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Heather Spooner

It's beautiful! You did a great job.
heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com


I can't enter the contest as I live in Canada but I would love to say the colour is just perfect. Also, I would really like to see a close-up of that sunbeam inlay. Is that the date your house was built? Gorgeous!


love it! it can be so hard to choose the right white. great job!


It's perfect! Can't wait to see it with all the artwork up!
Trying to get motivated to paint two more bedrooms...


I love it! I love color in some areas but I also love to add color in other ways besides paint! Its perfect!


Love the color. May have to use that one in my house!

Jen N.

Gorgeous! What a nice, clean color.

Southern Gal

I think I'm in love with your floor!

The paint looks great, too.


I love good ol' glidden paint. I don't always find the color I want so I just take a paint swatch in and they can always match it. I have never had a problem with it and I love the price. We are actually painting our church with glidden paint right now. It is an old country church that we just started to pastor and it needs some TLC.


Well done! Our new house - that we move to on the 29th - has a wallpapered hallway in need of a makeover. I promise we won't wait seven years; whether we win the gift card or not!


so happy :) I am trying to talk my hubs into painting similar wood work. . . I am painting the kitchen next week. . . and the CABINETS!woohoo!


I LOVE it. I love white trim - even in old homes...so fresh!

I am spending my 3 hours alone today (from kiddos) painting a new (old) kitchen table - was black - soon to be...white!! :)

Jeannie P

it is beautiful; it actually "glows". and aside from the walls, doors, and trim, did you also paint the ceiling? it all looks so fresh and clean!

ingrid lapp

I love it. So bright and cheerful.


Love it! I hope I win, we move into our new home in November and could def use some paint!

Karen Willis

Like the color... we always have a project going on at home.


I love it--I like light and bright!

Anna Marie

I painted the nursery about 6 months ago but that was the last paint project I did. I am not a big fan of painting so it sounds nice to know that there is a paint out there that doesn't necessarily require more than one coat.

Rebecca Musser

Your results are so fresh and clean! Love it!


Love it. So bright and clean. Great job!!!


Great color combos. Love that Waffles matches! :)


Amazing how a coat of paint can perk things up! We have an old home (a money pit;-) so there is always a project! More than a couple of our rooms could use some paint!


You inspire me to paint (and that takes a lot -- ask my husband!)


Love it! love it! Love it! So fresh. I just finished our bedroom and bathroom this summer. Painted them a icey gray. So relaxing. Can't wait to see what treasures you hang.


Love it!


Love it. :)

Karen Gerstenberger

Your new look is gorgeous. I cringed a little bit to see that you covered the beautiful wood doors with paint, but it really works all together, and is much lighter and brighter that way.
I also love the compass design on the floor. Did you do that, or was it there when you bought the house?
I love your transom windows.


Great choice! I love how "warm" the white is! And I LOVE your hall floor...the neutral walls really make it pop. I have plans to paint the second bedroom..this gift card would be great to get that started.

tiffany m gardner

Yep. I love it. I always want to go with a bright color and then my husband talks me off the ledge to some form of white. It is the memories we put on the walls that pop if we choose a subdue color..he says. Yep. He is right. Good job Meg!!


Looks 100% better! So bright and light! Clean. I was a bit distracted by your wood floors tho. Beautiful too!

sharon young

looks great! but everything you do, does.

Tanya H

Your hallway looks fabulous! No recent painting, but we are working on getting the kids into separate bedrooms and that will include letting them choose how to decorate each room...! So exciting and a little stressful too!


Love it!!! It's amazing what paint can do to change the entire look!!

Amy Griffin

Love the two tones of white. Very fresh and clean looking!! :)


Need to paint my little girls room ... sometimes little girls are messy :) I love the bright hallway - very nice ... but the 1903 floor is fran-freek'n-tastic!


ahhhhh fresh paint!! This inspires me to finally tackle our main floor. It is in desperate need of painting. There are a few too many visible hand and foot prints on my walls:)

Dana @ Bungalow'56

I honestly can't believe what a beautiful house you have. To find something with this kind of character in my home town is just not possible. When your city is only 105 years old, there isn't much in the way of historic homes. Working on a basement reno and trying to create some character. Just so happens I'm off to buy the same doors you have in your hallway. Have a great week Megan. So impressed you are running. I'm not eligible for the giveaway, just wanted to leave a message.

Emily Kinsaul

I love the color you chose, what an amazing transformation. My most recent paint job was painting some old dressers a few months ago. They went from a dark wood color to white and I love the light, airy feeling they give our master bedroom now.


What a fabulous transformation. I love all the light and the space looks even larger. Great job!

Rhonda Fendt

You inspire me! I have so many rooms in my house to paint! I have an older home too! I will check out Glidden for sure now! Thanks for the update and it looks amazing!


Love a fresh coat of paint! It's so calming!


GREAT work! I would LOVE to win! I have so many projects like this- they could be easily solved with a little paint, so why wait?

Janet C

I love it! So light and happy.

staci b

We are selling our house and just painted the entire first floor in Natural Wicker! Good choice!

allison albainy

I Love White..simple.


I hate it...no, I really don't. It looks beautiful. I was just wondering as I read that in the post who would actually say they hate it. What I especially love, has nothing to do with the walls. I LOVE that floor.


Love it. Amazing what fresh paint will do!


love the new hallway/color choice! love your floors in the hallway too! did you do the star or was it original to the house?


Love it!!! We just bought our first house and have been slowly painting EVERYTHING! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do! :)


It's gorgeous!!! I love it!


I love the simplicity and how clean it looks! It's so fresh. Looking forward for the upcoming artwork!


We will be retexturing our entire house here in a couple weeks so a massive paint project is in my future :)


Looooove it! We have old doors in our house I have been trying to convince my hubby to let us paint!


So much better - especially the white wood work! My husband is painting my craft room at this exact moment and after that we are painting our kitchen. I love a fresh coat of paint!

Shelly foster

I love your house !!! We have recently painted a room ... My ons nursery :) ! I would lve to do more painting soon at our a frame cabin in savannah !


you picked a great color! It makes it a whole new room! I am getting ready to paint a bathroom :) wish me luck!


Lovely! Our last painting project - touching up all the dings in our walls/woodwork so we could put our house on the market! Lots more painting in my future at the next place.


Wow! It's absolutely gorgeous! Now the eye is drawn to all of the wonderful architectural details (doors, door knobs, floors-to-die-for). Great choice of color!!!


Looks soooooo good! We are redoing our own big "old" house. There is so much painting to do!! I just love the before and after shots.


Great Job! Love the color against the white woodwork!
I am currently painting our bathroom floor - yes, I said Floor! :)


I think it's awesome! We are just getting ready to paint out kitchen and am happy to have a paint recommendation.


love it!!! gives the hallway a fresh/clean look :)

Carin youngblut

Wow you move fast...i can't beliwvw how fast you did this project and it looks awesome! I love to paint...and am inpsired to try your color and Glidden.


your hallway is beautiful...and your floors are georgeous - can't believe we've never seen those before!


Much better! Yay for paint!


Wow...brighten it up it did! And you were brave and painted the wood around the door!!! I need to do that but I'm SCARED!!!!!!!!!!


Love it! My husband just built and painted a board & batten wall for my entry way wall. I'm lovin' it!

Kristin M

It looks great! I agree - why did you wait 7 years? Of course, looks who's talking - I have paint from a mural we never did 3.5 yrs ago, paint waiting for the front porch and shutters to be prepped, and many ideas of painting in my head for "someday". Someday never seems to come I guess!


Looks great! I wish I had a big, rambling old house like yours.


It looks as handsome as Mr. Waffle.


I like very much and especially the way Waffle matches!


I love it! I am determined to paint two more rooms this fall before the cold really sets in - and I love Glidden paint!


It looks great and Waffle is the perfect accesory! I have nothing but paint projects these days but I'm hoping to pretty much wrap them up by November!


I love the very much improved space!!!!


Love it...I wish I had transom windows above doors!


What a transformation, I love it! I also like the color olivewood on the paint chips. I might have to get that for a room in my house.

Maggie Nunez

Mr. Waffle is soo cute!

Shiloh Walter

Love it!

Gina in Louisville

I love it. We need to paint our hallway. I think I'll use the same color.

Kristin Hayne

I love the clean, brilliant look of the white. I kinda thought we would see some crazy, colorful hallway.... but I am glad you chose the neutral path.
And my hubby doesn't know this yet (since he just painted the kitchen), but I want to paint it again.... the color I should have just gone for, ya know? Is it bad if he just painted it 3 months ago? :D

Julie in GA

Love it! Love neutral walls so much!

Anne-Marie P

What a difference! I need to get going on my house.


I love crisp white paint! It looks awesome!


love the crisp white paint...can't WAIT to see the fun color that you add to it with your awesome artwork and your fabulous fabric. :))))

Jessica Anne

your hallway looks great!


I love the white. All the walls and the ceiling in my house are a cedar. Like a giant sauna. And I hate it. I wonder how it would look if I painted the cedar Natural Wicker?


I love it! So fresh and clean -- awesome floor too!

Ashley B.

I love it, but the floor is even better! And it's hilarious that Waffle matches the walls :)


i think it's perfect!


Love it! Pretty sure I just painted my kitchen that same color.


I love it- we have wood doors and I'd love to paint them but everybody gets upset when I suggest it...sigh.

beth p

I love it!!! Mostly I love it because it is finished!!! We have so many prjects to finish....a handrail upstairs that needs repainted, 2 ceilings that need repainted...and it's taken us so long to re-do our old house it's now to to change the kitchen paint that was at one time finished...LOL

Jen D

Great color choice! I might need to borrow that for my guest room.


I love white woodwork. You really notice the great floor inlay. Looks great!

Tina I

Beautiful. The best part of any painting job? Being done. Don't you agree?

Nicole Q.

Love it. Beautiful!


I love the after! beautiful!

Christy B

I love a freshly painted room! Great job!

Nichole M.

Love the new look!! This inspires me to paint my doors white because I've never like the wood color. White is so much fresher!


Great color - you did a wonderful job!

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