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love mary kay cosmetics used it in high school


Love Mary Kay eye makeup remover!

Noreen Johnson

Mary Kay has great products that are packed so pretty!!


I have never used Mary Key but would love to try!


Lip Gloss is my very fave cosmetic ever....I have lipglosses everywhere...in my purse, my junk drawer, my glovebox, my nightstand :)


I used to use TimeWise! Its ammmmazing

Robin Canter

customize is the key word with Mary Kay. You can make it your very own very easily.


Mary Kay's Satin Hands is awesome ... but it's been a few years - hope they still make it. When I was a kid I loved Mary Kay ... because everything was pink ... remember the pink car?


I'm pretty low-maintenance...I never leave home without my chap-stick.

Christina Self

My favorite must have is the MARY KAY mineral powder foundation. I love this stuff and would be so upset if they ever discontinued it. I have never found anything that matches my skin tone like it does. LOVE IT!!


Mascara is my fave beauty product. I always try to put on a little mascara, even if I don't have any other make up on. It makes a big difference. I love Mary Kay and have been using it for years. Their microderm products are fantastic!


love mary kay and use it every day!


I never leave home without a "5-minute face." which is usually tinted moisturizer, mascara, highlighter on eyes and cheeks, blush/bronzer and either lipstick or gloss. Nothing fancy just a quick dose of color and I'm out the door. :)

Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog

I do NOT leave my home w/out pressed foundation/powder and either my carmex or neosporin lip therapy. :o)


My face lotion & mascara & my 2 favorites - those as well as lip gloss!


my favorite is actually mary kay's beach bronze lip gloss. it always makes me feel great:)

Jen N.

I never never ever leave home without my Burt's Bees chapstick. I've got those stashed all over my house, my purse, and my desk.



I LOVE the microdermabrasion stuff above. . . it's the best!I always wear mascara. . . even if I have nothing else on.


I don't leave home without Burt's Beeswax chapstick and some under eye concealer. I have a 3 year old and I work full time, so the bags under my eyes really start to show about 2 pm!


These days, the only thing I can't leave the house without is chapstick :)

erin j

I never, ever skip lotion. My face gets super dry and starts peeling after just a couple of days without it (especially in the winter). Just for good measure, I started using the lotion with SPF 15...it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself.


My favorite Mary Kay product is the Deep Cleanser (formula 3). I have been using it since I was a teen & first started wearing make-up.

Stacy M

Have to have two things mascara and lip gloss!


I have to have lip gloss, especially with the cold, dry air coming. I would love to try this Mary Kay.


I've never used Mary Kay cosmetics, but they look fab!


I do say that I winced at the color of lipcolor. It would NOT look good on me.

I never leave home without my Burt's Bees shiny lip color. It's subtle. I like subtle.

Sara Torbett

Love, love lots of mascara :)

Short, Sweet Season

I always wear mascara and blush...always!

Karen U.

My chapstick - I can't live without it!!


I don't leave home without my Mary Kay tinted lip balm. Love the natural, plus it has SPF15.


Mascara is my must have! I have blonde eyelashes, so without it everyone always comments on how tired/sick I look! Bleh!

But I have to say, Mary Kay's mineral powder foundation and powder brush are amazing. I was given them for being in a friend's wedding, and holy cow! They're so amazing.


I have fond memories of Mary Kay home parties! I love the eye products! But I must say I need my chapstick.

Heather D

Mascara. We blondies have to have it.


never leave home without my tinted lip balm.

vickie m.

Mary Kay yay! I havent used these products in so long. I remember when I was little like 5 years old, my mom would have parties in our dining room. It sounds weird but I still remember the smell of the products. I would beg my mom for the pink or clear lip gloss. I would love to try the products!


lip gloss. I hate not having it.

Lindsay E.

Definitely can't leave home without mascara! I'm a redhead with white eyelashes and look and feel crazy if I don't wear mascara. I use the Lash Lenghtening formula by, who else, Mary Kay! Would love to try the new Lash Love formula!


mascara! i look so asleep without it!

Leah S.

I love it all! Mary Kay is pretty fabulous!


My favorite beauty products that you don't leave home without is my eye shadow and eye liner! :) They just make my eyes look a lot brighter (and awake)! LOL

amy [at] utry [dot] it

Marie Tere

It's been a long year since Mary Kay has visited me. Favorite product is Burt's Bees lip product. Makes me feel good.


Mascara for sure!

Sarah Alcantara

Eyeliner and Lipstick....that's 2 things, but if I have time for nothing else, I at least use these! Love Mary Kay and must agree on the pink packaging and also always loved their satin hands lotion! Great giveaway!


Chapstick is a must. But now that its' winter I would have to say hand cream. Like maybe some satin hands...


I don't leave the house without mascara on! And usually at least some face powder to even out skin tone.


I don't leave home w/out my Burt's Bee's lip balm...ever!


dailies: mascara before i leave the house. lipgloss and pressed powder in my bag.

i just had the microdermabrasion treatment on friday night at a mary kay party (and blogged about it) - oh for the love of soft skin. :)


Lipstick is my must have! Would love to try the microdermabrasion treatment!

Emily a la Blog

Fun fun! Love the purples!

Emily a la Blog

Oops. Forgot to follow the instructions. Burt's Bees chapstick is ALWAYS with me (and in multiple places in the house).


I can't leave home without some sort of chapstick or lipgloss. I've even bought new chapstick when I've made it out the door without.

Lorilee Peterson

Mary Kay foundation is my favorite. I don't leave home without it!


I can't leave home without my chapstick! I would die without it. Love mary kay! Its packaged so pretty!

Rachel B.

I won't leave home without Carmex and my MK lipstick! Love MK products!

Taryn Jost

Mascara is a must have for me.....however, i LOVE the Mary Kay creme-to-powder foundation!


I don't wear much make-up but I always have lip gloss or chapstick to use. I hate having dry lips!

secret mom thoughts

I never leave home without my lip gloss.


I have always loved lip gloss or chapstick. My lips always feel dry so I have one or the other (or sometimes both) in my bag at all times. :)

Mindy Harris

i never leave home without a light shimmery lipstick that can make me look like i tried to get ready! i have used mary kay since 7th grade and love it. their ultimate mascara is the bomb!


Always, always, always have to have something on my lips!!

Nicole B.

I ALWAYS have to have my Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I am totally addicted!

Meredith Welborn

Never leave the house without mascara.


I don't wear a lot of makeup, so my favorite product is chapstick-- gotta have it!


I never leave home without chapstick - can't live without it!


i would LOVE to try some mary kay cosmetics. the products they sent you looked so bright and fun!

Kari Tackeberry

The day isn't fit to begin without my MK lipstick! Love the colors MK offers!


I'd love to try their tinted moisturizer!

Amanda R.

My Aveda foundation is a must-have for me!

Kristin S

I'm a beauty product-aholic.

My fave Mary Kay lipstick is Mocha Freeze. Long, long, long time staple in my makeup bag.

Jenna VD

I never leave home without mascara.

Jenni Carlisle

definitely mascara.


I've used Mary Kay since High school. I can't leave home without lip gloss!

Bailey C

I'm not much into makeup all the time as I'm not usually dressed up much, but I always manage to have some mascara (the green and pink one, just like you - at least if I remember right from a post awhile back). I do love doing my makeup at times and love Mary Kay products.

Linda B

I always were mascara or else I look sleeeeeepy...


I never leave home without lip gloss. I would love to win this. :)


MASCARA because my eyelashes are bonde. YEP black black roots and I pay for highlighting but I ahve blonde eyelashes. go figure.


i love their moisturizer AND i never leave without mascara. want that compact :)


I love the microdermabrasion! It is my weekly pampering time and after I use it, my face feels SOOOOO nice! I love it!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Their mascara is my favorite!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang



can't leave home without the chapstick ;) I LOVE Mary Kay Eyesicles!!! Amazing stuff!


Chapstick and powder. Granted, chapstick isn't really a beauty product, but more of a necessity.


mascara! love love love mary kay mascara - haven't tried the lash love yet, though. anxious to order some!


my face lotion which gives me a nice glow and a bit of mascara


i never leave home without lipstick

Karla Schaitberger

I love their hand lotions and lipstick!

Adrienne S

My favorite product is mascara!

Gina in Louisville

lip stick….




I never leave home without my Burt's Bees Lipbalm.


My mom wore Mary Kay and one of my favorite's is the Night Cream....she used it all over her face....I just use it for lips and elbows....but the smell reminds me of her every time!

GB Jost

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Mary! I have been wearing MK since I was in 7th grade. My mom was devoted, and wouldn't allow me to wear anything else! I love MK! Did I mention I love it? I love how my skin feels! And all of the products last FOREVER! Love my Mary! GB

Sheila P.

I never go out the door without my moisturizer. I use Clinque's Redness Solution line.


I am a firm believer of MaryKay products! LOVE their lipstick and their cleansing products! The pink packaging is always a sweet touch!


i never leave home without my burt's bees chapstick. but i can't walk out the door without using an eyelash curler!!


I never leave home without at least mascara on, or I just feel naked!


I love Mary Kay products! I have been using them for years. I make sure to have lip gloss with me at all times!!

Jody H

I love my lipgloss. That is the product I never leave home without. My favorite is one from Lancome.


I haven't used Mary Kay in a long time because my consultant retired and I lost track of her. Would love to be reintroduced! My favorite product has to be a tube of Lip Gloss/moisturizer from Blistex. It comes in a white tube and I put it on every morning and evening. It works great under my lipstick or lip gloss too, including the Wet n Wild that I bought because of you, Meg!

Jen Brandt

LOVE Mary Kay products. My sweet Grandma turns 93 today and has been using MK for YEARS! She's a farm girl from Kansas and former pilot and kindergarten teacher and barely has a wrinkle on her face. Her skin looks fantastic because of Mary Kay and she was my inspiration to get started.

My once-prone acne skin looks worlds better since I started using MK skincare products. The microdermabrasion set is my current fav product. My skin looks and feels so clean and smooth. Just used it last night...and will actually be seeing my MK lady tonight. :)

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