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sounds like a great program Meg!


I definitely think I am a boredom eater...I can't watch tv without having some kind of food in my hand!


Awesome job, food is my weakness :)

Lori Austin

Totally an emotional eater.

Anna Marie

This is sounding like a pretty good deal. I have been thinking about it ever since your last post.


Keep up the good work! wish I could be so motivated.


I am definitely an emotional eater, which started as a child. We had food to celebrate everything and I still turn to food to celebrate, comfort myself, relieve stress, etc.


I am a lack of will power eater. Can be good all day then put the wrong thing in front of me and it's over for that day!

Heather D

Emotional for sure.


I am definitely an unconscious and emotional eater too! I have 7 kids and I am always running around stressed but pretending not to be stressed.


You are amazing! I'm so proud of any Momma who makes the decision to take a little time for herself and make herself count. I'm a lifer with WW and so love what it did for me. I'm a little over my goal right now but you, my dear, have inspired me to step it up a notch. Last year I lost over 55 lbs, was hired by the company, worked through my training, quit the job to hold my momma's hand through her cancer diagnosis and treatments... and here I am a year later with a healthy momma and a healthy me, at just a few pounds from where I was. Keep up your awesome work!!!


ugh...when i'm stressed....or bored....or filling some void. working on that!

Rachel Newswanger

Aww, thanks for giving us the low-down. And honesty, giving us the #'s...you're very brave! I eat when I feel any kind of emotion, good & bad. Food is such a relational part of our lives.

ingrid lapp

keep up the good work. I may need to try this!

Mindy Harris

so proud of you, megan. my goal is 30 lbs by february but i'm not sure i'll make it. it's the food thing that just KILLS me! i love my chocolate. i too eat when i am frustrated/stressed. literally one of the kids will make me so mad and i will go straight to the kitchen for a brownie!


No question. I'm an emotional eater.

Maureen Troop

I am an "eat whatever is in the house" eater....if it is healthy, I'll eat well...ifit is not healthy, then I am in trouble!


Check you out! That's so fantastic, Meg! :) I lost 40 pounds - yes, FORTY - last year and I feel so, so, SO much better. I'm your age and you have 5 kiddos, too, but the "happy pounds" had crept up on me with all those cookie baking afternoons and runs to get ice cream and whatnot. I just like sweet things. I don't necessarily eat them because I'm stessed or sad or even because I'm happy - I just eat them because they're there!!! And I like them! What does that make me? A self-indulgent eater? ha ha. Anyway, way to go. I have to say, though, you already look awesome. I know you want to look/feel even *more* awesome, but I just wanted to say you already look great. Cute vlog, too :)

~Jacci in Ohio

Sarah @ Redhead in Ruffled Flats

Right now, I'm 22 and newly married and thankfully have lead a healthy, active life for the last four years, but I dream of a big family (4-6) one day and I have a feeling I won't always be the size I am now. I think Jenny Craig would be the perfect way to lose weight (along with exercising if time) since the food is delivered right to your door. My last year of college, I ate lean cuisines every night, so I am used to that kind of meal. It's not my favorite, but it's great for quick meals and staying fit!


Congratulations on your success so far! I am a nibbler and snacker.

Sara Torbett

I like to snack, and am making great progress in eating balanced and healthy :) -an enormous accomplishment!


I am a lazy meal planner. If I could just plan ahead of time, I would be a good healthy eater! I will work on this.


Definitely an emotional eater.

Anne-Marie P

I just love to eat.

Sheila P.

I eat to avoid housework...yeah, that's not working out so well.
Glad to hear the program is working for you, Megan.


I am definitely an emotional eater!!!


I am an "all of the above eater". I eat for every reason and no reason. Often without thinking. It's amazing I'm not bigger than I am...and I am big enough.

Lorilee Peterson

I am a lazy eater, it's much easier to grab a drink and candy than to make something healthy. My true weakness is Dr. Pepper and Reese's peanut butter cups.

Rachel B.

I struggle with portion control. I've learned and continue to learn about healthy choices and not using food as a reward! GO MEG! Great job!!


I think I eat out of boredom sometimes.


I am unfortunately an unconscious/emotional eater (working on it though). Or should I say... I eat whatever the kids are eating because I'm lazy to make something more healthy to eat for myself? It's all about discipline and I'm willing to work hard to shed the weight! :)


Good for you! That does sound easy. Any food that is already prepared is a BIG plus.

Jennifer W

It would be nice to have a selection of healthy meals delivered and in the freezer ready to eat! Sounds like a great program!

jayne Barbour

YES! tonight I had a flat tire and I threw back 3, ok, ok, more like 4 cupcakes as a "reward" for a stressful event I had to go through. that is not good. Mindless eating! Congrats on your success! Yey Jenny Craig! I'm curious to try it!


Southern Gal

I'm definitely a mindless eater.

elisabeth (bovagoods)

can't wait to hear more!


Sounds good. I think I'd get bored of the food. Keep going girl!!


I'm all for better fitting pants!!


Good for you. Looking for a program for the last 20 pounds. Sounds like a good option!


Congrats! I would love to do Jenny Craig. I have been inspired!


I'm a total stress eater!


I am an emotional eater. ANNNNNNNND. In our culture, we eat for fun! What do you do with friends??? Meet for dinner and drinks.


Stress eater for sure! Thanks for being real with us.


I'm a snacker - I don't eat large meals, but I pick at foods (often high calorie) without thinking about it


I'm a stress eater!


I'm an unconscious eater for sure! And I love that you shared you weight! You are brave and real. Wish our culture celebrated real people rather than the fake, altered beauty on tv and magazines, etc. Keep it up!

sara's art house

Oooh! I am so tempted to try Jenny Craig! Good for you! 4 and a half pounds is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kim smart

definitely an emotional eater! although it's awful because i eat when i'm happy and when i'm sad, go figure, lol. might have to look into the jenny craig thing!! good luck!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Great job, Meg! That is so awesome. :)

Melissa Mae

I'm a forgetful eater. I forget to eat because I get so busy doing other stuff. I also love sweets. I could eat desserts for every meal!


Great job Meg!! I am definitely a stress eater who LOVES sweets. Bad combo but I'm working on it. :) Thanks for your honesty and inspiration!

Jane Mc

I am on Jenny too...I love it! Good luck Meg!


I definately need to lose weight, just don't know how I could stick to eating frozen meals all the time...I will keep up on your posts...way to go Meg!

Jennifer Cooper

I am a compulsive eater. Once I get started with foods with flour or sugar I don't eat normal amounts.

GB Jost

Go for it Meg! It will be fun watching you on this journey. I started walking to school this year (one mile to school, one mile home--DONE! 2 miles). And that has helped SO MUCH! Well that and cutting back on stuff I shouldn't eat! Good luck...video blog again! GB


Super excited for you! Can't wait to hear and see the results! I am trying to stick to all frozen meals, hopefully I will see some results too!


I'm the type of eater that just loves food. I eat just b/c I love it. I sometimes can't stop just b/c it's soo good.

Alice H

So proud of you!! I am a bored eater. Or a "hey the food is there and it tastes good kind of eater". I really want to start running (or walking faster :) I was in a really good habit of going to the gym during lunch and then I got un-motivated and now my pants and shirts are too tight again and I weigh about 15 lbs more. Ugh so depressing! Keep up the good work!!


you go girl!!! your story is very encouraging and motivating.


I am definitely a bored eater, especially at work. It is very hard not to want to snack even if I am not hungry.


That's awesome! Keep it up....I'm an emotional eater too. If I get stressed I eat/gain weight then stress about gaining weight....vicious circle I tell ya!


i am definitely a emotional eater.

Christina Self

GOOD JOB!!! Keep it up!


I love to eat delicious snacks in the evening! :)


I'm a snacker. My husband gets on to me often cause I snack and don't eat full meals...

Betty Ramsey

I'm a nervous eater. When ever I'm stressed out or worried (like now, when my husband is scheduled for a triple by-pass), I can't quit craving sweets, even when I'm not hungry.


I am an emotional eater. . . and a mindless eater when watching TV. I would love for eating right to be easy.


I am an emotional eater and I also eat on autopilot! I find myself digging in the cupboard/fridge at the same times everyday whether I am hungary or not!

Heather @ Creative Family Moments

Can you be more than one? Emotional/stress eater... when I have a big project and I'm feeling anxious and trying to focus. That's when it's really, really bad to have bought halloween candy early!

Bailey C

I'm not really sure what all types of eaters I could choose from, but I'm pretty sure emotional/stress would probably be the one I'd have to choose.


I'm definitely a bored eater. and I have a tendency to "conquer the plate", which means no cookie goes unturned! It's a big, fat bummer, uhhhh... so to speak. *sigh* one of these days I'm hoping to beat the bulge!

We're all rooting for you!!! Go, Meg, Go!

Bethany Moore

Keep it up!!! You are an inspiration!

Sunshyn V

I'm a muncher. If I am not in the middle of doing a bunch of things I just grab something to munch on.
chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

Sunshyn V

I tweeted about this


so glad thsi is working for you :) keep up the good work!


This sounds awesome, I'd be interested in trying this myself. Best of luck to you girl! :)




way to go, Meg! I'm glad you are enjoying it! I would say I'm a stress eater too - boo on that. :)

Jessie C.

Great job, I enjoy reading your post, definitely an inspiration to me.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.



I'm a stress eater!

Mrs. B.

I just love to eat!

Leann Lindeman

I'm a foodie for sure.... I like to cook and eat!


Many times I forget to eat but other times I will just eat for the sake of eating.

Amanda S

I am an emotional eater and I also eat when i'm bored

Amanda S


Kristin S

You are the cutest ever!

I'm an emotional eater.

Though I lost 50 lbs over two years by adding running to my exercise routine and enjoying smaller dinners with more veggies than protein.

I agree about the pants not being tight. Feels so much better!

I'm still an emotional eater but try to eat one or two cookies instead of a sleeve.

sherri crawford

i think i'm sometimes a bored eater

kay swederski

I love to eat but eat more when upset or stressed out.

Jill Miller

I tend to eat more (and make poor choices) when I am either bored or stressed.

Jill Miller



Sandra K

Definitely an emotional eater - I eat for comfort. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ruth Sweepstakes Haris

I'm a stress eater!

linda brooks

Im a stress eater for sure!

Colleen Sisk

I eat most when we are slow at work!

Kyona sirico

I'm a grazer.
[email protected]


I eat out of boredom and also when I'm emotional.


I am a voracious snacker, ruin all my meals.


I am a HUGE emotional eater. And it doesn't seem to matter what the emotion is.

Helen Keeler

I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am happy or sad.

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