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portion control; helps and jenny craig has great tasting entrees


My biggest weight loss triumph was when I was on Atkins right after having my first baby. Thhe weight just fell off and stayed off and I felt GREAT. I had tons of energy and was never hungry. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!


My biggest triumph was losing 50 pounds 7 years ago. Between then and now I have had 2 kids and am struggling to get back down to the weight I feel I should be. I am making progress by working out several times a week, but it seems when my exercise is going well I tend to not be as vigilant about the food and vice versa! It is a continuous struggle for me.


I've had success with Weight Watchers and have found that when I'm being intentional about WHAT I eat and HOW MUCH I eat, results happen. It's exciting. I love that feeling of looser fitting clothes! Congrats on your 5 pounds!! You're doing awesome!

Robin Canter

I tell myself I just have to eat healthy TODAY. Just take the next right step TODAY. It's been the best way to train my brain to stop thinking I'll be 'dieting' the rest of my life. minus 13 pounds and counting.


I am still pretty young but my weight fluctuates - Ive found more water, less salt, more cardio/weights does the trick. Whats odd is my body doesnt respond very much to diet but instead to weight training! Congrats on your awesome fitting jeans :)

Jessie C.

My biggest weight loss triumph is to cut off the late night snack habit and keeping up with exercise schedule.

Jessie C.


Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog

My weight flunctuates, big time... I think it all stems from when I was in HS and I actually had to eat, ALL THE TIME to keep my weight up to a 100lbs.. when I got pregnant, my metabolism went out the door! I'm not a big person, so any amount of weight gain is easily seen. Since my husband was diagnosed w/ diabetes, we've all been eating better. I'm praying our new diet will help me too! ;)


Giving up my soda addiction - cutting that out in place for water helps tremendously!!!


WOW your waist looks TINY in that picture! Keep it going you're doing great!!


Starting my day with a good breakfast like oatmeal & some fruit keeps me full gets me started on the right track! I've found that the weight only will come off when I truly want it to & make those changes. Way to go on 5 lbs! Woohoo!!! I have 10 to lose & am determined they will come off! =)


My husband..He has to eat meat every dinner!!!


I think mine was making the decision to start again. To remember how horrible I was feeling every day, but you have to Start Somewhere.
That was two weeks ago.
Down 8 pounds and UP lots of energy.
Hooray for making decisions. (and getting back up if there is a bit of a fall)


If I'm disciplined in my exercising, I tend to be disciplined in my eating....so for me, the key is getting to the gym!

Jen N.

My biggest weight loss triumph has been that I've recently lost 30 pounds in the past couple of months, and I finally fit into my goal jeans that I've been trying to fit into for the past 5 years. 15 more to go!

jayne Barbour

I'm really trying to give up Diet Coke-and drink more water! I think this could be my biggest triumph! i am ADDICTED TO IT!

erin j

I've started a cycling class and with that and nursing, I'm down to below my prebaby weight (and that's after 3 babies). I'm stoked! I'm also a little nervous because we're weaning and I'm going to have to learn how to portion things without the added calories from breastfeeding. Blerg!


I gained 40 pounds with each of my pregnancies. I nursed each of them for a year, and easily lost the weight. Ten plus years later, the weight crept back on. A hysterectomy caused major hormone changes, which haven't been good to me. I have lost about five pounds, but I want to lose about fifteen more. I look better but more importantly I feel better when I am fit.


I lost the baby weight after the first. But I have so much more to go. I really need to do this.

Sara Torbett

I have a four month old and have been working hard to eat balanced and healthy-5 more pounds to go before pre-baby weight! I take it meal by meal, choice by choice. This makes it very manageable!

Michelle Crook

About 17 years I lost 50 lbs ... yes 50!
Well ...now I need to lose about 40 of it.
Breast Cancer sucks -- I think the treatment from that has effected my weight loss efforts but I really need to get on it.
Would love to do a month of Jenny Craig to see if it works =-= and then if I does, I know I can budget the money to continue until I lose the rest....

Southern Gal

My biggest triumph? After our 10lb. 7oz. baby boy was born (when I was 38) I was able to take off all the weight. But 9 years later and after a partial hysterectomy last year the weight is creeping back on. I need to get motivated to drink more water and cut out junk food. I'm pretty good with the exercising.

Your waist looks great.


My biggest weight-loss triumph has come from adding strength training to my workouts. I used to focus solely on cardio, but with strength training I can really feel myself getting stronger and I know this will help me keep weight off in the long run!

Amanda S

I lost over about 110 pounds about a year and a half ago. You look awesome, congrats!

Amanda S



Actually, I was really sick a few years ago and lost about 20 lbs. But since then, I know what I feel like when I've lost that amount of weight and it's addicting! I want to keep feeling good about myself.

Heather D

I was quite heavy growing up (from about age 7 or so), which I believe was mostly the effects of some childhood trauma/abuse. At the end of my junior year in high school I finally decided to deal with the issues and that I wanted to be "skinny" in my senior pictures and for my last year of high school. I read as much as I could about nutrition, started exercising regularly, and lost about 30 lbs. Just in time to walk into school my senior year and surprise and impress my classmates. It was awesome. :)


My biggest weight loss triumph was fitting into a size 8 skirt when I was in college. I had always been a size 14 so to get that small was a big deal for me.

vickie m.

My biggest weight loss was this past Febuary. I started a fit camp class 3 days a week and eating better. It felt great. It was hard work(especially with 4 kiddos) but it felt really great. I felt better and my clothes fit again. It felt like shopping in my closet.


My biggest weight loss triumph was loosing 45 pounds by walking to work everyday when I lived in Boston. That was 11 years ago plus a baby and a husband. I would love to be that fit again!

Marie Tere

I had a big triumph years ago....years...then there was marriage, 4 kids....I found your muffin top.

But you look amazing!!


I've recently started a new healthy eating program and have lost 14 pounds! It's made me feel so energized and healthier, which motivates me to continue the weight loss journey.


Years ago I started exercising 5x's a week. And ate healthier. I lost 15lbs and felt SO good!

Kirsten J

My biggest triumph was getting into a bathing suit last spring in Hawaii and not feeling like I had to hide -

Jane Mc

I am down 15lbs with Jenny Craig and exercise. The eating every few hours really does make a difference. Congrats Meg!

secret mom thoughts

My biggest weight triumph was losing weight before my wedding. The dress fit and I felt great.


I finally realized that food in and of itself is not my enemy. And that it is good to eat every few hours. I just can't eat brownies every few hours. :)


My greatest weight loss triumph so far has been cutting out soda and drinking water instead. Just doing this and really nothing else lost me so much weight in high school =)


A few years ago I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers. It felt great!

Mindy Harris

my biggest weight loss triumph right now is working out at the Y several times a week though i have yet to lose weight. i hope jenny craig and blogher pick me to do a review! i'd love to do a trial run. i need help in that department...portion control, sweets, etc.


I've lost 36 pounds in the last 9 months just by watching what I eat and cutting out my intake of diet coke.


my biggest weight loss has been 50 pounds, but sadly i gained it back. i'm a horrible emotional eater! so happy you're having great success with jenny craig.

Trina Curran

The biggest challenge I ever faced was not that I lost 60 pounds about five years ago, but that I busted the rut of not keeping up a routine of regular exercise. I finally figured out it doesn't have to be at the gym all the time...duh.


As many of us, my challenge was post-baby weight. As a fun sidenote, my parents were friends with Jenny Craig (the actual lady - before she was "famous") when they got married in New Orleans in 1967...my mom still has the beautiful set of bed sheets she gave my parents as a wedding gift. :)

Amanda R.

I started Weight Watchers the last week of January and I've lost 25 lbs, so far. I love it so much. It's completely changed my life and how I eat!


the only thing that has made a big difference for me after having children is running. I hate to run but it has given the best results.

Jenna VD

After two babies in two years I lost all the baby weight!

Shelly Primm

Years ago, I had great success with Weight Watchers but I am struggling with getting back into the swing.

Jenni Carlisle

after I sadly ate TWO donuts for breakfast, I ate fresh veggies and fruit for lunch!


I would love to win this. I think that it would help me get back on track and I desperately need that!

Bailey C

2 years ago I started doing kettlebell classes and I lost 25 pounds, but more than just the pounds, I lost a lot of inches! I haven't been going to classes since earlier this year, but plan to start up again soon - I really miss it for multiple reasons!


Two and a half years ago I weighed the most I've ever weighed. I started small and let things snowball. I let the small things become habits. When I screwed up - sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 days in a row - I just started over.
I started learning about nutrition: good fats, bad fats, sugar intake, sodium, etc... Since July of 2009 I've lost an average of 2 lbs. a month - sometimes 2 lbs a week, sometimes plateauing for a month. I also weighed myself every day. (Not to obsess about it, but to make sure that I could adjust things if I gained more than 2 or 3 pounds.) So far I've lost 60 lbs!

Linda B

I am 25 lbs below my PRE-baby weight right now. Still a ways to go, but wooohooo!

Andrea Cook

My biggest triumph has been just getting back to pre-pregnancy weight 4 times now... doesn't sound big but its huge to me!


Once I turned 50, I realized that it was time to get serious about losing weight. Started eating clean, hired a personal trainer, went back to Pilates and intensified cardio. Lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for almost 2 years. Feels good when you realize your clothes fit the way they are supposed to!

elisabeth (bovagoods)

this is great. i would love to try this!

elisabeth (bovagoods)

whoops sorry. forgot to answer the question....biggest triumph? it was a long time ago...long long time ago....probably loosing a ton of baby weight just in the nick of time to be a bridesmaid in a wedding.


My biggest triumph was loosing over 70 lbs. I am working on loosing some of it again, but I know I can get back to where I was!

Toni :0)

Losing 25 pounds and working out all the time! Now I don't have the money to join anything so the motivation just not there, I have to be held accountable to someone!

Sunshyn V

I tweeted this
chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com


I've always leaned toward the WW program, but this is making me rethink it ... I need to lose the last of the baby weight (and my baby is two - yikes!)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

loosing weight right after Julia doing Pilates... good times.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



ive never tried to lose weight, but i'm happy about recently completely cutting out processed foods!




I have worked out at least 4 days a week every week since April! And I hate working out!


my biggest weight loss triumph is waking up and trying each day. have i lost lots of pounds? no. but i'm trying. daily. and that's all i can do.

Adrienne S

My biggest weight loss triumph was something a bit different. I helped my sister this summer (who had not worked out or eaten properly in 15years) eat healthy and train for the IRONGIRL! We did it together and she finished!!!!


I have PCOS and weight loss is tough but when I am dedicated to limiting my carbs The weight comes off!


I struggle to lose a single pound! It seems like after I turned 40 the weight is just stuck here, LOL!


My problem has never really been my weight...but where my weight sites. By exercising it puts it where it's supposed to be; not my booty, my muf top... it evenly, tone-ly resides. I ran throughout the holidays last year (the winter before my wedding) and I maintained and sculpted the perfect consistent shape for my wedding day... nothing like feeling good for no alterations!

GB Jost

Since school started this year, I vowed 2 things...1. Drink tons of water all day long. Always have a cup/bottle of water with me. 2. Walk to school as often as possible. I have done both of these pretty well so far, and I am slowly losing the weight! Walking is the best...tons of fresh air filling up my lungs! GB


sweets are my weakness. Rarely do I say no.


weight watchers really worked for me many years ago. plus, just being super busy is an amazing way to drop a few pounds for me - i seem to not have time to snack that way.


I have struggled with my weight most of my grown up life and am a terrible dieter. I think it is my approaching 50th birthday that really prompted me this time, plus the need to find a healthy way to deal with some personal stress. I have lost 45 pounds since December 2011 by pushing away from the table sooner and getting out and walking up to 6 times/week. My walks are usually 30-45 minutes long. I wear a pedometer every day on my belt loop to just make sure I'm moving enough. It is amazing how few steps we take if we're not paying attention, especially during the work week, spending lots of time at the desk and driving the car. I feel so much better! I'd like to lost 20 more, but my doctor says I don't necessarily need to but he's ok if I want to. I have been able to stop using all 3 of my blood pressure medications and that makes it even a great victory for me. I am NEVER going back to the old me.


That would be December 2010, not 2011! I need to learn to proofread!


I am sorry to say that I really don't have one. If I eat good and healthy and walk, I feel good and that is all I have.

gmissycat at yahoo dot com


Tweeted here too


gmissycat at yahoo dot com


My biggest weight loss triumph was giving up sodas. I used to drink at least one per day and I lost quite a bit of weight by just cutting out that one thing.


My biggest weight loss triumph has been losing 10 lbs recently. I downloaded an app on my iphone that counted calories. It was like a game to me to see if I could make it on those calories each day. I feel so much better, and my jeans are fitting better as well! Congrats Meg!


I was doing great on Weight Watchers until I got pregnant. They said "Congratulations...and you can't come to the meetings or weigh in until after you have the baby." Argh.

tiffany m gardner

Losing my baby weight after my third child! Chasing my other two kids surely helped! And yay for you!!! Looking great!

Alice H

I used to do Zumba until I was 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd (and last) baby. I had lost about 30 lbs and was looking and feeling really good about myself before I got pregnant. Then after I had him I stopped going because as a full-time working mother I felt (feel) so guilty for exercising for about an hour to hour and a half in the evenings instead of spending time with my kids. Anyways, I really need to start doing something. You are looking great, keep up the good work.


My biggest triumph was counting calories and doing some more serious exercising in preparation for my wedding. I'm still pretty proud of myself when I look back at the pictures, but I need to just keep doing it now!

Val page

You look fabulous! Keep up the good work! I struggle with breakfast time when all I want is coffee with lots of hazelnut creamer.

Joee Seibel

I recently lost 30 lbs from eating healthier and running about 2 to 3 miles a day. I feel so great!! :) It is a struggle at time to stay motivated but staying fit makes me feel so much better!! :) Jenny craig looks really yummy! I know snacking and portion sizes can be hard for me!!


I lost 22.4 pounds 10 years ago with weight watchers. I so wish I had that devotion again. My problem is that with a family now, it's so difficult. Not to mention my freezer doesn't have much room in it for meals that I like to make it easier!! Good job Meg, i'm jealous!!

Jessica Jackson

When I was 15 I was pretty overweight for my age and went to the gym with my friend on a whim...6 years later I was still going and considering entering fitness/bodybuilding competitions! I was so proud of myself and looked AMAZING! Now I'm turning 30 and have had 2 kids in 3 years -- so I'm far from where I started. :( BUT, I have signed up for a fitness bootcamp in January and can't wait!


After I graduated college I lost about 25 lbs. I couldn't believe all the drinking and fast food I was eating all the time! When I moved back home and got a "real" job, it was easier to stay on track!

Sandy Johnson

The best thing that has worked for me is to eat regular meals and plan my snacks ahead of time. I have to plan what I take in the car etc. or I am at the store looking for something fast!


I lost 20 lbs on the Sonoma Diet. It was hard at first, giving up sugar for 10 days, but it was worth it and I need to do it again and FINISH UP THIS BATTLE! aaaaargh! I envy your waistline! That's awesome!

hearts and stars and lots of luck!

Sandra K

Biggest triumph today was going to the gym tonight even though it had been a super busy day and I was tired. Thanks for asking!


in the past couple weeks i have started doing zumba, going to the gym, and doing tae bo... i'm excited to see more results!

Jessica Jackson

I have no clue how to get my individual tweet on it's own page...but I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/persimmongirl

Ruth H.

I got healthy enough to run in not one but TWO half marathons.


I gained 50 pounds (3x) while pregnant with my 3 daughters. I used Jenny Craig to lose what was left after delivering 9 lb. babes! Also, did lots and lots of walking every day.


I lost about 60 lbs in high school after being overweight for 4 yrs and I am 38 and have had 3 kids and have still kept it off! Good feeling!


lost 27 pounds in 3 months....jogging, living on yogurt, salad and garbanzo beans. so happy:-)


My biggest triumph was losing the weight after my baby. My body didn't look quite the same, but I took the weight off at least!

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