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Debbie Bellows

i need to make an effort to get on my treadmill!

Debbie Bellows

i tweeted here:



I walk with my daughter.


I am running. With my dogs. Okay, they're running and I'm jogging/walking.

Mary Beachy

i need to excersise more...i had been running but quit. :-(

Katie g

I am doing work out videos-it has actually been kind of enjoyable!


I am taking walks and doing the Zumba dvd.



Angie G.

I am a runner - love, love, love to run! I'm slow right now (pregnant with our third little boy), but can't wait to start back up after his arrival this fall. :)


My fiance and I have been doing the Supreme 90 Day program, much like P90X but way cheaper, to get in our best shape possible before the wedding (in 24 days)!


Riding my stationary bike - inside where it is air conditioned...and chasing the kids!


I am starting training for a half marathon! I am so nervous, but I think it will be a great experience!


We just got the Burley Bee Bike trailer a few months ago, so this is the summer of biking around here. :) We will definitely be keeping active this week by biking with our little one, maybe to the ice cream shop or famer's market!

tiffany m gardner

Well...since it's over 100 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY in oklahoma...the kids and my husband and I run through the sprinklers (in our neighborhood) during our walks every night. It is now a game to see who can get to the sprinklers first! Nice way to stay active and stay cool!


Since watching the World Cup final, my son is in love with soccer. We've been playing every night!

Amy Lynne

I have been riding my bike for fun and to run simple errands. It makes me feel better and it saves my family on gas money!


I need a new bike!

natalie (the sweets life)

i'm getting up when it's still dark to go for runs before the insane heat hits!!


i love to walk miles when the sun goes down


I'm doing the 30 Day Shred!


It's too hot outside but my 5 year old and I are trying out some yoga videos this week!


I've been swimming, walking and hopefully getting back to my yoga !

Kim Barlow

I am running from store to store trying to find a bridesmaid dress that is less than $100 bucks for 7 girls...holy cow...that's hard work...it'll definitely make you sweat!!!


My husband and I get up early before the kids are awake to hit the elliptical and treadmill, 15 minutes on each while watching the TV on closed caption. It's awesome, i'm not outside sweating before I do anything, and I don't have other things getting in my way. I still hate it. :)

Adrienne S

I am training for my 2nd Triathalon this summer on August 7!


walking in the woods!


I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for a great deoderant...because I love running and smell terrible afterwards:)

Jenn Shock

All summer I have been chasing around my 2-year old son! Now that is CONSTANT motion :)


After a 12 year hiatus I started working out again! I am on week 4 of the Couch-to-5k and will be signing up for the Tiger Trot at Tanganyika as soon as registration opens up! (Any aspiring runners? I highly recommend C25k!)


and I tweeted!!


Swimming, swimming and more swimming!!! Gotta love the Texas heat!


oh what a fun idea- I am taking the stairs at work these days! Does that count?

Mrs. B.

We are moving this week in 100+ degree weather....this is more of a workout than I've had in years.


My husband and I are (trying) to do the Insanity workout!


I have been loving Zumba for the last year. It gets you moving and busting a move. :)

sara @ it's good to be queen

i am moving by swimming a lot and going up and down my stairs. ;)


I'm going on a bike ride!


I have been such a slacker. I need to get with the program.


Jog/Walk when I can, it's so hot! Need that Degree!

Just jennifer

after a week of diving last week, trying to get back into the exercise thing - looking for Tony Horton today!


I am doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30


I rode a bike for the first time in years last night. So much fun. I also love doing yardwork and gardening. I walk the stairs at work, but I don't necessarily love doing that.

Jennifer Resnick

I'm doing the Ultimate Conditioning class at my gym 4 days this week!

Nancy T

I swim everyday!


I walk the dog morning and night and go to the gym to walk on the hot days. I have a pedometer to make sure I get at least 10,000 steps in a day. I also have started sitting on my exercise ball when I work. I've found it keeps me moving, sometimes when I don't want to. :-)

Keri Taylor

My mom and I walk at the local walk park. Degree is a great deoderant. Keeps me dry and smelling fresh.


I enjoy taking my dogs for a walk. I'm a big fan of degree and carry one in my car and purse!

Amanda Kay

does serious summer cleaning count...gearing up for a move :)


I walk my dog every day and try to run a couple times a week!

Katie Jennings Phillips

I put my one-year old daughter in her float in the pool and I kick, kick, kick her around the pool. She gets a kick out of it (no pun intended!) and I work up some heavy breathing. I also believe I could potentially morph my grandmother's lean "chicken legs" into something a bit more glamerous and sexy! ;)


I run on the treadmill and do some pushups, crunches, etc. And I watch my kids swimming, though I doubt it counts ;)


I will be biking, running, and swimming this week. And, of course, trying to keep up with 4 active kids!


I walk to Subway with my "work wife" every work day. And I've been super cleaning every day (which is a major workout, let me tell you).


I walked in the neighborhood twice this week so far...last night even in the drizzling rain.

Katie Fisher

I'm going dancing with my husband!


I love doing weight lifting and cycling at my local gym!!

the domestic fringe

Cool. I may need to try that deodorant since it's hot as a bonfire here. My son says it's so hot that his inner ice is melting.


Swimming and treadmilling!! :)


I Tweeted! :)
kerrimann17 Kerri Mann
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Amanda C.

I chase my one year old.


Running, walking and swimming!


i *was* doing the 30 day shred but after moving haven't gotten back into it. it's been almost a month now. *have* been taking walks and doing some swimming though. getting ready to bike riding soon too!


Enjoyable yard work. I love to get really into my flowers, garden, and yard. Then I take a nice bike ride around town to cool off!

Amanda Larkins

I hit Curves at least 3 times a week. Along with other mommy things to do, this keeps me busy.


its super not this week, but I'm fitting a little in during the am coolness. Also, whenever I rock my infant to sleep I fit in a few squats. all the motion helps her drift right off!

Kim Hassack

I'm using my Wii, riding my bike, and chasing after my 20 month old niece whenever I get the chance!


Besides fork to mouth, I've been horrible! But I have been walking after dinner, I hope that helps with these thighs, whoa momma!

Melissa S

I have signed up for a 5k in 6wks. have to get started training!


I've been going to the gym with my mom!


Attempting to keep up with a and 2 year old at 33 weeks pregnant...I am always in MOTION!:)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Swimming has been great! Need to keep it up!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



I love walking and going to curves!



Amanda B

I've been working out at the YMCA everyday this week. It's been way to hot to exercise outside!!

Amber Hutchinson

Morning runs are spent with my 130lb great dane. She loves it. I love when her momentum gives me a little pull up big hills...keeps me going on these hot days! Evenings are often spent harvesting from our garden, which takes calculated movements to steer clear of itchy mosquito bites!


running after a very active toddler keeps me active




I've been streaming Netflix yoga videos!


i've been faithfully working out each day for about an hour at the gym!


i tweeted about this promotion:


Susan Smith

I enjoy taking my dog for a walk and swimming.

Susan Smith



I am doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and also walking 2 miles every night (except weekends!)

Jessie C.

I'm doing more yoga and jogging.

Jessie C.

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Alexis Y.

I live in a small New England town. I've biked nearly everywhere this summer! It is a beautiful and very fun way to be active and in the community (especially if where you live is very green :-)).


The last 2 weeks has been super hot, so it makes it harder to exercise in the heat. But, I still forced myself to go for a 3 mile walk either in the early morning or later at night when the heat isn’t as bad.


tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/KerryBishop/status/95182707214123008

Jennifer Marie

I am taking as many bike rides as I can this week to stay active!

Jennifer Marie




Training for a marathon...tough, but totally worth it!

kay swederski

Walking before work - if I wait I make up excuse not to go!


walking and jogging


I am running/walking with my two boys. My 17 m.o. in the jog stroller and my 6 y.o. on his bike. I get a work-out and they have fun.


I have had runner's knee for about a week, but I'm doing High Intensity Interval Training DVDs to keep fit!


Walking! In air conditioning....cause I can't take the heat outside this July!

Helen Keeler

I ve been attending Weight Watchers and have started walking. I am beginning to lose weight and am feeling better. [email protected]




Walking my 175lb dog is always a workout!

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