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Lori Austin

Clear Blue Sky.
Love the color. Love the name. :)
Can't wait to see what you choose.
Btw, I love this little tool to "try out" colors. I think it might help me pick a new color for my master bath. Yippee!


I would go with Lime Sorbet...bright and beautiful...with white trim, it would be so cheery

Anna Marie

Smoky Charcoal or Moonlight Grey


Polished Limestone <3


almost aqua or pistachio icecream--a little different than a typical neutral, but would go with almost any of your fun and colorful photography and art! i am for real.

tiffany m gardner

sugared lime....mmmmmm I just love green!!


I like Pearl Grey and Granite Grey...but I'm also looking for grey walls in my house. Go painting!


I'm partial to cool blues because they can be such a great neutral and light up a dark space. So... I vote for Icy Waterfall.

Can't wait to see your finished space ... so many hours of love labor!


i like the sunbeam color...so light and cheery and sunshine-y! beautiful house, wallpaper and all! :)


i like Mountain Slate Blue - a great combo of grey and blue!


Love the French gray. What a beautiful house. I love the craftsmen style mouldings and stair rails.


Love, love, love Caribbean Sea!


Smoky Charcoal or Marigold Petals. And, what's on the floor???


Clay Bisque.. a soothing neutral to go with all that beautiful wood!!

Bailey C

Almost Aqua! Looking forward to pics of the makeover!


Moonlight Grey seems like it would go with anything!




Carrie K

true turqoise and accent with candy apple!


My moms old neighbors had a similar design on the floor... Only other time I have seen that!

I love teals, for my bedroom though. I'm a clean cut girl. Whites, blacks. Then adding pillows, filled jars, etc for color pop.

I love the Bermuda Bay but I'm not sure if that's a hallway color. Could be? But I loveeeeeee Corn Silk. It's bright and cherry!


Either tropical surf or clear blue sky. Something bright and light!

Heather Spooner

I love Mossy Green. It would go well with the lovely hardwood floors and wood work. Thanks for the giveaway.
heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

Jennifer wood

I like Pineapple Upside Down cake. However, my house sort of looks like a bag of Skittles so I'm pretty color happy! :)

Lisa K

Well, I like Soft Candlelight because it's a light, sunny yellow which is so happy.. but the truth is, I would want you to go with an appropriate shade of white to be a clean backdrop for all the splashes of color which are YOU!


I must have done something wrong so I'll just go with Olivewood. Thanks for the chance to win.


Icy Waterfall!

Ann R.

Sweet baby boy - i love it - good luck!

jessica kiehn

Pearl Grey. your house is so cool!


Buttered Sweet Corn!


I would pick either Natural Wicker or Dusty Miller!! I love them both!


Tropical Lagoon!


I am terrible at picking colors - I looked but couldnt decide! I do like the idea of painting the trim/doors white and then the walls a fun bright color with a cool deep tone on the bottom on the stair railing (where the maroonish paper is)

Sarah @ Redhead in Ruffled Flats

Lately I've been so indecisive when it comes to color. Blues, yellows, pink, reds, greens, purples? How could I ever decide! We can't paint our apartment, so I'm living with beige-y white walls that I hate but am bringing in color. I could never decide what color to put in your hallway - you have that beautiful green at the end of the stairs, right? How about gray with some awesome paint frames on the walls or something to bring in a huge pop of color.

Brook @ BeingBrook

I would do Sea spray or Shamrock white. Something neutral enough that you won't want to repaint soon since it looks like painting above the stairs is really high!

amy d

love the tropical lagoon color. my guess is that you will go with some shade of white though. :)

Brook @ BeingBrook

I would do Sea spray or Shamrock white. Something neutral enough that you won't want to repaint soon since it looks like painting above the stairs is really high!

Emily S

I loved the Fresh Pineapple!

Rachel Newswanger

Dazzling Daffodil! Wish you could pick paints by names only,
love-em...pretty please show us the finished product! Your house is awesome, the ice cream party was neat-O!


Definitely Granite gray! Gray is the new color, it is everywhere! I love your house, thanks for sharing!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

I love pool party and vanilla shake!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/SongsKateSang/status/111497685063843840


I would do Crisp Linen White, then fill the hall with fun, colorful artwork.

Conner Academy

Warm Stone. A gray neutral with brown undertones (from what I can tell); it would go well with the wood trim, but looks equally fantastic next to white.

Karen Willis

I love Buttered Sweet Corn. Your house is so pretty that any color you choose will be great.

Anne-Marie P

Moonlight gray - I am painting my house is all kinds of shades of gray!

katie g

Smoky Charcoal!

Leigh Anne Smith

I think Vintage Yellow would be beautiful with all that gorgeous wood trim and doors. Very warm without being dark at all. Good luck picking!


It's probably a bit boring, but I love a cool grey, so you can do anything you want with accents of any kind!


I'm in a minimalist phase right now...I like the Elegant Lace and Eloquent Ivory.


For me, I love Shaded Ice and Misty Moonstone. But I think Deepest Aqua would look great in your house, especially with the wood tones in the hallway!


Summer Sandcastle


i'm diggin' pineapple sorbet!

Jennifer s

French gray


I like Sandy Feet...it's so happy!

Sarah Marie

Spring Cactus! So pretty. Thanks for the chance!


I would go with French Country Blue!


I like the smoky charcoal. It will all look great ,no matter what you pick!


Dazzling Daffodil! The pretty yellow would really brighten up the room and balance out the dark wood. Then you could add lovely blues for accents.

Heather S

You always have such fun, colorful accessories so I would paint it neutral (swan white was one color I checked out) to allow those accessories to stand out. the color visualizer was very cool to play with.


I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/carrieloves/status/111501574018310144


I like Husky Grey and Dusty Miller. Maybe not bright enough for that hallway though...
The Dusty Miller color made me laugh because I grew up with a boy named Dusty Miller. :) Too funny!

sharon y.

Granny smith Apple!

Jen N.

Pool party!

Hannah O

TRUE TURQUOISE! it would brighten up that dark wood and be a warming color to wake up to every morning!


I think Pineapple Upside Down Cake would be SUPER awesome:)


French gray.


i like vibrant colors but for some reason am thinking the soft candlelight might let your amazing floors shine. and then let colorful accessories pop!


Sunflower of course! What a great giveaway!


I like the smokey charcoal


Oh I love picking colors - so many pretty ones to pick from! I like Clear Blue Sky and Driftwood Grey! Good Luck! :)

Misty c

right now, i'm all into gray and orange but orange woulkd b weird, or would it!


Oh I love your house! I am painting my living room Warm Stone and the ceiling Bronzed Ivy... Warm Stone is a great nuetral! But I also love love love Winter Sky Gray. It works no where in my house but it is so beautiful. I think I am going to paint my closets that color just so I can use it. :) I also love Dusty Miller. Glidden has so many great color choices!


Misty Aqua, love it!


Fresh Pineapple - Beautiful!


I LOVE celery sticks!

Jennifer DeLosSantos

I would pick indigo night or cinnamon stick. I love bright colors, but usually tend to pick dark ones for my house.

Kirsten P

I think the hallway needs brightness and warmth. I choose Sunflower, or Citus Punch.


Going with antique silver...have it in my entryway/hallway and not only is it the color of a stormy fall sky (so poetic)=D
but you can't see the ten million grubby kid fingerprints...fabulous!

Courtne Huffman

It's hard to say. Are you painting the trim? As of now, I would go with Deepest Aqua or Spring Leaf!


I vote for Moonlight Grey, so pretty!


I like Ginger Ale. Can't wait to see what color you pick!


I would choose vintage yellow, love how it would brighten the room!


I like the Buttered Sweet Corn. What a beautiful third floor you have!

Kimberly  Dial

'Buttered Sweet Corn' gets my vote! I'm excited to see which one you chose! :)


White or lime sorbet would brighten things up!


Barely Jade. :)


Seal Grey would look great. I'm also trying to choose a paint color for our living room. Can't wait too see what you choose. I LOVE your floor!


Pool Party! It would look beautiful with your wood floors and the other colors you have in your home. :-)


Cappuccino white - neutral and bright!!


I vote for French Grey.


Vintage Yellow!

Robin Canter

go with Homemade Butterscotch. Your walls will be yummy looking and you'll probably have to keep butterscotch candies around the house. how can you go wrong with either?? :)


How about quiet rain or shaded ice, they are in the off white family. Will there be a big reveal?

Mary Lawhon

How do you choose?? Clear Blue Sky or Pool Party. Love both the colors and the names.

Ashley B.

I like Sugared Lime or True Turquoise...they seem like your kind of colors. The names are all so fun!


I think you should use either Softest Juniper or Tropical Lagoon. Both are sweet, happy colors and I think they'd suit you and your family well!

Sheila P.

I like the color Olive Wood.

Secret Mom Thoughts

I love the very violet.


I am thinking granite grey for my master.


At first I thought maybe Sunflower but I think I like sunbeam better!!! Good luck so many beautiful choices!

Ruth Ann

I love Misty Aqua because I am such a beach girl. I love the deep blues but think it would be too dark for your hallway, so I like the Cornflower Bouquet as a neutral blue and think it would make the wood look beautiful! Too many great colors to choose from! Can's wait to see your finished look!

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