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i like to use reusable canvas drop cloths when i paint. even though the are a bit pricier, i've only had to buy one, ever! and then i take painter's tape and tape it along the baseboard...works like a charm!


Someone told me once to use Saran Wrap on windows and doorknobs to keep paint off of them. Havent had to paint anything recently, but I'm going to try it when I do :)

Heather Spooner

I like to save old bedsheets to use as drop cloths. Also I use diluted fabric softener in a spray bottle to remove wall paper. I pour the paint into an old plastic Folgers coffee can. It has a lid and handle.Thanks for the giveaway!
heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

Kristin Hayne

OK... I have two tips for your painting journey.
1. Poke a hole in the rim of the paint can. That way, when you have all the extra paint that gets into the rim of the can, it will drain back in and A. you don't waste paint B. Do not make a mess when sealing it back up and C. It doesn't dry out your paint once the lid is on.
2. Take a large rubber band or 2 and wrap it around the paint can so that the rubber band is in the middle. Use it to wipe the excess off the brush and it will drip directly back into the paint can. :)
Hope that helps!!


An obvious tip...but don't rush the prep! Range time to tape off well and last out drop cloths! Less time cleaning up at the end!


Cover door knobs and/or thermostats that can't be removed with aluminum foil before painting.

Bailey C

I've heard not to use cloth drop cloths but rather something backed with plastic (they make drop cloths like this, they are so thin, it's almost scary, but the plastic backing is key). Paint can soak through cloth and still damage whatever it is you're trying to protect.

Kelly K.

I like to use a short angled brush for cutting in, and my husband rolls right behind me. That way, we finish in less time!

Sheryle Griffith

If I am going to be painting again the next day I wrap the roller and/or paintbrush tightly in a plastic bag. Saves having to clean them every time you are done painting.


Preparation is the biggest, from taping to covering. It's time consuming but essential. I just want to get in there and paint!

Ann Griffin

When your done painting it's always a good idea to keep the paint swatch so you always know what color it is incase you ever need to go back and touch up or you like the color enough to paint another room later. Instead of trying to store all of these swatches, cut the color swatch down small enough to tape behind the light switch cover. Then you'll always know where it is and you never have to worry about matching a color.

sara @ it's good to be queen

i tweeted {and facebooked} it here: http://twitter.com/#!/saragood2bqueen


Clean any drips right away. So much easier that way!!!

sara luke

Don't buy the cheap rollers. I've learned the hard way that the cheap rollers result in more coats of paint than the expensive ones. And toward the end they start leaving fuzzies and globs. Ew.


Make sure you take of switchplate and light fixtures beforehand!


don't buy cheap paintbrushes.


We use aluminum foil to cover doorknobs and light fixtures!


When I'm painting a piece of furniture...after the primer dries, I ball up a brown paper bag and do a quick rub down over the piece. This makes a the paint coat go on much smoother...as if it was always meant to be that color;-)

Mrs. Edberg

When painting, I usually invite friends over. :-) I get so bored with it and having the company makes it so much easier to do in one swipe. I also ditto PP that mentioned the more quality paint brushes...it makes a difference!


Preparation is essentail. Taping and moving everything out of the way takes time BUT its worth it

Sandra K

Old bed sheets work great as drop cloths! Thanks!


Buy good paint brushes and rollers. I make sure husband is out of the house while I'm painting because he's terrible at painting but great at pointing out my flaws!


One good tip I received from a friend. If you are done painting for the day(and still have more to paint the next day) instead of washing out your dollar/paint brush wrap them in a plastic bag!!!! They are fine the next day to use!!! It works great and less clean up !!!! SARa


I meant to say roller not dollar !! LOL


The best paint tip I've ever received has to do with caulk. My husband used to work with a painter in high school. This man has painted his whole life and knows his stuff.

After you are done taping, run a VERY thin bead of calk in the crevasse. Then run your finger over it to create a nice smooth line. When you remove your tape, you will have the crispest line possible. If you let the caulk sit too long, just score it with your knife and it will come right off.

This extra step takes extra time, but you won't believe the outcome. I have yet to find tape that gives a perfect line like caulk does.

And sadly, everyone I talk to has never heard this tip. Now you know!

Karen U.

I use an old sheet for the floor. Always tape your baseboards - it's time consuming, but so nice when you take the tape off and see that nice crisp line! And one final tip - wrap your brush or roller in saran wrap if you're not finished and it will be ready for the next day. A super hot day? Place the wrapped item in the fridge... perfect and you don't have to clean them out every time you need to take a break, change a diaper, feed a kid, etc. and they won't dry out.


I think it's always a good idea to test the paint out on the walls in small spots with different lighting to see how it's going to look. That's my DIY idea!


an old rag close by is a must when doing any form of painting trim or close to the ceiling. I used an "edger" when I was painting all of the trim in my house. Worked like a charm, I didn't have to spend hours taping, I could just hold the edger, paint a section, clean the edger off, and move on.


My best tip is to have my husband watch the kids so I can paint in peace and quiet - it gets done much faster!!


don't buy cheap paintbrushes. i want to win :)

Christy B

When narrowing your color choice, buy a small amount and paint a small section (my kids love ot pick the shape) on the wall (leave it for a couple of days) so you can see how you will like 'living' with that color before buying more of it. Also, have fun and experiment with color - you can always repaint if you get bored or don't like it.

Sarah Osborne

always have a plan b


I always keep a photo of the room/wall/piece of furniture I'm painting on my phone for quick in-store comparisons. It's a simple way to double-check your color, & have a visual of it in various light sources.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Robyn B

My best tip - a painting party! I have 3 really great girlfriends...we're all married and have kids, families, sports, etc - busy lives. So we combine a girls night and painting...we've painted 2 of the 4 homes so far! It's alot of fun, we get to catch up and chat, AND we paint :)

holly s

Use old bed sheets for the drop cloth and make sure the husband takes the kids somewhere fun. That way the job gets done without interuptions and goes quicker! Oh how I hope I win! Love to paint.


I need to paint my bathroom...its crazy ugly! hahahah
My best tip is make it fun, invite friends and plays music...

x♥x♥, gina

check the paint color in different lighting and always go one shade lighter than the exact color you want - a whole room of paint often looks darker than the swatch!

holly s

I blogged about this giveaway over at: http://hollystock.blogspot.com/


We save old bedsheets also to use as dropcloths.

GB Jost

Love to paint! The thing about painting is this....take your time with the prep work. If you rush it, when you get to paint time, the results will be ugly and you will be mad at yourself. Take your time, tape well, patch carefully (and look hard for those places that need patching), prime slowly and then the paint will go on so smooth and beautiful (smooth as silk). As you paint...if you have taken your time with prepping...your walls will almost say "thank you for caring!" Silly me...but they really do!


we use old towels as dropcloths &, like you, i always have a wet rage at the ready for any drips. i am the only person in our house who enjoys painting. i find it to be therapeutic.


I always use lots of fans and open windows, you'd think it would be obvious but it took me a few times to realize how it made things more bearable. Also, jolly ranchers. Snacks + paint are difficult but sucking on jolly ranchers is easy, tasty, and satisfying when performing anything repetitive.

Kate S.

I wrap paintbrushes and rollers in plastic wrap or leftover sacks from the grocery store to keep them moist between coats, or in the event I need to make any touch-ups later on. It saves paint and time I would otherwise spend washing and rewashing paintbrushes.


Be careful using tape on the floor! Our contractor taped plastic to my wood floor last year while remodeling our kitchen. When he cleaned up, it pulled the finish off our floor! Gah! Can't wait to see your after pictures. And, I have been wanting to tell you, my hat is off to you for painting over woodwork (previous post). It takes a lot of strength to cover that wood with paint. Amen to you!


Such good tips (I've never heard of the foil around knobs).
My only tip is an angle brush. Ever since I got one my edges are perfect and quick.


I don't use painters tape to block off the baseboard and trim. I use a flat pad on rollers they are in the painting section at Home Depot, I would think Walmart has them too.


i use foam brushes in our old 1920's home when painting the trim. they were great for getting into all the nooks and cranny's and cheap!


i always use painters tape and old sheets when i paint. getting everything set up is always the worst part, but once i get started actually painting, i find it to be so relaxing.


Spend the money and buy a really good paint brush. If taken care of, it will last years. Oh, and tape everything!

Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog

my tip would be to start w/ the edges first. I hate edges, and I find that if I go ahead and get those out of the way, the painting process will move a bit faster. :)


If you need to fill in a small picture nail hole ... and you don't have caulk around ... put a small bit of toothpaste on your finger and smear it in the small hole - let dry - and paint!

Katie W.

My best tip is to buy quality paint. It saves so much time!

Lindsay E.

I like to get many, many paint chips of the same color family that I am considering and tape them to the walls of the room I am painting. I evaluate them at different times of the day and see which ones I like in that light and put a hash marks on the ones I like the best. At the end of the day after all light is considered, I see which ones have the most votes.


My best tip it to be patient! I am always so excited to get it done that I have to redo some.


Best tip is to buy the best brushes you can. A good brush makes a world of difference. Also, I promise to give my husband treats (wink, wink) if he will cut all the edges for me. Is that OK to say that?!


Painting requires two things: a friend to do the cutting in and some good music!


I'm super lazy, so instead of cleaning the brushes at the end of the day I just wrap them up in plastic wrap and stick them in the refrigerator. They wait there happily until I am ready to finish the project. Then, when the whole job is done, I finally wash them well!


I like to listen to audiobooks while I paint--the time flies. I just finished painting my firstborn's room and listened to "The Chronicles of Narnia", a dramatization by Focus on the Family. Very cool.


I always bring home way more paint chips than I probably should. Often something unexpected (often in a completely different color palate than I was thinking) really looks best in the room!


Don't forget to take time to tape edges, baseboards and ceilings. It may be time consuming but once you start painting it makes it go so much faster.

Lorie Yoder

I use painters tape...a must for me, because I'm not very accurate around my baseboards. I also use old sheets to lay over the carpet while I paint. And lastly, instead of buying tray liners each time, I use my metal tray, and line it with foil or a walmart bag, tied underneath. Works like a charm, and you just throw it away!


We use old sheets as drop cloths. Also, some once told me to paint in bare feet, then if you drip and step in it, you will know immediately and not track paint around the house.


When we redid the house post-Katrina, the few rooms we painted ourselves we did before all the flooring went back in. No drop cloths needed!

Cheapo rollers (but decent) that I could toss afterwards without the guilt and a good (Purdy) paintbrush for cutting in and baseboards.

Getting ready to redo the kitchen soon (and rip the horrible 80s border out!), so this post is very timely!


I am a paint-a-holic. L.o.v.e. to paint. My tiny pantry is next on the color list. I normally find it important to make sure to pre properly and take time with the brush work. I always us a roller, never a sprayer, and it's much better when the "cuttin in" is good. :)

Happy Painting.


My tip is close to yours. . .instead of music I like to listen to a book on tape. It makes the monotony of big walls or miles of woodwork go faster when I'm lost in a good storyline :)

Rebecca Musser

My tip is to use one of those edger things with the little wheels. It makes all the cutting in a breeze! I love that tip about lining the tray with foil or a plastic bag...must try that!

Sarah Beth

The Glidden ceiling paint that goes on pink but dries white is a true gift! Also, wrap your brushes in aluminum foil overnight if your project takes more than a day. You won't have to clean them twice!

Prairie Mama

Oooo this sounds great a walmart gift card....i swear I live there right now with 3 children under the age of 6.....(: Good luck painting. My biggest tip after a remodel of 2 homes and building one ALL ourselves....Use a good paint brush....Purdy brushes are my favorite and I still have the same ones I bought 3 houses and 10 years later. (:

merran tatum

my tips: use a hammer and screwdriver to poke a few holes in the rim of the paint can so all the paint that spills over the edge will drain back into the can. also, stretch a rubber band around the can from top to bottom so that it stretches over the open end of the can. then you can use it scrape off the extra paint on your brush---it'll keep the sides of the can cleaner and the paint will drip back in the can! lots of luck and i can't wait to see your finished product!!


A good brush and good music are a must have when painting. One tip is to wrap your brush in a baggie or plastic wrap if you are taking a break. Can't wait to see your finished project!

Kristin M

I am not much a painter and here is why - I wait forever to actually get to painting! I have paint here all summer waiting for me to paint the porch and the shutters! My tip is to paint right away! Don't wait!!!


My painting tip. I let my husband paint :). Although you are inspiring me!


My favorite paint project is furniture from the Good Will that I find for amazing prices. So far I have completed two chairs and an entry table. I am working on a new piece for my living room which I scored for $5.99 and will be great for storage. I also love Glidden paint from Walmart because it is the cheapest price in my town.Thanks for making this available.


Best tip? Paint a large section of wall with your color and live with it for a few days before committing. Plus, audio books from the library make any house task better!


Ohhhh, man! I just stripped the wallpaper in my mom's dining room. It took 3 days! I can't imagine having it all done in a few hours. You're amazing!

After this, my biggest tip is to always tape the ceiling, even if you're feeling lazy like I was! It's much better than having to paint white over it again. Ugh.


My best tip is have Mom there to do the detail work :)

Toni :0)

My DIY tip is to have The Paint Stick-works soooo great for doing walls and ceilings. No mess and you don't break your back. It takes some work at clean up but it is worth it! Painting makes me happy!

Megan B

My tip is to skip the painter's tape and cut in around the trim yourself. Just go s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully. It always looks tons better than when I use the tape - - paint ALWAYS seeps through.

Library Momma

I use a small paint brush with a really great angle so I can do all the trim. I never skimp on this purchase.

Whitney S

Make sure you have a ladder! I just painted a wall in our room... unfortunately I am not 9 feet tall and was ladder-less... a coffee table and dining room chair don't work well! Also- don't bother with a cheap plastic drop cloth- they rip and it's easy to spill in the rip and then rub it into the carpet! (Sharp scissors cutting the stained fabric fibers are my way of dealing with this!)

Beth Ann

Send the husband away! Every time my husband is on a business trip I tackle a painting project, it goes so much easier for me.

E Jones

When in doubt- go with a second coat!


Nice paintbrushes are worth the extra couple of bucks!


If I am rolling the paint on the walls, I like to wrap the roller in plastic wrap and then put it in the freezer. I can use the roller again on the second coat and not have to clean it between coats.


That blue painting tape is the best invention ever.

Sunshyn V

The paint which includes primer really does seem to be worth the extra cost. In our last paint project, we found that type of paint to go on more evenly and not need as many coats in addition to the time saved not doing a primer coat first.
chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

Sunshyn V

I tweeted

Jessica R.

I love painting! (My husband thinks I'm nuts, in a lovable way!) I discovered the best way to paint trim is using a short handled angled brush called Premium XL Tight Spots 2″ Angle Short Handle Brush. You can find it at Home Depot. It literally saves my bacon!! If you have a steady hand, it is so precise to use that I don't even have to put painters tape down, which sometimes takes longer to put down than it does to paint!

Megan M

My tip is to wrap your paintbrush and/or roler in plastic grocery bags and put them in the refrigerator if you have to take a break. It keeps the paint from drying on and ruining your brushes/rollers. Hope your project turns out beautifully, and have FUN! :)


WOW, great tips I will use when painting the master bath this fall. But one I did not see, but saw a similar suggestion was to line the rolling pan. They actually sell plastic liners to fit. They are cheap and can be re-used. I have found that the plastic wrap or foil can tear, that's why I buy these very cheap liners. Happy painting Meg and everyone else!!


damp rag a must for drips here also...really need to paint my family room.


Tip: invest in the blue painters tape... it will save you so much mess and hassle. It allows for you to paint quickly and not worry about corners, door frames, baseboards, windows, electrical sockets. I wont paint without it... and at the end peel off and you are done! Have fun painting, its so much fun!


My best tip/s...use a Purdy brush and have your/my husband paint!! My paint jobs would look like a three year old did it. Oh, we don't use painter's tape-didn't work for us, but if you get the angled Purdy brush, you shouldn't have to.


The best painting advice I ever got was "get your husband to do it".


We use painter's tape and tarps that catch all the drips.

Amy D

Kick the kids out, crank up the music, and get to work!

Amy D

My other tip is to use a rolling edger to keep a clean, straight line. No more blue tape for this girl!


If you use painter's tape, pull it up shortly after finishing! And some good music is essential!!


Love the corner brushes to get the corners of the wall, makes it so much faster!


instead of a wet cloth for drips, I used baby wipes. They worked great.

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