of the conveyor belt, the food would just get pulled through and magically turn into whatever recipe I programmed into it.

Of course I'd still get to make the good stuff - cakes and desserts and all that - because think of the extra time I'd have to do so! ;)

tiffany m gardner

my dream machine would be one that could keep me and my family organized. maybe it would follow after my children and pick up after them...wait, that is me. i think life would be simpler if we were more organized. we would have more time for lemonade on the porch....ummmmm....my dream machine.

abigail g

28 towels in 1 load. I might actually love to do the laundry. I would love a machine that would empty the dishwasher. I would rather hand wash the dishes in the sink than empty the dishwasher.


My dream machine would be a robot that would tidy up that which was not tidy, clean that which was not clean and had breakfast prepared in the morning. Love waking up to a clean place -- what a way to start the day.


wow, this sounds like an awesome wash machine and would be lovely to have. my dream appliance...anything that can help me with my floors. they are my nemesis. the best way to get them clean is on my hands and knees scrubbing, but i really don't like that so it doesn't happen as often as it should.

amy b.

28 towels? I don't think we own 28 towels!!Amazing! Love the pic of Alice from the Brady Bunch!! She was pretty amazing! I mean, cooking and cleaning and still having time to date Sam the butcher!!

Jenni Carlisle

Front Loader Washing Machine and Dryer Owner may or may not be on my bucket list, just saying. Swoon.


My dream machine would be the stove in the commercial with Kelly Ripa...boil water in an instant and when your done the stove top is cool to touch...dreamy :)


I so dream of new appliances....all of them, ha! I would LOVE a new washing machine and dryer!


My dream appliance would be something that vacuums for me. I realize they have those already, but are they any good? I don't know, but that's what i want.


This sounds and looks amazing!!!


Laundry is the job I hate the most so anything that would help to make that process better or faster, sign me up. I have been drooling over these large washers and dryers for awhile. What a plus that it is quiet too.

Mary Tyler S.

O.M.G Drooooling! 28 towels???

Nichole L.

I have been looking at this exact washer/ and dryer :)
We are building a new house and this is the last appliance to purchase. And....I do like that color ;)


Wow, that's serious loadage!! I might have only two loads. No I wouldn't...


Wow that sounds awesome!!!

My dream machine would be a new kind of flooring that sucks in the dirt and dust and cleans up stains so I would never have to sweep, vacuum, or mop ever again - and it would work for wood, carpet, tile, etc. That would be great! I can't stand a dirty floor but they happen so easily!

Oh - and it would clean the trim and dust everything in the house too. Why not? It's my dream machine!

Kate W.

That sounds amazing. I don't mind doing the laundry..but I hate the folding and putting away.


My dream machine is a dryer that doesn't clump my clothes together. About 2 years ago my gorgeous, beautiful, I-had-to-have-it dream dryer started clumping all non-large loads. (Is it weird that ive photographed the clumping??)I have to put towels in with smaller loads...or I'm rewashing or ironing EVERYTHING. Sigh. Our sweet repairman has worked on it, googled it, researched & asked around...all to no avail. So as soon as I'm frustrated enough to drop the cash on it, I've gotta replace it. I keep waiting for one that cleans the lint itself, folds as it tumbles, puts everything away in the correct places, miraculously makes me lose 12 pounds, and restores these gray hairs to black. For some reason, no salesman takes me seriously when I ask if that machine exists. Sexist. ;) *wink*


Wow so very awesome! the machine, and that your kids are now doing their own laundry.
My dream machine would put all those clean clothes up in drawers so they stay organized, or hang them color coordinated in the closet. putting up clothes is such a bore.

thanks for the giveaways!


my dream appliance that exists would be the roomba vacuum thingy. i have a two year old, who, no matter what we do, manages to get food in every room of the house. :(

my dream appliance that doesn't exist would be a kitchen appliance that creates healthy, wholesome food all of it's own accord. push a button and it's done! (it'd have to do the grocery shopping as well ;P )


Wowowowow. FANCY. I am almost in disbelief of the 28 towels. Actually I am in disbelief.

My dream appliance would be a gas fireplace.
Is that considered an appliance?

I'd say a gas stove. But I'd prefer the fireplace. Too bad no gas service to my building. Boo. Hoo.


Tweet, tweet! https://twitter.com/#!/CuppaKim/status/78559399542669312


I really want one of those WiFi thermostats, so I can adjust my heat and air on my iphone! That would be GREAT for when I forget to turn it down when we are not home.

Raquel Barrios

Just got a samsung front loader (not this one, though). LOve it!


Hmmmm...can we get a dishwasher that unloads itself? That wool rock my world.


my dream machine machine would pull weeds from my flower bed in the hot iowa summers! thanks for the giveaway!


I love to do laundry! No joke!


Awesome! I go through 28 towels easy during beach/pool season.


I don't know if this is technically an appliance, but I LOVE my Shark. I love that I can clean my kitchen floor without emptying a filthy bucket, using chemicals, or throwing away pads. My floor has never been cleaner. An added plus is that the kids LOVE to use it - it makes a cool sound.

Lori Daveggio

mmmm. new washer smell.

Karen Willis

Dusting Robot! How wonderful that would be.


This machine is AWESOME!! i've been dying for one since we moved back to the states a year ago. AMAZING!!!


wow. . what a generous giveaway!! Laundry. . I still have not gotten a handle on it. . .been married 18 years, 5 kids and I still have not found a system that works. . .laundry is the thing I dislike the most.


Sign me up!


my dream appliance would fold the clothes and put them away


I would sell my husband for that machine. Just kidding. He does his own laundry so I will not complain.

Nicole F.

I am still hoping for the housekeeper too! :)

Heather R.

It is so pretty. I need a "big girl" washing machine. Thanks for spoiling us!


I would have a machine that FOLDS the laundry!!!


tweet tweet!

Jenny Logan

I think my dream machine would be that washer! Less loads would be fabulous!!!


I would LOVE a machinet that would do the wash and dry in one machine. It's always the wait time between cycles, waiting for one to finish or ther other. But your machine would be a miracle.


that washer would be great! do they make something that washes and dries? That would be the best! Thanks so much!


28 towels! No way! I'm sure you mean washcloths. Not the big bath sheets. right? :-)


Not to be a copy-cat or anything, but that washer right there is my dream machine. I have wanted a front load washer since the day my husband and I got married, granted that was only 4.92 years ago, but still. I found a recipe for a great homemade laundry detergent and apparently the same size batch of detergent that will clean 180 loads of laundry in a top load washer, get this, will clean 640 loads in a front load washer. Are you kidding me?! 460 more loads of laundry on the same batch of detergent?! Needless to say, I would like a front load washer as awesome as the one above very much. =)


I want a smart refrigerator - one that will give you a recipe for whatever is inside of it at that moment - then get all the supplies ready for you! No work but the cooking part!! And we are just moving - so that gift card would be a HUGE blessing!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



Oooh...some of the ways to enter are too complicated for me :) I can handle leaving a comment though!

sara @ it's good to be queen

i want that washer and alice....but i'd settle for a best buy gift card. ;)


I would love a machine that folds and puts the laundry away!

Kimberlee Jost

Does Tivo count as an appliance? I feel like I'm living in the dark ages without it.

sara @ it's good to be queen

and a tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/saragood2bqueen


I just got a new washing machine in December....where was this thing then? My Jetson dream machine would be a machine you could step into that would remove unwated fat cells...hey, a girl can dream! ;)

Rachel B.

I don't want a dream appliance...I just want to Alice to come to my house!


also my dream. . . oh to have to do less laundry (especially the folding/put away part. it's the worst)

Stacy M

28 towels washed at once would be a dream! If only it would fold and put them away too.


My dream "appliance" would be an automatic door-opener that responds to the sounds of our dogs' barks. :)


$100 to Best Buy would put us well on our way to a new TV! That's awesome! Thanks, Meg. The washing machine that you wrote sounds so amazing...


my dream appliance would be a washing machine that lets the clothes sit in there and NOT WRINKLE! or just machine i could stick the clothes in and not ever have to iron them...if only...


Here's my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/marymarc/status/78576892764094464

Heidi Devereaux

I want a bathroom that I can seal up and close the door and turn it on just like a dishwasher to clean it!


I don't need a larger washer, but I want one of those things on Star Trek where you just basically say what you want and then BAM, it's there. Wasn't there something like that on the Fifth Element as well? Just pop it in and BAM food/drink? One of those.


Laundry is my nemesis. I think that washer would definately qualify as my dream machine.




tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/tannerbryant/status/78578196764831744


a dish washer that actually cleaned the dishes! I dont want to have to pre-rinse my dishes any more. Straight from the table to the dishwasher! That would be awesome!


a washer that worked would be fabulous. ours seem to last only a few years around here. and the new one, not even a year.


Hecks yes! Loooove shopping...especially with gift cards! :)


Happy Father's day? Let's hope so!


How cool is that washer...mine is getting up there in years!


Hahaha--when you asked what our dream appliance would be I instantly thought--Duh, Rosie! Great minds :)

28 towels at once! My boys take so many showers (I know count my blessings) that dirty towels multiply like rabbits! One second all the laundry is folded and put away..then I blink and there's 4 more loads!

Anne-Marie Petersen

Would love the washer, but a cleaning fairy that did everything would be the best!

Wendy C

I love the idea of having each child be responsible for their own laundry - sounds like a new summer chore coming our way :)

Erica Anderson

My dream machine would be a washer dryer combo that would wash everything that I needed without mixing colors, without shrinking, or without losing any. It would have a little compartment to put socks and it would keep track of how many socks you have so you know how many you put in and wash without losing any! Then, it would have a part that comes off that takes them out, hangs them, sorts them, folds them and puts them away for you. More time for pedicures and catching up on tv shows. =)


would LOVE it.....

kellie s.

Ugh...laundry is the bane of my existence...I would like a machine to do it all for me too! That or one that does the dishes for me...wait, they make those?! j/k but I am still in the stone ages washing dishes by hand - so I am definitely into dreaming about all-service robots that can clean my house for me!


Please please please!

Allison Y.

I love the idea of so many things in one load - until I have to fold it all at once ;) My fingers are crossed.


I have a Samsung washer that I love..not this one, but I still love it. :)

Kim Bernhardt

Oh how nice it would be to do a load of wash once, not twice, or more to get the dirt out! Not to mention a dryer that works, but for now its a good thing the rain has stopped in CA so I can dry things on the line outside.

Diana Yarborough

Any appliance that works the way it is supposed to with no scratches, problems, quirks, etc.


I'd definitely want a robot to mop my floors.




Laundry is my least favorite thing to do- but it might get easier with this new washer. I totally want this washer in my NEW home!


Love this washer!!Would make life easier for sure!!!


I like the Rosie idea...but a great big washer would be great, too. In my family, laundry can be tough--grubby, dusty, bloody--because we help my parents at their ranch. I'm pretty good at soaking and pre-treating, but that steam cleaning sounds like the way to go!

Lillian Phelps

This would be great to wash my King fluffy comforter! Larger loads means more time...to do other chores! Lol :)

Lillian Phelps

I tweeted


Janet C

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? TWENTY EIGHT towels? That washer is my DREAM machine. The less loads the better.

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