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i love my hubby of course! i know every gal thinks her guy is the best, but i sure did get a keeper and he is THE best for me :)


...i <3 my siamese kitteh :D

Linzi Kavanagh

I love my sister, she is my rock! Can always count on her to like me, love me and laugh at me!


my best friend, my twin sister!!! she lives in Portland, OR, but we live here in the UK...she knows I love her, but gifts are always lovely!!!

Nicole B.

My hubs- Larry, and my amazing kiddos Logan and Coley - the three great loves of my life :)


geesh, there are all kinds of people I love. My hubby, my kids, my mom, my best friends....and the list goes on. :-)


My daughter. She turns 11 today. Money is tight. Really tight. People have been asking her "ooh what are you asking for for your birthday? what kind of cake are you getting?" It really got her little brain rolling on all the things that we cant give her:( She is wearing womens clothes and boys are noticing her and she just wants to be little and play and not have older girls amd at her. She has a mean mom and 4 brothers who just dont get it all. But she is loved so very loved and I wish I could help her understand that.

Caitlin Weaver

My daughters! The love of a parent is so amazing and hard to comprehend until you are one!


my aunt, who got married for the first time yesterday ay the age of 64. She is loved and has found the love she has been waiting for :)


I love my hubs and my son:) What a pretty bracelet!


My husband and sons. I may not always show it, and sometimes I really have to convince myself that I still do, but at the end of the day, I do really love them!

Alexandra Tarling

If you're willing to ship to the UK, I'd like to enter. I love my friend Jess, who is always there for me.


I love my granddaughter who I get to babysit everyday!


It has been 25 yrs. and I still have a deep love and respect for my husband, Beryl.

Heather Barry

I love my husband, my girls, my sister, my parents ....but most importantly, I love Jesus!


I love my 16 yr old daughter. At times lately we haven't been feelin the love, but I am totally committed to loving her and making sure she knows she is loved through these topsy turvy years...Jenni

Juli Elgin

That is just gorgeous. I love my husband. We are getting ready to celebrate 26 years tomorrow but he will be in Chicago so I guess the celebrating will have to wait until the weekend.


It is beautiful, and a sweet reminder. You are a wonderful friend. Thanks for making this available.


I love my husband and my two adorable kids!


I love my boys, husband and family so much and I am learning to love God above and around them. Life is a journey. :)


I love my three daughters and my sweet, sweet hubby!

Laura M

I love my husband and two kiddos so so much. They fill up my heart!

Elizabeth Flowers

Mmm, I LOVE my husband and three kids. Our little circle sure makes me happy.

Sarah Alcantara

Love my husband and kiddos of course, but If I won, I'd give it to my mom, love her so much and she has been struggling lately with some health issues and it would be a sweet little gift.


I love my husband and my kids to the moon and back! I'm getting ready to send my kids off to new schools this morning, so I will be sending a little 'extra' love with them!


My friend Heather, who is raising five children, gives to her church, and is an amazing friend. She gives so much to others, and I think she could use a little love coming her way.

Nancy Peterson

I love my three guys best, DH and 2 boys! Can't imagine my life without them!


I love my husband of almost 21 years. He took his day off and did work around the house to make it feel more cozy.

Kerry Wiebe

I love the milkman he is the hardest working man I know and I'm so thankful that in everything he does he does it is out of his love for God, his family and of course me!!

Jeannette in Plant City, Fl

I did recognize that box, my husband got me a necklace for my birthday :)
I LOVE my husband, son and daughter ......they make me smile everyday!!!

Sara Torbett

My husband of course, and my sweet two month old daughter :)

Ashley Hall

My sister! Who now lives overseas and I miss dearly!

Laine Chambers

I love my hubby...he's the best!!

Emily B.

My sister - my best friend - the one who can always make me laugh;)


what a nice gift to give someone...beautiful and simple


I love my kids and can't believe all four go back to school tomorrow. =(


I love my husband, kids, and my dad (who is no longer with us).


I love my kids!! All three who make me so proud!!!


My hubby and kids. ;)


I love my God who has blessed me greatly as I sit here and try to decide who I love!

Jen Christians

I Love SO many people... I love my four kids, my husband, my family... I feel loved by them too.


I love my daughter! I just walked her down to the school bus for the first time. How 5 years have gone so quickly. She went off with a big smile, me on the other hand, had tears streaming down my face. I love my baby boy who turns one on Friday! An emotional week for sure!


I really love my sisters!

Angie P

I think I need that reminder. ;)


I'm a lover of too many things to list! But my family comes first!!
Thanks Meg for the chance to win:)!!


I love my best friend who drove miles and miles to be with me for my brothers funeral this summer...only to turn around and have to drive miles and miles back home.


I love my family and friends!


I love my family! My best friends. My Saviour! My church! What more could I ask for??


maybe it's because we're starting preschool this morning...and maybe it's because of the stories i've heard...and maybe it's because i do feel so loved in my family...

that today i'm loving those that not enough people seem to love.

the little ones that don't even know what unconditional love is. the kids who walk around a little glazed over not sure if they should trust kindness.

love them, love them, love them is all we can do.

Jessica R.

I love my family. Plain and simple, but so true!!


I love my family they are just the best and always here for me. The same goes for my boyfriend he is there for me no matter what is going on in our lifes


I love the change of the seasons, promises of being better each time!


my husband and my daughter. life is moving to fast and it seems like i can't love on them enough without all the worldly things getting in the way and taking up our time and money.


I love my family. They all make me so proud to be their wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.


I love this blog!

Jenny Wilson

I love my family! They are so good to me, and such a great example. Fortunately, there are lot's of people in my life that make this world beautiful! I am so lucky to be surrounded by them!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

My new friend Heather, who goes out of her way all of the time to make ME feel loved. What an unexpected gift!


I love my wonderful husband and my lovely, lovely daughter. :)


Right now I'm pouring some extra love to my girlfriend, Lisa. Last week was the first anniversary of her husbands death. He passed away at 33 of colon cancer... it was awful. They have a son who is very high spirited and a bit of a handful, but her world. She is organizing a 5K run in memory of him and all the proceeds go to a scholarship fund she started in his name (he was a teacher). She is awesome and would love this!


My family.
No matter what, I always have them!


My two love-puppies, Hank and Soldier. My life wouldn't be complete without those happy pups in my life (they make me a mom!).


i love my husband
we met during a time in our lives where we thought we would
never find love again
and married two years ago
he is now 52 and i am 48


i love my husband! and my baby girl.


I would have to pick my hubby & daughter, Reese. They are my biggest joys :)


My little boy! And hubby too :)

Kim Bernhardt

I love my hubby and daughter! I love seeing our little family.


I love my family! I would probably give one to my sister...


I love my mom! She's my best friend and we talk on the phone like six times a day and she (with my husband running a close second) is the only one who gets me. My sister died in a car accident when I was 17 and our world came crashing down. I never would have made it through without my mom and she has said the same about me. I would love to give her this bracelet for her birthday in October.


My husband, 5 kids on earth, 1 child in heaven and of course God!!


I LOVE lisa leonard designs! I drool every single time I look at her shop! But most importantly I LOVE my Father! I sometimes lose my way, but I am finding my way back once again and HE is patiently waiting for me!

Maureen Troop

I love my family...even the crazy dog!


My daughter, an amazing girl that isn't caught up in the normal teenage drama....I would love to give her a reminder of what an amazing girl she is and it is okay to be your own person!

Sarah @ Redhead in Ruffled Flats

I'm newly married (just over three weeks) so of course I have to say my hubby man as well Jesus Christ, of course!


I love my wonderful family. That includes all our pets too...(well, most of them LOL) Thanks for entering me in giveaway. Glad you had a great anniversary!


My son! Seeing the way he has grown and changed through the tragedies in his life--losing his aunt at age 6 and then his day at age 10. Kids are amazing, and we should look to them more often for inspiration.


My mom. She is everything I hope I can be for my children. Never judging, loves her grandkids immensely, always there in a pinch, loves to "help", generous, super fun, concerned when necessary and knows when to keep her distance. I don't know what I would do without her.


My husband who has been by my side for the past 17 yrs (married for 7) and my two beautiful children. Thank you for this giveaway!

Southern Gal

I love my family. I could see my mom or my daughter wearing this sweet bracelet. Thanks for the chance!


My best friend who recently moved almost across the country from me :(

Mary Ann Fisher

I love that Bracelet! but besides that I love my Husband more than anything, we are high school sweethearts and getting ready to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary in a few weeks, and what better way to do that then with the birth of our baby girl who is due anytime now!


I love my family, especially my wonderful hubby who understands me better than I sometimes understand myself.


Her jewelery is awesome! I love my best friend and my family.


I love my children. Their strength and compassion gives me hope.


I love "my guys" .... My husband and my son! They are my world.

carmela hershey

Love my hubby...Love my crazy,awesome boy's...Love the Lord...and Lisa Leonard!! :))


I love my sweet girls - 3 years and 3 months old! They are gifts.


my Jesus! still in awe of how he loves us unconditionally! that's how i want to love others!


I love my best friend....my husband of thirty years, Bill


I love my hubby and my kids, I love God and my family, I love my friends, and I love our country :)


I love my husband and my 2 boys!


God, first and foremost! My hubby and 2 boys are also pretty high on my list :)


I want to love each person I come in contact with... somedays it's better than others.


My hubbie...and kids...so it's a toughie...but, I'd say my hubbie. Love it! (and him)


I love SO many people, but some of my faves are my hubby, my 3 kids, and my awesome family.

Jenny Logan

I would have to say that I love my husband and three kids.


i really love my girlfriends. couldn't live life without 'em.


I love my family! And... some good coffee too :)

Jennifer Ware

I love my husband. Because of who he is and because he gave me two precious children that I love.


I love my mom!!! 28 years old and I still her so bad lots of time!

Rhonda Fendt

I LOVE my super supportive husband and family. I am back in school and pursuing my dream and they are making sure I have the study time to make it happen! I love this bracelet too! and I Love your blog!

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