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I make my husband a protein smoothie when he comes home from the gym. It usually consists of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Musle Milk protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 4 frozen strawberries, 3 tablespoons frozen blueberries, 2 handfuls of frozen spinach, some yogurt, and some granola...all blended up in a Magic Bullet!

Heather R.

Hydrate the heck out of 'em! :) Make sure they get good sleep, play hard, and have a great time.

Amber Treat

My son is in a lot of sports--whatever is in season! I try to encourage him to be a team player. He may have an off day personally, but someone else on the team usually steps up to make it happen. A team can only win when everyone works together!


The hardest part for me right now is just taking my little one to practice. She is only 5 so I have to stay there during the practice. It can get boring at times but in the end it's worth it to see her learning and having fun!


I have tried the prime Gatorade for my daughter for basketball. She loves it. I think I could just about own the Gatorade company as many as I have bought over the last 20 years. My husband plays travel softball, daughter basketball and soccer now the son is playing travel baseball and soccer. Gatorade is running through our veins!


My little guy is 5 and just getting started in the world of sports. Baseball just finished and basketball is starting in the fall and I am so excited! I played basketball for 6 years and I really hope it's his favorite. Although I think football might win out. ANYHOW..I support him by making sure he gets a good sleep the night before practice/game (and always really), cheering loud (but not too loud, he says that embarrassing!), encouraging him to always do his best and be a team player and bringing his favorite Gatorade..Frost Glaciel Freeze. I much prefer a plain old glass of water (sorry Gatorade!) but he sure loves the blue stuff.

Jolene (Homespun Heritage)

I have a basketball player (he's only 8) and my 3 oldest enjoy gymnastics. We hydrate them like crazy and make sure they eat great. They are encouraged to make good choices and thus far they've done that. I think good base nutrition training is key to establishing the habits for the busier times when they won't always have mom around to remind them.

Meredith Salmon

We go to all practices and games together as a family with extended family as well in tow. Gatorade is a favorite of my little soccer star. We carry red chairs in the color of the team and this year is going to be a little more crazy with the start of travel soccer. Looking forward to being that soccer Mom and getting to know the other kids and families we will grow with as my husband and I did when we were soccer stars.


I'm not a mom but I am an athlete myself so I try to support myself and be well prepared for workouts and games by eating the proper foods and staying hydrated throughout the day! I can definitely feel a difference when I haven't eaten properly or drank enough water or Gatorade!

Julianne Brimner

Lots and lots of water and food to fuel before practice....games haven't started yet.


My oldest athlete is only 8 and so sleep is so important for all of them. Even if I didn't know how much they slept the night before I could take a good guess when I saw them on the field/court. We also stress hydration!!


I don't have kids but my husband plays basketball all the time at the rec center. He tends to be injury prone so I make sure he takes days off.

Dawn O.

My 8th grader plays football and we try to keep as much water in him as possible. After practice we usually give him a bag of granola.


Cheer for them....support them....and love them through the ups and downs! And become very aware of first aide training! lol


I am probably not the best sports mom out there but the important thing is that I AM THERE--cheering, encouraging, handing out snacks, letting my boys know that I will happily wash their stinky uniforms when we get home! :-)


My 3 year old is starting soccer in a week and a half so I'm new to being a sports mom, but am so excited! He eats A LOT so I plan on having nuts, dried fruit and cheese for snacks and keeping him well hydrated. Lots of fun ahead for us!


My 11 and 7 year olds are in Taekwondo. Before a class, I make sure they have a healthy protein like yogurt or peanut butter. After class is when they get supper. I've noticed that they are alert and can perform better if they have a little protein before. If they load up on carbs before class, they look a little sleepy during class.


We usually eat some pasta before sporting events, and we drink gatorade before, during, and after! G2 is the best!

Diana Yarborough

My son loves a pasta dinner after games! I always encourage them to just try their best and follow through when they commit to a sport.


My boys are preschoolers, so they are just learning sports. My husband isn't into sports, so I'm the one out there playing catch with them, teaching them to dribble, etc....


My boys (ages 5 and 7) are in the midst of fall baseball and soccer practices/games. Due to the weird times, I usually find myself making a heavy snack before the games and then eating a meal afterwards. But the night before, we usually eat spaghetti or some type of pasta. Fuel for the next day and of course, they love that stuff. And yes, we have plenty of gatorade and water :)


cheering them on...and driving to and from practices...!!


heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to games I go! lots of water and gatorade (both of my girls love the "rain" ones). before we know it, the kids will be graduating and these crazy schedules will come to a complete halt. can't imagine that.


Try to get as much health food in them as possible. Make sure they stay hydrated. Practice with them. Love them and Pray for them.

Vicki W.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Then let them have fun!


We try to give our sons every opportunity to sleep well. Then just creating space and fun to practice. We don't care how well they do, just want them to have fun and be active!

rachel beverlin

I don't have any kiddos in sports yet, but I'm trying to figure out healthier eating for the whole family so we can have better habits.

Amy G.

Water and Gatorade - and it had BETTER be the right kind ;) - and just making sure he gets enough sleep and rest all during lacrosse season (those practices are LONG!) and especially before a game. I also like to be the loudest cheerer. :)

Jenna Mitchell

I ask my son how HE feels he did after a game. That way I don't start off by assuming he's down about a strike-out or dropped ball. I found this to be a great way to approach since Moms sometimes worry too much about feelings...our kids just want to have fun and don't sweat the small stuff. Even at 12 years old, playing very competitive sports, he finds the positive things to focus on and looks for ways to improve on the things that went wrong. I wish I could live my life more like this...I work on it every day :)

Cris Marsh

I support my kids by trying to be in the stands at all the games and by listening to them after the games instead of telling them how I think they can improve.


We go to all the games (unless we have to divide and conquer to make it to two games at the same time), provide healthy, tasty snacks pre and post game, and play fun 'get pumped up' music on the way to the games.

Jamie Weathers

My daughter broke her collar bone playing soccer and it has been a long recovery, but last year she recovered fully and is back at it. We live in a rural community in AZ so many of her games are in Phoenix (3 hour drive) This mom has made many trips both in AZ and when we lived in Japan for 3-4 hours one way just to watch a one hour game. I also help with game dinners, snacks and drinks plus a lot of yelling from the stands:)


We make sure they eat well and are hydrated.




My son loves soccer. We make sure he always has a water bottle with him to stay hydrated.

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Amanda Sakovitz

you need to support them no matter what and always tell them they are doing a great job

Amanda Sakovitz


Susan Smith

We enourage our children to have fun and be good sports whether you win or lose the game.

Susan Smith


Lillian P.

We encourage our son to just have fun! Although it may be sweeter in the end to win a competition event, the reward is actually playing the sport with teammates and supporting each other. We tell him that if people only played sports to win, then there would be no one left to play because we all lose one time or another. We love Gatorade it keeps us hydrated while we are active outside in the hot Florida sun. Plus it was founded at the University of Florida my husband's alma mater!

Lillian P.

I tweeted!


Lisa K

My baseball playing son prefers a gatorade in the dugout rather than any other drink!


I support my athletes by taking pictures of their team and posting them for all the parents.


gatorade is definitely my go-to and now that I dont play sports for school I grab G2... it helps us post highschool/college athletes to stay slimmer. haha!


my babies start their first sport t-ball next week. i'm loving all the tips for game prep with regards to food and hydration. I think I'll cut up orange wedges for them to eat in between innings :-)


First grader is just starting soccer... we love our camel-back water bottles for everything--sports or not!


By keeping him hydrated!

Jennifer s

Cheer for them, wipe tears of frustration and loss but above all be present.


I don't have a little athlete yet--he's only 6 months old, but I'm so excited to be able to cheer for him in whatever sport he will decide to like someday.


My honey plays soccer every weekend on a team through USC (he's getting his PhD the smarty-pants) and I like to stock him up with lots of complex grains and lean proteins as well as pack him loads of water & coconut water for electrolytes. And of course there is always the post-game snack! :D


We try to be at every game and make sacrifices for them to be able to be in sports (decisions on how we spend $, etc.).
I remember how much it meant to me to have my parents at my sporting events, so I want to do the same for my kids.

Misty c

I make sure they stay well hydrated and happy, so mama is happy too!


Plenty of water and gatorade for the game! It's like a treat for our 5 year old tee ball player :)


Cheer and encourage and have healthy foods for them to eat


Finding something to praise no matter what! And always being at every game!


Lots of hydration, protein & praise!!


Focusing on the enjoyment of the game instead of winning!


With three kiddos in sports, a lot of Gatorade is bought at this house too! I keep them going with a healthy meal/snack before game time and lots of water/gatorade before, during, and after the game. Most of all, I just try to just be there to suppport and encourage them. I also was commanded to never forget my daughter's very important request: "NO coming out on to the field when I get hurt, unless I am dead, dying, or bleeding profusely!" :)

Sy, Shaunna & The Boys

i'm at every practice {splitting my time between the 2 boys i have in sports at the moment}, i wear their colors to the games, we all go as a family and make a day of it, try to cheer as loud as possible, and praise their efforts when the game is over. they are a blast to watch and as long as they are having fun, i'm there for them.

Laura Dailey

Potassium -- bananas help with sore muscles. and water

Kristi Barrett

Just getting into the sports mom thing with a 6 yr old in soccer this fall. I always try to have an little ice chest full of cold water and nourishing snacks. Oh and a clean uniform....


We support our children in sports through encouragement and practicing with them. We also remind them what is truly most important in life!


Trying not to be critical, yet supportive is the way to go.
My husband has coached boys varsity basketball for years and many parents are crazy competitive! Unfortunately they have been such bad examples to their own children. :(

I also think the little things make a difference, so making snacks for your kids' practices and games(soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, hockey...yes, we've done it all!) is a must! :)


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And a good home cooked meal almost every night!


I dont have an athlete to support, but I do support myself. After riding horses in the Texas summer heat, I've found that the best way to hydrate and recover is with some G2 Strawberry Melon. Yummm. And I always drink two BIG gatorades at horse shows - the mango morning kind first thing, and rain when I'm done. Its like my lucky charm or something ;)

Mollie Broering

my kids are too little for sports, but my hubby still plays soccer and softball, so we support him by going to his games and yelling 'go daddy!', and by stopping for icecream on the way home :)


My daughter is determined to be the best athlete she can be. She's not a big meat eater so I keep different kinds of nuts, and peanut butter on hand. I also give her raw crunchy vegetables like carrots and broccoli. And of course, plenty of water and gatorade.


it's baseball, baseball, baseball at our house. i support my players by finally learning the fine art of scorekeeping and becoming an official scorekeeper for the team...not bad for a non-athlete!

holly lang

colored drinks not allowed on the playing field---but on the way home, we rehydrate with gatorade.....make sure the kiddos eat bananas, protein, and have water before events......choc milk after events is good too....daughter 10 is a gymnast and my 7 yo boy...football, wrestling and baseball --my husband is a HS football coach!


Plenty of moral support and encouragement!
And hopefully by encouraging others, I encourage myself to work out more as well.


I make sure my kids drink lots and lots of water & gatorade during and after they play. And, eat a healthy meal or snack before a game. I think eating & drinking right as well as a good nights sleep helps their bodies have the energy needed for sports.

Nicole Q.

I have young athletes . . . we try to get to bed early and drink lots of water or gatorade at all sporting events.


My husband and I drink lots of water and gatorade and pack bananas when we play ultimate frisbee in our league!!


we do lots of water (spent 4 years in the desert, so we know how important water is!), and coconut water after most exercise. Gatorade is reserved for sick kiddos.

kim York

My girl loves gatorade...so I buy lots of it and tell her to have fun!

Kim York


My kiddos are still pretty young so water tides them over for now...but as a college athlete I LOVED Gatorade!!

Jessie C.

I support DD by giving hugs, encouragement. Always making sure she has balanced meals and stays hydrated.

Jessie C.



With kids involved in different sports and different schools and being a single mom, I have to really plan. Our dinners are either made ahead and frozen, or crockpot, but always made with fresh ingredients. I refuse to give it and buy boxed, frozen meals. At least this way I know what nutrients my kids are getting. Thanks Hettie


My daughter is 5 and hasn't begun sports yet, but we are thinking of starting basketball :)


I totally believe in Gatorade. I've been giving it to my kids but never used it myself until this summer - when it was 113 degrees and we were outdoors shearing our show lambs for 4-H. I drank some and could tell the difference between it and water. I now drink Gatorade and keep it stocked for the kids' activities.


I'm at every game for morale support. I want them to look on the sidelines and see their "biggest" fan and cheerleader.

I also encourage healthy eating and hydration.

Thanks for the giveaway!
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We support our kids by being there, but also by not being there sometimes - so they understand that sports aren't always the most important thing. If they understand that, it helps them to not make too big of a deal of either the winning or losing. We love sports, but we try to keep a good perspective.

Lisa A. A.

I support my kids by being proud of them, win or lose. It really is how you play the game and I hope they walk away with that knowledge!


My kids love Gatorade Prime! I also take the soccer girls to Sonic for a little cheeseburger or chicken & the all important ice cream!


my sportsman has had to stop his favorite sport....baseball, because of hip problems....so his sport of choice now is fishing. I love to see him getting ready for his fishing trips, making his lists, etc. I always make sure he has water, sunscreen, lip balm w/spf, a cap...sometimes a new one because some of them have blown away. I just love to see his enthusiasm.

Ani W

We make sure my only kid in sports gets proper rest and we always hydrate with gatorade and water. I'll try the protein snacks after games. Good idea!

Ani W

I tweeted:



cold water bottle for practices and then a cold gatorade for games (or clinics or super hot/long practices but usually gatorade is the game drink not practices)

the biggest thing? making sure the uniform is clean and ready!


Both of my kids are athletes and with practice and games almost every day our whole life revolves around sports, or so it seems. I make sure that they get a lot of sleep, cook healthy with lots of veggies and lean protein, pack them healthy lunches so they're not tempted to buy junk at school, and make sure they stay hydrated. My daughter prefers water but my son doesn't even like it so Gatorade is a life saver :) He loves the kiwi strawberry one the most.


my husband has been training for his first marathon for months! (it's coming up in October - Chicago marathon - yipee!) I keep cliff bars and gel packs in stock for his long runs on saturdays (15-20 miles). Also, we have a camelback backpack that holds water. Pasta the night before a long run. Gatorade the morning of. And a lotta love and encouragement :)

Amy S.

My husband plays tennis and makes sure he's well hydrated. A little chocolate milk for when he's finished. My kids are small so for them it's hydration, correct equipment, and parent involvement and encouragement.


My little one is too young for sports, but for my husband it's lots of water and some Gatorade & protein when he's done with a workout.


Living in Fl, hydration is our biggest challenge during all those sporty outings!


My husband is a runner and a cyclist. Last summer he would spend hours riding his bike in the mountains. When he came home exhausted (but happy) I would be sure and make him drink a big glass of Gatorade. (We mixed the powder kind with water, works great.)

Megan B

I'm just getting started, as my son is just a toddler, but we already stress safety (bike helmet please!) and hydration. He actually loves Gatorade but calls it " water" - such as "orange water" or "blue water" (his fave). :)


Go to every event possible and cheer! Feed and water him well:)


water, water, and more water!

Marilyn Wons

I support my grandsons during their sporting events by being in the stands and always giving them encouragement.

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